Hello dummy, and welcome to “Booping For Dummies”! If you’re reading this, you have may not yet know how to boop behemoths, or what “booping” even is. Well don’t you worry, because I’m about to tell you all you need to know!

Understanding the Lingo

The word “boop” usually describes an action in which one individual playfully pokes another individuals with their finger, most commonly on the nose. In Dauntless, this word is used to describe an attack that interrupts a behemoths attacking animation, leaving it staggered. Understanding how to boop a behemoth can be crucial to a successful hunt as it creates a decent time gap for your team to squeeze in easy damage and build weapon meters quickly.

How Does One Boop?

Of the currently available five weapons, four of them have the ability to boop without special requirements. The odd one out is the chainblades, as they don’t have the weight to really impact a behemoth enough to boop it.

The following boopable attacks are as follows:
Sword – Any light or heavy attack.
Hammer – Any light or heavy attack.
Axe – Any light, heavy or special attack.
Warpike – Projectiles.

It should be noted that it is possible to further enhance your booping options by stacking up on the “Weighted” type cells, which add flat stagger damage and at later levels allow for a weapon to boop using more attacks. This allows the sword to boop using its special attack and the chainblades to boop using the heavy attack.

What Behemoths Can I Boop?

The following is a compiled list of behemoths and their boopable attacks.

Rogue Shrike, Shrike, Skraev
This behemoth family all share similar attacks, one of which is a gliding attack. This attack can be booped by hitting their body anywhere during the glide itself.
In the specific case of Shrike, the repeating glide attack it uses when enraged is also viable to be booped.

Quillshot, Deadeye Quillshot
When enraged and firing a barrage of quills, it is possible to boop Quillshot during the barrage by dealing enough damage to it. This is more easily done the more players attack at once and does not require a specific body part to be hit.

This behemoth has two boopable attacks, and they require different conditions.
When Skarn stands on its two back feet, you must deal enough damage to it in order to boop it. This can be easily done by exposing its exposed belly.
When Skarn spins at high speeds and pulls players in. Any attack that can boop will work here.

Rogue Embermane, Embermane, Bloodfire Embermane
The Embermane family has two boopable attacks.
After running far away, Embermane will run all the way towards one of the players. It can be booped while performing that running animation.
When at close range, Embermane performs a short dash away from players, followed by a short dash attack. Embermane can be booped during that short dash attack.

Pangar, Frostback Pangar
This behemoth can be booped while performing its rolling animation. Doing it before or after will not work.

Nayzaga, Shockjaw Nayzaga
Not technically a boop but still an important interrupt. Must break the 5 quills that make it aether charged. Recommended to be attacked by more than one player for fast breaking.
In the case of Shockjaw Nayzaga, the aether charge quills will be protected by an unbreakable shield. The only way to remove the shield is to reflect back the orbs that fire out of it after Shockjaw hits the shield with its own lightning bolt. This will cause the shield to glow and release much larger electric orbs.

When stormclaw is trapping players between its quills, after placing down five quills it will dash at one of the players. It can be booped during this dash, similar to embermane.
Stormclaw can also be booped during it’s aether rush, where it will change into a yellow pure-aether form and dash incredibly fast at one of the players. This attack is extremely hard to boop because of the speed at which Stormclaw moves while doing this attack.

Kharabak, Razorwing Kharabak
When Kharabak enters its aether phase, it will grow 3 extra razors on its claws and its wings will shimmer. As long as atleast one of those extra blades is not broken, Kharabak will use an attack where it drags its claw along the ground and move at high speed. This attack is very hard to boop because of speed at which Kharabak moves.

Ragetail Gnasher
The boopable attack on this behemoth is not shared with its weaker versions. Gnasher will jump in the air and perform four chomping slides. It can be booped during the slide part of the animation by hitting it in the face. It’s important to notice Ragetail also has a single slide version of this attack which cannot be booped, so pay attention to which one it uses to prevent taking a hit.

While enraged, Shrowd will disappear and cover all the players in a vision limiting bubble. Similar to the Shrike family, Shrowd will run away quickly, then perform a glide attack which can be booped by hitting its body.


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