Defiance Factions System Guide


Defiance Factions System Guide?by Madwac

There seems to be 5 ?factions? right now in the game.

  • 1 which is PVP related ?Echelon?
  • 1 which is related to the coop Maps you complete ?Paradise Territory?
  • The 3 left are ?world? factions ?Von Bach Industries?, ?Soleptors Entreprises? and ?Top-Notch Toolworks.?

That?s cool but how do I earn Reputation with said factions?

Well, the way the reputation system currently works is that you have to complete certain objectives listed as ?contracts?. There are two types of contracts for most factions:

  • One that is quickly do-able and changes every 24 hours. Example: get x number of y from z mobs at w location, every mob you will kill at said location will give you one of the X and you usualy need 20. Even kills done by other players near you (even out of a group) will land you an objective so they usually complete very fast.Theses contracts, while easy to complete, seem to only provide 10ish rep points for said faction
  • The other type of contract is a bit harder to complete, usually involves Killing a CERTAIN type of enemy (more often than not hard ones like bulwarks for dark matter) in a secluded location ( San Fransisco island for example). The trick here is not only finding the mobs, but also on the right patch of land and you need A LOT MORE (75ish). This type of contract seems to stay available for a few days (between 3-7) and land a lot more Rep points

That?s awesome! but I cannot find for the life of me the Contract list that you speak of! where is it?

The contract list can be found next to the ?pursuits? list. Default key to access the Pursuit list is ?J? on PC. Once you are there click on the ?contracts? list right next to it. If you cannot see them yet, IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT EGO 250 YET. Contracts require you to be ego 250 before you can start doing them.

So now that I got Reputation with factions what do I do with it? and does it stop when the line completes?

  • You use said Rep to buy certain items at the faction?s ?HQ? they all have their own vendors on special spots on the map. The way it works is you will see the script cost of a weapon and next to it the emblem of the faction with a number, the number is the minimum rep required to buy said weapon.
  • No, like in most MMOs the bar, once filled, will change you status with said faction (example for the 1st time it goes from ?unknown to Familiar?). And you can keep on earning rep.

But Why would I even want to buy Faction related items?

For a few reasons.

  • They are adequately priced.
  • They have great starting stats
  • But mostly because they give out ?synergy bonuses? which can be seen before buying them. These bonuses stacks with the mod synergy bonuses (as per my understanding) making your guns truly stand out from normal drops.
  • Also, some have a starting bonus, for example; +2 mag for a gun before you even ?level it? or mod it.

Important to note

  • It seems that once you complete the objectives of a contract, you get your reputation and that?s it. You have to wait for the timer to reach 0 (next 24 hours for smaller contracts) to get a new one. So it seems you can only get so much ?reputation farm? per day. Let?s say you complete both contracts for X faction, you have to wait till the next day before you can get a new small contract and to whatever time the ?big? contract was gonna end at to get a new one of this one as well.
  • The ?coop faction? (name: Paradise Territory) only gives you contracts to complete a coop mission, it changes daylie. Just do it 😛
  • The ?PVP faction? (name: Echelon) only gives contracts that seem to be do-able in shadow wars, I haven?t pvped much yet so I cannot elaborate on this faction.

EDIT: apparently when they do server restarts the contracts tend to change and restart so it?s either a good thing (if you wanna farm lots of small quick ones) or a bad thing (if you were working on a tough long one 🙁 )

Happy hunting fellow Ark scavengers !

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