Destiny 2: 150/140 RPM Hand Cannons Merged, Mountaintop Nerfs – Beyond Light Sandbox Preview


Well, I said I’d follow up my sandbox video with Bungie’s preview, so here we go. We’re gonna do the notes first, thoughts after the notes. Check timestamps. This is ONLY weapons, no subclass changes were announced. Let’s start with Hand Cannons. I didn’t speak about hand cannons literally at all in my video because I don’t think there’s anything too crazy balance wise with them. Here’s what’s coming. First, 110 RPM hand cannons are now 120 RPM and Bungie will now be able to tune them individually of other hand cannons. Next, Adaptive, aka 140 RPM and Precision aka 180 RPM hand cannons will have their range stat have more impact on the minimum damage falloff range. Example, damage falloff for 100 range now starts at 25m, it was 20, sounds like a buff to me. 180 RPM hand cannons had their magazine sizes scaled up 37% and that affects exotics with that RPM as well.

Next and this is probably the biggest news: Lightweight, aka 150 RPM hand cannons have been moved into the 140 RPM family. 150 RPM hand cannons are GONE and this includes Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten. The only hand cannon that will remain 150 RPM is Sunshot. Having 140 and 150 RPM hand cannons in the game just felt very redundant, 150 RPMs always killed faster, but Bungie chose to roll 150s into 140s for Crucible balance purposes, as making everything into 150s could’ve potentially led to yet more hand cannon dominated Crucible metas. Snipers are next: Bungie wants them to be powerful without being so easy to use that they dominate. Therefore, they adjusted how aim assist is affected by Sniper Rifle zoom level. Lower zoom scopes have less AA, higher zoom scopes have more, scopes with around 50 zoom are unchanged. Lowest zoom scopes have a large reduction in aim assist cone angles, highest zoom have a small increase.

Autos: 600 RPM autos… getting nerfed. Damage per bullet is going from 15.75 to 14.25. This is still higher than the 13.75 that they were at before Season of the Worthy. Scout rifles: Bungie says they have a reasonable time to kill and can’t be tweaked much without making them dominate, so they’re making them easier to use by increasing how much each point of the aim assist stat widens the aim assist cone. At max, the cone will be 15% wider, so it’ll be easier to hit shots essentially. Rockets: They have low reserve inventory, so Bungie is buffing their reserves by 1 or 2 rockets, but Rockets will be looked at in a future season. Next, we get into more specific things, like perks and specific weapons. Outlaw was nuked pretty hard a little while back, it is being buffed up from +50 to +70 in terms of the reload stat bonus. Merciless is getting its total inventory stat increased from 36 to 55. Mountaintop… Bungie lays out a lot of pain points that I mention in my video: easy one-shot kills, high splash, easy cleanup kills, little room for counterplay.

SO, they are reducing splash damage by 33%, increasing impact damage such that total damage is 5 percent lower than before. The projectile velocity is getting slowed down from 40% to 20% speed bonus compared to other special ammo grenade launchers and the in-air accuracy has been reduced significantly without the Icarus mod by 7 degrees, although much less if you have Icarus. We’ll talk about that. Falling Guillotine, yup, getting hit with the nerf bat as expected.

Reduced heavy attack damage by 24% to bring it in line with other swords. Bungie claims it’ll still be a top damage dealer, just not as much as it was before. The MIDA Mini-Tool “MIDA synergy” perk is now intrinsic on the weapon and now has Hip-Fire Grip and Kill Clip. Sturm and Drang: The Together Forever perk on Drang is now intrinsic and received Accurized Rounds and Moving Target as perks.

Ruinous Effigy’s Transmutation Spheres are getting nerfed, the aerial melee attack damage by 25, so that’s doing a light attack in the air and “significantly reduced” damage on the drain effect on enemy combatants. The heavy slam attack is unchanged. Arbalest no long strikes shields multiple times, but its efficacy against shielded targets has been increased. Jade Rabbit has had Armor Piercing Rounds swapped to High Caliber Rounds because of an issue that could’ve prevented the exotic perk from triggering.

Next up, some notes on Adept Weapons in Trials. Well, first of all, they’re gonna be a thing again in Beyond Light, with their infusion caps matching the Season they were introduced in. Beyond Light’s Adept weapons will have a cap equal to season 10’s cap, which means you can use them for a couple of season before they’ll be outdated in terms of power level. Here’s how they’re gonna be different. Masterworking an adept weapon will give you your normal +10 on a stat, and also +3 on all other stats. They can use a standard mod OR a new adept weapon mod which is earned from going Flawless.

They also are getting a unique adept shader, but can’t be applied to other guns, only for the adept weapons. Adept weapon mods come in 2 flavors: either a small, flat boost, like +10 range OR a bigger boost, with a negative. Adept mag is +40 magazine, -20 handling. Backup mag is +30 magazine. Those are your notes, let’s talk some thoughts. 140s and 150s getting merged is something that probably should’ve happened a while ago, there just did not need to be 2 variants of weapons that are SO close in performance. I know people would’ve prefered 150s over 140s, but I’m pretty indifferent on this decision. As long as they’re competitive, I’m ok with it. I know people really like having hand cannons be THE go to gun, but I think 140s will be around in Crucible, I still think they’re gonna perform well, they’re getting a slight range buff too, in addition to 120 RPMs.

Worst case scenario is they get buffed up. 110s turning into 120s is an interesting shift, 110s have basically been pointless in PvP unless you have a damage perk and really good timing. In PvE, the 110 needed to be able to one shot a lot of trash that 140s or 150s couldn’t otherwise they were just not good. DMG claims 120s are solid, but we’ll need to wait for Beyond Light to confirm that.

Sunshot is a pretty good gun as it is right now, but if it’s the only 150 RPM… well, I’ll just say keep a look out for it in Beyond Light in PvP. The sniper changes, well, I guess that’s one way to try to balance the playing field. I knew that lower zoom snipers still had good aim assist, but I tended to use them because there isn’t really anything in the game that warrants using high zoom scopes, PvP maps aren’t that big after all.

Guess we’ll see how those quickscopes and drag-scope shots are doing with the low zoom snipes in Beyond Light. Think people had more issues with flinch than this though, although I know people had issued with how easy snipers were to use. This change will affect that. 600 RPM autos getting nerfed was a no-brainer, they’re really, really strong, but their absolute dominance is getting reigned in, which was very expected. Hopefully they’re still usable in Beyond Light as they will still be stronger overall than they were in the past.

Scout rifles, Bungie says raising the damage would potentially make them too dangerous. They didn’t mention anything on the whole “farther away = less damage” philosophy though. I do like the aim assist buff though. If they’re gonna be THE long distance weapon, making them more reliable at those ranges is a good thing to have. But, as a whole, not sure how much this’ll do to solve PvE woes overall. Rockets getting more reserves I guess is a step in the right direction, but there’s still more to be done. Rocket ammo is just so precious because you only get so much of it, so having more might encourage a little more use of it, might make people less afraid of “wasting” it on stuff. Grenade Launchers get a good amount of reserves, which is why it feels ok to burn a bunch of it, but if I only have 6 rockets, I gotta make them all count.

But, it doesn’t solve the problem of downtime between shots. If I shoot a rocket, it’s really gotta count for it to be worth the time invested in lining up, firing and reloading a shot. Otherwise, you basically need Auto-Loading Holster at a minimum. Not to mention what feels like their slow velocity and their difficulty of use compared to grenade launchers. Outlaw getting buffed back up a bit, great, no problem there. Merciless getting more ammo, great, no problem there, feel like it’s one of the least used exotics in the entire game and fixes a problem that feels like the rocket ammo problem. Mountaintop… I like the nerfs, I just worry that the weapon is still going to be really, really good in PvP.

It’ll do less splash, fires slower and is less accurate in the air, which all sounds devastating. But the weapon is just SO good right now that even these nerfs seem like they could potentially not be enough, mainly on the whole “shoot a shot and then quick swap to something else to finish off the target” front. I hope these are as devastating as I want them to be; I’m tired of this gun and no amount of arguments are gonna change my mind. Falling Guillotine getting slapped with a nerf is not a surprise whatsoever, the heavy attack was doing some really nutty damage and swords are already so good as is. Light attacks were not affected, perks were not affected, so I don’t think this is a really big deal for you sword lovers out there. The gap between Guillotine and other things is just gonna be a little smaller, which I think is very reasonable.

Ruinous Effigy getting nerfed is an unexpected one, did not see that one coming. This gun had a lot of hype when it first came out and rightfully so, it’s REALLY good. Hype had died down, which is why it feels unexpected, but the gun was an overperformer, it just flew under the radar. The nerf seeks to reduce the output of damage when doing a jump/swipe combo over and over again, the nerf is not the ground slam AoE attack. Ruinous Effigy spheres might as well be recyclable swords, they’re really strong. The shield aura AoE thing getting nerfed is not a huge surprise because of how potent the effect is, suppression and really high damage is just the ultimate combo. Shotguns getting untouched going into Beyond Light, that we know of anyway, I think that might upset some people, but I’m going to maintain my opinion on special ammo in that I think the problem with specials right now, one of the main issues, is how much ammo you get access to in a typical PvP match.

You can gear yourself to have near permanent special ammo if you want to. If that ever gets adjusted, specials might not feel as oppressive as they might do now. Also, no fusion rifle notes is very disappointing, would’ve loved to hear about why there were no changes. Think those were the biggest things revealed today besides the Adept weapon situation, which I guess we can talk about briefly as well. First off, hooray, Adept weapons, they are back, following what feels like a familiar design in that they should be a little bit better than the average weapon that you might find, but not so much better that they are the overwhelming best option.

The Masterwork stats are… I guess better than nothing, but not super appealing. The mod system is interesting, although my fear is that people will just default to a flat stat bonus over the big gain, medium loss mods, which in turn makes it not a very interesting experience, but I guess we’ll see on that. And the shaders, that’s cool with me, exclusive Adept shaders only for those guns. I’m sure some people would’ve liked to put those shaders on other guns, but if they wanna keep it Trials locked, that doesn’t bother me too much. And that’s it, that’s what I have for you on the sandbox preview. Overall, nothing too radical in here comapred to what I thought was going to happen of the things I mentioned in my video, although the hand cannon changes are quite significant. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on them in Beyond Light, but I do think they’ll still perform well overall, I don’t think they’ll be bottom of the barrel or anything like that.

Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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