DC Universe Online Beginner’s Guide


DC Universe Online Beginner?s Guide?by IIJetfire

Hello everyone,

Before i start i will be mentioning many things as well i will be taking abit of time to get over all things in this guide almost similar as others in this section.
I will be sharing most of my experience with you all and clear your queries for anything you have problems with.
Now to the guide:-

For Starters:-

As you all start by creating and choosing from character creation to start in dcuo there are many things that will take major roles in later time..Different parts will be mentioned below:-

Morality :-

In other words, its a faction (Hero or villain) which you choose during character creation before choosing powers or weapons and etc.

In this either faction(Hero or villain) you can choose your mentors accordingly like batman,superman,wonder woman (Batman mentor?s for Tech origin,Superman for Meta origin,Wonder Woman for Magic origin)and rest other heroes through inspired by(optional)..,while, for villain faction mentors are Circe,The Joker, Lex Luthor (just like for heroes these mentors are taking up for Lex Luthor for meta origin,Circe for magic origin and tech origins)and other villains through inspired by(optional).


Powers determines your abilities,combat strategy and role in groups.Each power set have 2 ability trees.
One tree focuses on damage attacks and other tree focuses on alternate roles(tank role,healer role,controller role and etc.. which i will explain briefly after some topics in this guide and will be giving links mostly to direct the info?s in wiki and other?s as well..)

Power set list:-

1) Celestial-?http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Celestial

2) Quantum-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Quantum

3) Earth-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Earth_(Power)

4) Electricity-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Electricity

5) Light-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Light

6) Fire-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_(Power)

7) Ice-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Ice

8) Mental-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Mental

9) Nature-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Nature

10) Sorcery-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Sorcery

11) And finally, Gadgets-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Gadgets

12) (this is separate power and common to everyone using any power,This powers are based from iconic heroes and villains..and of course it is not available from the start during character creation..)
Iconic power-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Iconic_Powers

That was all about powers. Now moving on to the next guide..

Movement mode:-

Movement?Mode?affects the character?s speed, movement style, and maneuvers in combat. There are 3 types of movement mode and they are mentioned below:-

1) Acrobatics-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Acrobatics

2) Flight-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Flight

3) Super speed-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Speed


Weapons are everyone?s favourite in combat styles which comes in main form of ranged or melee weapons and etc.
Here?s the list of weapon types:-

1) Bow-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Bow_Skills#Abilities

2) Brawling-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Brawling

3) Dual pistols-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Dual_Pistols

4) Dual Wield-?http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Dual_Wield

5) Hand Blaster-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Hand_Blaster

6) Martial Arts-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Martial_Arts

7) One-Handed-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/One-Handed

8) Rifle-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Rifle

9) Staff-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Staff

10) Two-Handed-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Two-Handed

11) Shield-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Shield


During character creation you will be choosing what kind of personality you would like to go with and they are in different styles.
This should do-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Personality

Last but not the least for starter?s to know when they reach level 9?


Role is the most important and plays major ?role? on its own and will determine your playstyle with weapons and power combination.
Here?s the list of role:-

1) Tank role-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Tank

2) Controller role-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Control

3) Healer role-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Healer

4) ( Common to any power for this role) Damage-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Damage

Note:Once you all reach at level 30 , your role will be taken more importance in endgame tier 1-tier 5 content and so on..

Moving to more guides after hitting level 30 will be updated later..(Note: I will take bit more time and might end up posting late for endgame guides and so on?as for feats and skill points as i haven?t mentioned earlier will also be added up soon..)

Hope this helps (please correct me if i am missing anything or mistaken and will re-edit that part accordingly) and any problems regarding from these topics will be answered when i am available or if possible by any other experienced players willing to help as well would be a lot appreciated if you could share your experience here.

k back moving to more guides and some missing topics which i forgot to mention( this is an open thread for beginners seperately and everything is going to be added with all-in-one guide but it will take more time as i suspect)..so lets move on first to the parts which i had to mention before going to endgame tier contents..

Additional topics related to starter?s:-


Armour or gear which you equip for style or for your specific role when going with and this is to increase your stats as for your needs.
If your seeing?green?stats then it means your getting increase in those specific stats while?red?stats mean your getting a decrease in those specific stats or no increase in the missing stats of the armour your receiving during your missions or in instances.

In endgame starting from tier 1 and more , armor from iconic heroes and villains will give according to your mentors after hitting level 30 (later on after reaching t4 or t5 you will have to use your marks for other mentor-based wings for getting style and for your feats so that you hit more skill points with 50+!), and also your armor or gear will affect your combat rating accordingly with addition to mods and socket affinity.(will be talking about these in further more)

Skill points and feats:-

This is also another important part like role and armor ,etc.

1) Feats are self-contained challenges in dcuo and in every reach of 100 points you can get 1 skill points in every hit.


Note: Once you have decided which role your going with after choosing your powers your stats comes first to be checked and you will need to do alot of feats so it?s better to start early once your out of brainiac?s ship!


This should help ?http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Bounties

Missions and side-quests:-

About missions-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Missions

Side-quests are similar to mission or more like add-ons to your story missions after your start and they are available throughout the city or sometimes near to story mission sight?s, and all are not related to story arc mission neither they are hard as story missions and they are short one?s of course..(Suggesting to do these side mission at same time during your mission or whenever you see them in sight because they are added to your feats!! so please don?t ignore or miss it!)


This can be anything like gear or weapon or consumable or plans and so on..(Note:so far in tier 5 you don?t have to roll at all but in below tier 5 you will have to roll against your team?and of course please don?t roll if you have them already because other newbies will also need it even if your going for cash-runs)

Equipment Plans and Mods as well as exobits:-

(These are things that you better be careful and decisive while looking through your stats!)

Plans can be gotten from drops or some can be bought directly from watchtower(Hero only)or Hall of Doom(Villains only)and these have to be researched and can be used as mods(which will add through your yellow or blue or red socket dependingly on your armor and boost your stats and combat rating with it).
Here?s some details hopefully should help-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Research_and_Development
And For exobits separately-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Exobit

Combat Rating:-

For details-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Combat_Rating

For calculation guide:-https://forums.station.sony.com/dcu?rics-combat-rating-calculator-mod-input.8139/

This is so far i have covered up for starters to understand for certain specific basics required mainly.Hope this helps you out.

Note:Next upcoming guide is end-game contents (after hitting level 30) which will take alot more while than the previous guides i have given for beginners so i apologize in advance i will be posting it late for it.(if anything is missing please correct me there and i will look accordingly to re-edit those parts and if anyone willing to support and add more guides are highly appreciated or share some experience if your willing to, thanks in advance).

Once again i apologize for not adding mentor topic to the starter?s section ?and then only i will move on the endgame content?s all tier guides.About mentors,it is mentioned below:-


About mentors i have mentioned few parts in morality topic?,
Mentors?are iconic DC characters that guide the player through the game by offering them missions and quests.
The choice of Mentor controls the Quests the players are given after the game?s tutorial level. There are no combat-related effects from the choice of mentor.For further details in mentor-based missions-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Mentor-based_Missions


The whole information is here-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Renown
(Remmeber that this one is also added to your renown feats)

another one missing was..



There are 2 types of style sets and they are:-

1) Iconic battlesuits(after hitting level 30 you will be using your marks of triumph to buy the pve tier 1-tier 4 gears and marks of reality for tier 5)http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Iconic_Battle_Suits

2) Theme suits(these are the main styles which will add in your theme style feats and it is recommended to collect these styles so that you can can get feats early while leveling ,and for some more skill points as well as to customize your looks!). For more brief on looks here?s the costume styles sets?http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Costume_Style_Sets.

Note: please remmeber styles are recommended to be collected early by either through trade(limitedly because higher item levels are not tradeable)or collect it right from start once you get it through mission and from iconic heroes and villains.

I think this should cover all the topics related to starter?s sector,
(Anything missing please do tell me whether i have mistaken certain parts or missed something which needs to be added.thanks in advance.)
Maybe I think i will move on to endgame tier contents finally..i guess.

Edit:just redited with mistaken smiley which wasnt intended i apologize for that and i just re-edited that part.
(re-edited and added renown)

Well as expected to be late for posting the next guide?time to move on to endgame content!
Note:Before seeing these topics, end-game content will make your experience to different good uses after knowing the basics in dcuo as listed in above.

Endgame content and tier challenges:-


The only difference is that you will be doing it as level 30 (instead of the ones which you went to do during story line missions) to get your marks and weekly boxes to get your tier gear from meta or magic or tech wing(if you have started one of them according to mentor-based side as mentioned earlier topic about mentors ,etc..here?s the info for it-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Challenges
(Example:- For heroes if you choose batman then tech wing is for your starting tier pve gear,while others require renown to obtain their styles mainly for tier 1-tier 2 only which also adds to your iconic style feats in your styles feat menu)


In this you will be doing as 2-man team unlike challenges and abit more marks as well as weekly with it.

Alerts and Operations:-

Your probably done this before which was as novice alerts,but once you have reached level 30 then hard alerts are your starting to point according to your combat rating. Here?s more info-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Alert_Zones
This will give more marks accordingly as well by your tier based-mission.


Unlike alerts it is more harder and you will be entering as 8-man group while alert was for 4-man group. There are 2 types of raids for tier 2- tier 3 and that is novice and expert type raids.You will be getting more marks than previous instances(challenges or duos or alerts) and will receive monthly box reward instead of weekly which gives more bonus marks which you get from weekly rather than other instances.
Note: In raids you would probably go with this kind of balanced team- 2 tanks, 2 damage, 2 healers,and 2 controllers.(If you have good members entering in your tier like heal who can solo heal the whole raid then you exchange to get more damage role to take up the space for 1 healer,same goes for other roles since you will require high damage unlike alerts this is a long run).

Tier gears:-

This is based for both armor pve and pvp( Unlike pve, Pvp armor is separate completely)battlesuits from mainly iconic heroes and villains.


To buy pve or pvp armor you need marks for it.http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Marks


This is for pvp instance only and will reward marks of legends to buy iconic hero and villain(both sides can buy any iconic hero and villain available as well as some will require DLCs to buy the others). as well as marks of valor is also rewarded to pvp gear.


Just similar to legends,but you will be going as your main character and not as iconics,
Here?s the info,hope it helps-http://dcuniverseonline.wikia.com/wiki/Arena_PvP

I will edit and add renown topic in earlier ones for starter topic?s,i apologize for not mentioning there..and I think these are all the guides for any beginner to know everything about in dcuo from basics to tier contents?If you want to help good and be credited for fighting with reason and justice then go Hero!?.,If you don?t want heroes to take all glory in this world and prove them wrong that they aren? the only ?best? in the world, then go villain!.

Hope this guide helps and any queries if you have feel free to ask here and when i am available,i will look up to it and answer accordingly and try to guide to proper completion for your recent parts.

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