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Defiance Effective Legendary Weapons Farming Guide


Defiance Effective Legendary Weapons Farming Guide?by RHA Defiled

So I?ve played for some time and have picked up on tricks to help get legendary items much quicker. (It all depends on your luck.)

Ark salvage

honestly the fastest way to get key codes, thus leading to lock boxes. Scrip is worthless really, so why sell your items? Convert them (destroy) them into ark salvage.

White-250 AS
Green-500 AS
Blue- 750 AS
Purple-1000 AS

You can quickly get 30k AS over the course of an hour. 30k AS = 30 key codes. You can also go and buy items to convert them into AS for even quicker key codes.

Key codes

simple really, other than the method above, there are major ark fall events that give 3-4 key codes along with weapons occasionally. ?Here?s a list of the major ark fall events that give key codes!

Farming key codes could be quick and easy. Major events, non ark fall events, convert weapons and items to ark salvage, rinse, and repeat.

Now that we?ve established how to get key codes, the rest is easy, buying lock boxes.

Stay away from tier 4, they?re worthless. Tier 3 is ideal, with a 2.6:1 ratio compared to tier 4, there is a greater chance of getting a legendary! Plus with the 12 items you get you could convert to AS and get back at least some of the key codes spent. Tier 3 has a 6% chance of legendary items while tier 4 has a 8% chance. 2% difference for 3X the cost?? Yeah..NO!

With this method I along with my three brothers have acquired 10 legendary items over the weekend. I hope this helps with faster farming and a more satisfied game experience! I wish you all the best luck with getting your legendary items! Let me know if I?ve left anything out or if you?ve got any more tips or tricks you?d like to share, feel free to post!


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