Astrocyte Verse Destiny 2 – all Perks and Upgrades Destiny taken king TTK Hidden Exotics


What’S going on everybody Joe home, but came on never care chillin out maxin out doing my thing, you’re, looking at the picture to the bottom right! Well, it’s actually like a model with the helmet of the astral site. Verse, the idealism or I do cousin, I believe, is what they said anyway contained within this helmet transforms the world is here from flesh and EXO neurons to the pure raw stuff of thought.

Hmm, alright guys now you’re looking at this right here. Basically, the main thing that this thing is going for, reduces blink cool down, increases and increases the travel distance. Ok, so you’re going to have people, that’s gon na be able to do that triple blink strike. I’M gon na show that trip of blink and they can go in further Lord Almighty. I’M glad nobody’s found this helmet yet, but here’s the thing now this is on a warlock is a warlock helmet. There are a few gears.

You know that has not been found in the taken king and i will be showcasing them right here, cave on network also guys the gameplay you’re actually seeing right here. That’S from like when the update 2 point 0 first dropped like I was looking for game players like I make this quick video, and this is what I popped up all right now for one the leveling on there. Basically, money has an updated it. This armor piece is going to be 40 light in order for you to use it to 90 defense and committed to pay Con intellect and strength. Yes, I’m going with strength. Of course. Now this is pretty badass seriously. I love this helmet like no joke. I’M trying to think it kind of looks like one of those um. You know you get real stoned off, LSD, look up into the sky.

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