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DDTank Coupon Codes Frequently Asked Questions by GMDantine

So, what are they, and what can they do for me?

Coupon codes are the next big thing! Now, whenever you purchase AP, applying a coupon code could mean BIG rewards! You definitely don?t want to pass up a coupon code?it?s a guaranteed AP bonus!


  • What is a coupon code?
    Coupon codes are codes that can be redeemed when you purchase AP to give you an added bonus amount of AP. Don?t be without one!
  • Where do I get one?
    Coupon codes can be given out or received in any number of ways. They might be sent to you via e-mail, they might be given out for Events, they might even appear at random at the Official AeriaNow Facebook!.
  • So..I?ve got a code. What does it give me?
    Whenever you get a code, you should receive two things: How much your AP bonus is, and an expiration date. The code could be for a flat bonus of AP, or an added percentage. Make sure you check both the amount and the expiration date!
  • I have a code, and it may expire before I buy AP next. What can I do with it?
    Well, one of the very cool things about our coupon codes is they are tradable. Not planning to get AP soon? Not a problem! Give your code to your friend or leaguemate to use instead! If you know someone who?s going to be buying AP, feel free to give them your code!
  • How many times can I use my code?
    Codes can only be redeemed once per account. If you give your code away, once the person you gave has used the code, it?s gone!
  • Can I use multiple codes on a single AP purchase?
    No, you cannot. You can only use one code per AP purchase per account. Make sure you?re using the code you want!
  • I?ve never purchased AP before, but I want to use my code. Where do I go?
    Click me to head to our Billing page!
  • You?ve been giving out a lot of 500AP codes this month. If I get more than one, can I use them both?
    Unfortunately, no. The coupons are account locked, so once you?ve used one of the 500AP coupons we?ve been giving out, you won?t be able to use another on the same account.
  • I didn?t see my question answered here. What do I do?
    No need to panic! Simply Contact Us and we?ll make sure you?re taken care of.



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