Defiance Weapons and Leveling Guide


Defiance Weapons and Leveling Guide?by Amber Fae

Mkays, so I found myself wondering how the weapon system work and here is an Explanation:

For those that may not know, every weapon gains EXP and ranks up. This is evident by an EXP bar below the Mod slots on every weapon. As the weapon?s EXP bar fills, you also gain EXP towards the Weapon Skill.

However, each individual weapon can only rank up once. After you fill the bar, you gain no more EXP for either the weapon or the weapon skill. Because of this, you?ll need to constantly switch weapons that you use.

For instance, I?m focusing on LMGs. I buy the Frontier SAW outside Happy Pow Ranch and level it up. Once filled, I sell it and purchase another one. Each weapon gains exp and levels and I gain Weapon Skill levels.

The amount of Weapon EXP gained is based off the amount of regular EXP gained. Which is, in turn, based on the amount of damage you dealt.

In group situations (Arkfalls, Coop Missions, PvP), you gain Weapon EXP if you dealt the killing blow

The Ego rating of a weapon affects the strength of the bonus you gain when you rank a weapon.

Specific to the BMG, you gain Weapon EXP for healing IF you restored shields or health.

Melee attacks do not give Weapon EXP.

Nano Effect Symbols


EFFECT: Increases damage done to the affected target by 20%


EFFECT: Stuns target and enemies near target, also shorts out HUD.


EFFECT: Burns the enemy, dealing damage over time. Also, causes NPC?s to panic.


EFFECT: Slows enemies movement and decreases their damage dealt.


EFFECT: Makes target vulnerable and increases the damage they take.


EFFECT: When the effect is triggered, it will heal the players HP, or shield should the player have max HP. When the effect occurs you will hear a sound and a few seconds later around ~450 damage will be applied to the target and you will be healed.

Useful Info:
Quick FYI, you can use roll/dodge when you are suffering a nano effect to remove it early. Works on goo, electric, fire, etc. Stop, Drop, and Roll! ? EmptyOwl

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