DDTank Armory Successful Upgrading Guide


DDTank Armory Successful Upgrading Guide by KraussZenith

*Disclaimer. NO this guide will not give you 100% success rate. It only gives you the best chances of getting an upgrade.

Success rate is based on assuming you have league armory level 4
otherwise, success rate is different, but the procedure is still the same.

Do not use divine amulet for 100% success rate! You?d be surprised how many people forget.
If you?re feeling lucky, you may not have to use divine amulet for anything 92% +

ES = Energy stone

Level 0 equipment. -> Use Level 2 ES, success rate 100%
Level 1 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 2 ES or 1 Level 3 ES, success rate 100%
Level 2 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 3 ES or 1 Level 4 ES, success rate 100%
Level 3 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 4 ES or 1 Level 5 ES, success rate 100%
Level 4 Equipment. -> Use 1 Level 5 ES and 1 Level 4 ES, success rate 100%
Level 5 Equipment. -> Use 2 Level 5 ES and 1 Level 4 ES, success rate is unknown but it is sure to be 85% or more. (Can someone give me the data for this?)
Level 6 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 5 ES, success rate 66%
Level 7 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 5 ES, success rate 33% ish (my guess)
Level 8 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 5 ES, success rate 16% ish (my guess)
Level 9 Equipment. -> Use 3 Level 5 ES, success rate 8% ish (my guess)

Anything 9+, just use 3 Level 5 ES.

Question you might ask.

Q:Why can?t I use one ES at a time? Isn?t my chance of it working higher?

A: No, it is not. I?ll give you an hypothetical situation. Assuming you have 2 ES (doesn?t matter what level) and you check the success rate on your item. It says 25% if you put in one, and 50% if you put in two.

Chances of using 2ES at the same time and failing is 50%. Right? 100% ? 50% = 50%

Chances of using 1ES: First try: 75% of failing
Second try (assuming first one does not work) 75% of failing.
What are the chances of both of them not working consecutively?

That is 75% * 75% = 56.25% of failing.

Thus, a 100% ? 56.25% = 43.75% of success with using the ES twice.

So, it is better to use all the slots for upgrading than using one ES per try.

Since, if you use 2ES in one try, you get a 50% chance of working.
If you use 1 ES in one try, you only get a 43.75% of working.

Q: Ok, I get how using 3ES in one try is better than using one ES in one try, but isn?t more work to get the 3 ES?

A: No, it is not. It seems like it because if you do 1 ES per try, you?d get to click the upgrade button a lot more than if you save up for the 3 ES.

Let?s say you get enough medals for 1ES per day. So in 3 days, you get 1 try per day if you use 1 ES per try. If you wait for 3 days to use 3 at a time, you?d only get one try, but the amount of work is the same, yet you have a higher success rate of it working with 3 in one go.

Q: Well, @^[email protected]# you! Who cares, it only a few percent difference. What does that change?

A: ? As I said, this is to maximize you?re success rate. If you want to do it your way, then go ahead, by all means. Even with a minimal difference in success rate, you?d save 2 more amulet if you?re doing it my way. When you success is around 2%, unless you?re rich, you?d be wishing that you had been smart enough to save up those amulets.

Q: Are you single?

A: Yes, I am XD


I wrote this guide to explain what is the best way to upgrade your equipment.
You do not have to follow my way if you don?t want to, it?s up to you.

Pros: Saves divine amulet
Maximize success rate

Cons: Not for people with upgrading/clicking fetishes
Not for people who are too impatient to save up medals to buy ES
Can lead to rage quit if you fail 4 times in a row

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