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Defiance Contracts List?by Amber Fae

Von Bach Industries Contracts:
Scavenger Hunt: Collect 20 Weapon parts from Raiders on docks.
Artificial Intelligence: Collect 50 control chips from Bulwarks in San Francisco.
Aegis Gambit: Collect 10 shield implants from goldrushers.
The Long Bomb: Collect 10 hulker bombs.

Soleptor Enterprises Contracts:
Atlas Attrition: Collect 20 navigation logs from mutants at the radio towers.
Spike in the Vein: Collect 100 mineral samples from 99ers in mines.
Pelts for Poseurs: Collect 40 hides from skitterlings aroind Marin.
Student of History: Collect 35 battle plans from Dark Matter Monitors.

Top-Notch Toolworks Contracts:
Down to the Wire: Collect 20 wiring fragments from mutants in northern Mount Tam.
Always On: Collect 75 data cores from Bulwarks in San Francisco.
Metal Gear Wrecks: Collect 20 gears from omnivolts in San Francisco.

Paradise Territory Contracts:
The Motherlode: Complete ?The Motherlode? co-op map.
Soleptor Excavation: Complete ?Soleptor Excavation? co-op map.

Echelon Contracts:
Reap What You Sow: Record 5 avenger kills in Deathmatch.
Slayer of the Flock: Kill 50 players in Deathmatch.
King of the Mountain: Record 5 attack kills in Capture and Hold.
Seize the Day: Complete 10 Capture and Hold matches.


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