Datto’s Thoughts on Hawkmoon Returning in Beyond Light


Uhh, the weapons teams been making all kinds of awesome stuff lately. I think, you know, Witherhoard’s awesome, there’s another sweet exotic coming out pretty soon, d2 hawkmoon guide and we’ve been trying to find the mix between, you know, awesome new stuff and some classics. A little over a year ago, we started to bring back some of the classic, uhh, the classics in an archetype, that is near and dear to my and a bunch of players heart as well. And so we started off with the Last Word and Thorn and this fall we’re going to sort of complete that holy trinity with uhh, Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon. HAWKMOON What are they gonna replace Luck in the Chamber with? Will it be able to one tap supers? Yep, I saw it, thank you everyone, I was watching along, I did indeed see it.

Today, during Bungie’s charity stream for GCX, formerly known as GuardianCon, Luke Smith revealed that Hawkmoon is coming back to Destiny in Beyond Light. As some of you potentially remember, Hawkmoon is my favorite Destiny gun of all time, especially within Destiny year 1. The weapon hit incredibly hard, had large potential for 2 shotting in PvP and had 13 shots per reload. Hawkmoon was insane in year 1. As some of you potentially remember, I made a video talking about how I do not want to see Hawkmoon come back to Destiny unless it comes back in that similar state. However, Bungie has done away with Luck in the Chamber and other random damage perks in Destiny 2 as they moved towards a more balanced state of gameplay. The randomness of the weapon is essentially what defined the gun: every reload was a pull of the slot machine lever, seeing where your bullets would line up.

Removing that part of the gun means you’re left with a blank slate of a weapon, able to do whatever you’d like. In that case, why not just make a new gun entirely and leave the history of the weapon in tact? In his appearance, Luke said that the team is moving the randomness in a different direction with the weapon, off of the damage, so there is no Luck in the Chamber or Holding Aces on the gun anymore, but other than that, nothing else is known about the weapon.

Given Bungie’s recent moves away from introducing more damage perks on legendary weapons, I suspect that Hawkmoon will either 1) not have damage perks at all, introducing some other way to boost damage, like rate of fire increases, if the gun is still indeed about damage boosting or 2) be one of few weapons that gets to hang onto damage perks as an exotic trait. I worry about the latter as exotics do not retire, at least as of now. New perks introduced into the game over the past two or three seasons have pretty much all revolved around utility effects like health regen, automatic reloads, or the boosting of non-damage, non-reload speed based stats.

Damage perks on Hawkmoon combined with the slow removal of damage perks on legendary weapons that might be happening could create a scenario where Hawkmoon or other damage perk based exotics will lead the charge for a long time. This is all speculation as of now and when the perks of Hawkmoon are revealed hopefully some time over the summer, I’ll have a bit more to say on the situation. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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