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See guys we’ve been doing it all wrong. I’Ve been making these stasis builds, but i’ve been leaving out one key component that makes these builds so very much worth creating, and that is actually naming these builds today, guys we’re gon na be taking advantage of the behemoth. Titan subclass, combining it with a number of different fragments, as well as aspects and no better exotic to pair this all with than the chest armor part of inmost light. Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you heart of darkness.

You, like it, don’t act like you don’t best name ever now. We haven’t exactly done like a review of the behemoth. Subclass, i’m just more or less just sprinting straight into these builds and we’ll just talk about the subclass as we go on, but the behemoth subclass is one of the most mobile subclasses. I think we’ve ever gotten inside of destiny. For my titans, this is wonderful and i’m speaking from the perspective of like twilight, garrison back in its heyday between the shiver strike, melee ability, which allows us to launch great distances in the cryoclassum stasis aspect, which essentially grants us these frost knee pads behemoth is incredibly Mobile and extremely deadly so guys, let’s break down exactly what we’re utilizing today.

First up, let’s take a look at heart. Of most lights may have been a moment since you last looked at this exotic and comes with the exotic perk overflowing lights, using an ability grenade, melee or barricade empowers the other two abilities powering means abilities, have faster regen, melees and grenades do more damage as well As your barricade having more health, this is one of the best exotics in the game, for both pve and for pvp. I used to love pairing it with middle tree cinema. It was my go-to subclass to pair here with this exotic now, i’m starting to lean more toward behemoth. That’S just how good this exotic is on this subclass, most, notably due to the fact that stasis subclasses have the best neutral game out of all the subclasses they’re fantastic.

The idea of behemoth here with heart of the most light, is essentially have your grenade or your melee ability, always at the ready. Now we actually combine this with a number of things number one. Our stat distribution is not that bad. You notice, i do have high resilience and i’m doing that purposely mainly due to the fact that the higher my resilience is the lower it drives down. My class ability cooldown, thus allowing us to pop a barricade at pretty much every encounter. Then we go into every encounter with a barricade pops in order to allow us to gain that empowered buff. Now the damage is nice, but it doesn’t really change the game. All that much you’re, not necessarily going to get one-hit, melees or even one-hit grenades.

The main takeaway from part of the most light is just the duration cooldown every time and power is procked pretty much always granting us our abilities, not only that you can actually gain pretty easily up to two stacks again barricade first and then, whatever ability that follows. Afterward will grant you two stacks now kind of like our wombo combo yesterday with the hunter class. I do like to place a glacial grenade down on some enemies and even if it’s not directly on my enemies, just placing it down to obstruct their view and then sliding on through will do some level of aoe damage. Due to our cryoclasm aspects, which normally makes our enemies pretty easy cleanup and you can actually throw a glacier grenade down use your shiver strike to instantly shatter whatever’s frozen in front of you now. A couple other things we’re taking advantage of the tectonic harvest aspect shattering a stasis crystal, creates a stasis shard.

This shard grants melee energy when picked up by you or your allies, such a fantastic aspect here again double dipping here and giving us our abilities as much as we can possibly get them. This aspect, alongside empowered, are both stacking up, giving us melee energy which take us to our fragments. Now our fragments really changed for me, depending on pve or for pvp for pve. I actually would rely on whisper of fissures whisper of shards and whisper of bonds, although these synergize, exceptionally well with the subclass whisperer bonds, would give a super energy when defeating frozen targets, which was a little easier to do in sign of pve. You could still take advantage of this inside of pvp, but i would simply swap out whisper of bonds with whisper pedrons for that increase in damage, which is a nice 25 buff to our weapons.

Combine that, with the boost to our grenade, recharge rate from whisper shards and the overall increase in damage and size of the burst of our stasis crystals when we destroy them from whisper fissures, you see the combo. You see exactly what we’re trying to do here, guys we’re just creating chaos and that’s exactly what behemoth is able to do so effectively. I’Ve seen a few titans out in the wild, combine and behemoth with things like doom marchers, which i say is alright, but you are kind of a one-trick pony. People already expect the melee, as well as the dew marker chaining capabilities with linear actuators, which is still very good here. What makes heart of most so deadly is the fact that you pretty much always have your abilities at the ready every single time you run into an enemy. It’S the exact same reason why frosties on hunters have suddenly become top tier?

Having your neutral game abilities? Is the strongest thing you can do in this sandbox, which is kind of crazy, bundy’s kind of genius in this? No, they don’t nail everything, but for a while there, no one really cared about their neutral game. Everyone specked out an intellect everybody spec down in recovery or whatever their class associated stat was and as far as discipline and strength, it was just kind of like who cares. Whenever we get it, we get it. Now, though, it has become the biggest factor inside of crucible and arguably one of the biggest factors inside of just pve chaining. These stasis kills over and over again has made pve so much fun to me now. Let’S talk about behemoth, though, and how to play this subclass effectively. First up, this is my stat split. I know we mentioned it a second ago, but i like to keep things around this area, obviously with some better farm rolls here. I can get this looking a little more, even a little prettier, but i like to keep my strength and my discipline almost neck and neck with each other recovery. I feel like seven or more, is really necessary to allow you to pretty much be present in every engagement and, of course, high resilience.

Now the weapons of choice, man – this can range from a bunch of different things, but considering how aggressive you are playing here on behemoth to me, the best weapon to use is any lightweight shotgun. I know bell. Winter’S lie doesn’t fall into this, but i’ve got a few lightweights that are really good. A couple cqc’s out there that are absolutely deadly. This old shotgun of mine, which i still can’t let go of emperor’s courtesy, is probably one of my favorite shotguns quick, draw sly, shot really high range stat, and, on top of that lightweight frame stacking here increasing my mobility. This is really key, especially if you’re coming off of doom marchers, a lot of titans have become so used to do, marchers that every time they take dunes off, they just feel sluggish.

I think, as long as you’re rocking a lightweight weapon when paired with behemoth you’re, not gon na miss the speed, or at least not too much between the slide and the melee you’ve got enough mobility from those abilities that you really don’t need dune marchers. On top of that, a word from some of our other behemoth titans, it has been said that dune marches does not actually stack with that increase in slide distance from cryoclassum. Now, that’s not to say that do marchers isn’t still a great option here, it’s more just to emphasize how much better of an exotic part of the most light is due to empower now something to remember about using heart on most light and really getting the most Out of it, especially when it comes to dropping or cooldowns, is not to unnecessarily utilize certain abilities, as they will be wasted, for instance, popping a barricade, while you already have empowered proc will not give you times too thus would be wasted.

It’S actually better to just wait for the empowered buff to go away and then proceed to pop your barricade again. The idea here, even with our discipline and strength, tiers being relatively low. I mean they’re they’re, not max sitting around five or six tiers. We’Re able to get away with this, though, and still obtain that 20 second cooldown for those abilities by taking advantage of popping our barricade as often as we can. But you definitely don’t want to be popping them in scenarios where you already have empowered again the chain. The flow here should be barricade first, always and then proceed to do. One of your other abilities. Now i know someone’s gon na ask me: does heart of most light increase your super damage? Look finding damage numbers inside a pvp with as much chaos that is going on is incredibly difficult. I popped my super a number of times. I saw that empowered was procking and even saw at times. I would actually proc in power attempts too.

So yes, it most definitely works in your super. How much it actually increases the damage inside of pvp. I just don’t know. I just know that people died. Like that’s all i could tell you, people died and they died very quickly. Stasis is really funky right now, because it just sometimes doesn’t even show numbers. I guess, due to the actual stasis crystals exploding, i feel like half the time. I don’t even see the damage numbers regardless, though, to make the most of this build it’s all about how well you combo things getting that flow down popping those barricades, utilizing your abilities, afterward. Every engagement you run into at heart of the most light. Whatever weapons you decide to use with, it will always net you, your abilities back and that’s the whole goal here. There is some talk of a possible damage buff to the behemoth time melee.

I don’t have a confirmation on that. I’Ve just seen some people talking about it. I do know that i utilize the melee more for its mobility rather than its lethality, and it’s really only dangerous right now because of how you chain it with glacier grenades and other freezing abilities. However, if that buff does come, yeah yeah, this build is only going to get better guys. So that is our behemoth. Build heart of darkness fellas trying out. I know you may not be a titan mane, but try it out. I will say there is a skill gap to this one, whereas the other previous builds for the warlock and hunter, i wouldn’t say: they’re necessarily skillless they’re, just a little easier to pull off the thing about this build.

You are more on a linear playing field. Therefore, there is some room for counter play from your enemies, and i felt at times i was overly aggressive, because i was trying to get the clip right and if you’ve got teams that are playing smart, that are keeping their distance on you trying to pull off This glacier smash combo might prove to be a little difficult understand. You don’t have to always go for the melee or the slide. Every time you freeze an opponent, i’m really bad about it. Look there’s like an endorphin kick every time. I slide into some crystals or some frozen enemies and watch them shatter it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

At the same time, you can get the exact same results by just shooting them. Remember that remember that titans! I need you to remember this. The inner ape and us always wants us to keep mashing the w key or forward on our joysticks. We just want to go in and smash everything as much as we possibly can, but in the midst of all that chaos and aggression, it’s okay to use our guns on top of that, feel free to always use your glacier grenade as a means to move whether It’S launching yourself in the air or even using it as a means of escape. It does not always have to be used offensively, and the same can also be said for your melee fellas and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and as always slap that like button, like your mama, told you right: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ] boom.

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