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Defiance Weapons List?by JxSiN

Since someone asked about all the weapons, I realized there isn?t a comprehensive list found on the forums to my knowledge. So here you go. Once again, this is a work in progress. I am thinking of adding the description of each weapon as it is listed in the game, but I am not on right now so I will edit that in when I have the time.

Note: I am not listing 2 things
1) Stats.. Because they change depending on the user?s skill level. And for me to track down every single stat I would have to start a new character and be real lucky (or unlucky) to not level any skills for a weapon class until I find every single weapon in that class
2) Sub-models.. Such as special named items found in vendors, quests, or arkfall codes (such as the firestorm, gladiator, auto-bolter, etc). These are just renames of already existing items listed here.

Assault Rifles

FRC Assault Carbine
FRC Heavy Assault Carbine
VBI Assault Rifle
VBI TACC Assault Rifle
VOT Blast Rifle
VOT MAZU Blast Rifle


FRC Tele-Spanner
VBI BM-4 Stingray
VOT Spanner
VOT Spanner Protector
VOT Spanner Trapper

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

FRC Bolt Action Repeater
FRC Particle Repeater *charge weapon
VBI BAS-7 Derailer
VBI Sniper Rifle
VOT Bolter
VOT Meteor Bolter

Combat Shotguns

FRC Auto-Scattergun
FRC Berzerker Shotgun
FRC Particle Scattergun *charge weapon
VBI Auto-Shotgun
VBI CS-X Cluster Shot
VBI PAS-27 Tornado *charge weapon
VBI TACC Auto-Shotgun
VOT Auto-Fragger
VOT Surge Nano Fragger *charge weapon


FRC Big Boomer
FRC Crash Boomer
FRC Matchlock Boomer
VBI GL-1 Ground Pounder
VBI GL-X Incinerator
VBI Grenade Launcher
VOT Auto Lobber
VOT Rebound Lobber


FRC Incubator
FRC Innoculator
VBI INF-27 Immunizer
VBI INF-3 Canker
VBI Invader
VOT Afflictor
VOT Infector
VOT Outbreaker


VBI LM-12 Rocker
VBI LM-43 Thunder
Volge Battle Rifle Gun
VOT Disruptor


FRC Bull Rush 45
FRC Magnum
FRC Northstar Flare
Particle Ultimag *charge weapon
VBI Autopistol
VBI HP-5 Wolverine
VBI HP-6 Wolfhound?
VBI PA-12 Haar *charge weapon
VBI TACC Autopistol
VOT Blaster
VOT Surge Blaster *charge weapon

Pump Shotguns

FRC Birdshot Pump
FRC Heavy Scattergun
FRC Scattergun
VBI PS-30 Slugger
VBI Shotgun
VOT Fragger
VOT Grind Fragger

Rocket Launchers

FRC Interceptor RL
FRC Rocket Pod
FRC Sludge RL
VBI AR1 Armada
VBI AR2 Bonfire
VBI Guided Launcher
VOT Breaker Cannon
VOT Longshot Cannon
VOT Mass Cannon
VOT Rebounder Cannon
VOT Swarm Cannon

Sawed Off Shotguns

FRC Heavy Sawed-Off Scattergun
FRC Sawed-Off Scattergun
VBI Short-Barrel Shotgun
VBI SO-2 Courier
VOT Nano Fragger

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles

FRC Quick Repeater
VBI PSR-7 Cyclone *charge weapon
VBI Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle?
VBI SS-2 Ranger
VOT Surge Bolter *charge weapon


FRC Sub-Carbine
VOT Pulser
VOT Tachmag Pulser

*Charge Blades

Eminifyo Blade
Rizifyo Blade
Valafyo Blade
Shanjifyo Blade


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