There are 40 Taken Eggs scattered throughout the Dreaming City and extended Dreaming City areas. There are some in the raid, some in ascendant challenges, The Corrupted and Shattered Throne. It was recently discovered that Wish Ender, the exotic bow, is the only thing capable of destroying these eggs and whenever you destroy an egg, you get a soft cap level Dreaming City item. Destroying all eggs in a section, for the most part, will unlock lore in your triumph book. It is unknown what getting all 40 will do for you, hopefully something cool so that people will watch this video. These eggs are account based, not character based. In today’s video, I’m going to show you the location of the eggs that you can get in the Dreaming City patrol, The Corrupted strike and the raid. These should hopefully be able to be killed at any time, regardless of the status of the city.

The Shattered Throne will be its own video for now, as the Shattered Throne is only here once every 3 weeks. The ascendant challenge eggs will also be their own video until all have been destroyed, then when all 40 have been collected, I will combine all of those videos into one. I apologize ahead of time for the video spam. Let’s begin. We’re going to start with the one that spawns directly in front of you when you drop in. Just turn to your left if you even need to do that, shoot it and collect items. We’re going to go to the Garden of Esila first because that’s the easiest. Take a look at the top of the waterfall that’s on your right side as you enter the main part of the Garden. That is your first egg in this section. Keep going forward after that and after you get to the two packs of hive that spawn close together, you should see an egg in the rock wall on your left side by the next low to the ground waterfall.

That’s egg number 2 and we are done with this section for now. Next we’re gonna go to the Harbinger’s Seclude, because I said so. Enter the Seclude through whatever means, but you need to get to this large room, if you take the main entrance, it’s pretty far in, if you take the portal, it’s a bit closer. Either way, when you get here, face the big statue’s front and head off to the right side of the area to another statue. When you get in front of the statue, you’re gonna look directly up and to the right a little bit, this egg will be in the wall. From here, you’re going into the next room, which is basically the “end” of the temple and walking right up to the statue in the back of the room.

Behind a floating rock is the next egg, look directly up again to see it. The final egg is down the elevator, turn around from this statue and drop down, then down the elevator shaft. Hook a right and you’re gonna go past the portal, don’t go in, and go left. Facing THIS statue, there will be a tree on the right, you need to get on the very edge of the cliff to see the egg hidden by the tree. You’re headed to the Spine of Keres next, get there however you want. From this part of the Spine, we have 3 eggs to get. The first one requires the path that leads down out into the misty area with the few taken spawn. Head into the temple, then make a left out of the temple. Head straight and take the rocky path the hooks around to the right.

Keep going until you hit a pack of Taken enemies. You’re going to jump on the rock formation in front of you and look across the bridge to the next rock formation on the left side of it. Your egg is in the wall here towards the bottom. Head back to the beginning of the temple. Instead of going in the temple, you’re gonna go to the left path and just start taking that up, like you’re doing the oracle mission, not the turn in. Take those bridges up. When you get to the second to last bridge that takes you all the way up, it’s the one that will lead you into a rock looking thing, look down and left. There is your next egg. The last one is on the building itself, I dunno how the hell people found this one, but props to you. Keep going up towards the building.

Before you make the jump to go into the building itself, face the building and go to your left. This one is tough to see, but the egg is on the upper side of the building on the left side. Those are the ones in the public patrol area, again, SHOULD be available to get at any time. Next, the Corrupted strike. There are 2 in here. The first one is during the first encounter with the arc charges and the elevator. As soon as the elevator gets to the bottom and stops moving, the egg will yeet itself out of the stain glass window. You can shoot it out of the air, you can shoot it whenever, but it may fall down into the death zone.

You CAN still shoot it while it’s down there, you just might need to get a little creative. The other egg is right before the big drop down section. Before you’d make what is the first big drop, instead drop down a little bit onto a platform on the opposite side of the hole. Turn around when you land on it, look down and you should see the egg pretty clearly, it’ll be on another platform.

Next, we have the raid eggs. Raid spoilers in here, a little, sorta. Before you can find them though, you need to enter a special code at the Wall of Wishes. We’ll go more in depth with the Wall of Wishes another time, specifically when we know all of them, but for the eggs, you need to input this wish shown on screen now, wish 14. This is what spawns the eggs in the first place. The first egg is in the first encounter room, I don’t know if you can get it before the fight, but the fight is pretty easy anyway so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Follow the path shown on screen, you need to jump up onto the upper ring in the middle of the room by whatever means. From there, there is a hidden platform that you can jump to that leads towards some of the encounter plates, again, just look on screen. You can see the egg from this platform in a cave. Egg 2 is before the Shuro Chi encounter. After you make the final jump toward the encounter, you’ll need to scale the big rock to your immediate right, as the egg is all the way at the top of it.

There are some small platforms for you to jump on to make your way up if you go behind the rock. Egg 3 is at the Morgeth encounter. The egg is on the upper right side of the wall, but in order to see it, you need to scale up the left side and shoot across. Refer to the video on how to get up the wall, it’s basically just scale the wall however you can. Egg 4 is pretty easy, it’s after the Morgeth encounter. When you get to the big courtyard looking area, make a quick left and drop down a little bit onto a ledge. Turn right to see a hole in the wall with an egg. Finally, egg 5 is in a fantastic f-you level of a spot in the Vault encounter. It is ABOVE the spawn room. You need to platform your way up around the outer part of the room, then jump on top of the roof, refer to the video. You THEN need to look for a tiny part of the egg that will be sticking out from a blight, you can scan for it using the Wish Ender’s main perk.

And that’s it, those are all of the eggs that you can get at HOPEFULLY any time. I’ll have a video on the Shattered Throne eggs shortly and then unfortunately I’m gonna need to spam your video feed with individual videos for the Ascendant Challenge eggs until we get all of them, so yeah, sorry about that. Thanks for watching, happy hunting. .

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