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Defiance PvP Stealth Guide?by Whiteyzz

1st. Pick up Pumped up
2nd. Pick up a flare pistol or anything that wastes clips fast and can reload three times fully
(I got lucky and got a flare pistol with % of ego ability back too hello 40% each reload! and reload buff, and slotted it to reload faster!)
3rd. Max out stealth, Stealth duration (cooldown is a eh as i get it all back in 2 seconds)
4th. Get the best defensive perks AKA Thick Skinned, Escape Artist
5th. Shadowed Strike, Nerves of Steel, Suckerpunch
6th Pick up a gun that spikes damage Pump shotguns/Votan Auto shotgun/ Sawed off shotguns/ Frag round shotguns/ or my personal favorite Sawed off shotguns with slugs with a base 3800 damage! (both going to their head as they cant react to me)
7th. sneak up behind someone and crit them for 2x damage if your slugged shotgun has More crit modifier at high tier! and do a whopping 7600 Damage!

BUT WHITEY THEY TAKE HALF DAMAGE if their shield breaks OH NO YOUR CORRECT SO one projectile will proc it maybe 1900?2/2 is? 1900 BYE NO ONE HAS THAT MUCH HEALTH!

So 1900 Health damage and 3800 shield damage
But let?s say they have all the best defensive perks
50% less damage when shield breaks
350+ more life
30% Less damage from behind
6% less damage in general

86% resistance vs 60% More damage thats a 26% lost

dont attack from behind

56% vs 45% thats a 11% damage lost which is countered by the base head shot bonus on the slug headshot
What you have there is a instant kill

Lets use normal shotguns now
with this build
143 x8 =1143 with the votan shotgun pulling out 2.5 bullet ish per second
Your dead in four to two shots depending on your shield

Watch out for decoy users not using sawed off shotguns these people give you free blurs if they for some reason detected your *** using a OHKO shotgun guess what you live because if your shield breaks you get blur!

Oh yeah in a 1 min your shield lasts 21 seconds with a 3 second down time
60 seconds = 21+3(no stealth)+21+3(No stealth)+12

so we will say by average in sixty seconds you spend 7 not in stealth
so in a 30 min match you should spend 4 mins of it not in stealth
Welcome to 13ish% down time

People who have blur up, they will be hard to hit but dont worry they wont use this kinda build to perma use blur 99% of the time (I do i got bored of winning matches, plus 95% more move speed when your shield break is ****ing hilarious to melee people in)

alright here is the alternatives to dealing with 3% downtime cloak build
1.Being cloaked while they?re shooting their flare gun around and insta gibing them
2.Pulling off a lucky decoy
3.hit him with a infest before he cloaks

Lets look around at the solutions
1.Being cloaked and killing them
-> not part of the solution really just pointing the fact to kill cloak you have to be uncloaked
-> Any other player not using a shotgun you will bring them to half? they will take half damage and then have a 5% slower then blur move speed with no CD
-> not paying attention to your situation and get insta gibed

2.Lucky Decoy
-> we?ve declared it?s easy to one shot people / one shot then melee to the face, and people are completely invisible
-> that would mean people would have to use their low clip sizes to shoot everywhere to make sure no one is ever in front of themselves showing themselves on the radar and soon as you see a bullet disappear close by to you pop your decoy and most likely die because your out of ammo or have to reload

3.Hit him with infest before he cloaks
->Infest are a problem on their own? high damage spike guns that take no skill to aim
->Wont be able to kill them though as he will get the **** out of there or use his free almost blur to shotgun you in the face

So let?s see your problem with your idea
->Sit still and camp?
Now every player will enjoy killing you as bunny hopping is part of the game
->Camp an area but jump around?
Still going to be insta gibed by someone cloaked as they?re 100% invisible
->Tactically move by slowly
Still going to be insta gibed by someone cloaked because your being slow

PVP is all about speed you need to be always moving, sure don?t go in the open of the map but that isn?t where most cloakers go because they can see that area and just dash towards you, kill you then go back around to the harder to see areas

Heck i go on the ledge beside the boats and camp there with stealth and when about to run off go on top of the building take three seconds to get back cloak, then cloak

This isn?t a planet side cloaking system where moving around/ being crouched/ect controls your visibility cloaking is 100% perfect unless your taking damage


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