DDTank Coupon Codes FAQ

DDTank Coupon Codes Frequently Asked Questions by GMDantineSo, what are they, and what can they do for me?Coupon codes are the next big thing!...
DDTank Tasks Guide | GuideScroll

DDTank Tasks Guide

DDTank Tasks Guide by NecromancerVMain TasksMain Tasks are missions in the game that guide you into progression of the game. In the beginning of...

DDTank Angle and Strength Table

DDTank Angle and Strength Table + How to Measure Distance by EvenIfNot4everAngle and STR Table ? hope this helps for gamers who are only...

DDTank Pearl Guide

DDTank Pearl GuidePearl OverviewPearls can be forged in clothes, hats and weapons, enhancing different abilities. Decorating can be done at Armory.Pearls are divided into...

DDTank Supporting System Guide

DDTank Supporting System GuideQuest SystemMain QuestsThe most important quest can help Players to understand the game more easily, and make them stronger in game....

DDTank League Guide

DDTank League Guide?Join a League?Creating a LeagueAny Player who does not have any League record can create a League when he reaches level 5,...

DDTank Sports Race Guide

DDTank Sports Race GuideEntering Sport Fight Mode1. Click the Create button in game hall to create a chamber.2. Choose Sports Fight?click OK to create...
DDTank Buildings Guide | GuideScroll

DDTank Buildings Guide

DDTank Buildings Guide by GMPaladinGame HouseOffers millions of Chambers for you to show off your good skills! Invite your friends to join you and...

DDTank Cthulhu & Shadow Castle Guide

DDTank Cthulhu & Shadow Castle Guide by AxzenCthulhu GuideCthulhu requires at least 3 players with Angelic Arms +5 and one Tanker, or 2 players...
DDTank Basic Shooting Guide | GuideScroll

DDTank Basic Shooting Guide

DDTank Basic Shooting Guide by LustHello, all you DDTankers! There?s been a lot of curiosity among our players on the forums about the many...
DDTank Metallurgy Guide | GuideScroll

DDTank Metallurgy Guide

DDTank Metallurgy Guide by leikyrI have alot of people asking me daily what metallurgy is and i didn?t see a guide for it so...

DDTank Introduction

DDTank Introduction??DD Tank? is a fun cute multiplayer online browser game. There is no need to download, just register, login and play. You can...
DDTank Newbie Guide | GuideScroll

DDTank Newbie Guide

DDTank Newbie Guide by GMPaladinWhat is DDTank?DDTank is a 2D turn based MMO shooter. Players must hit opponents across the map by aiming and...

DDTank Skill Guide

DDTank Skill GuideBasic SkillThe prerequisite of becoming a master is not possessing the Secret of Kung Fu, nor a divine weapon?but? simply mastering the...

DDTank Forge Guide

DDTank Forge GuideFortification SystemThis is a system that allows you level up your weapons, hats and clothes by fortifying them. The higher the fortifying...

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