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Destiny 2 45! Easy and fast EXOTIC FARM (IN-DEPTH GUIDE) By: 1Leonis


A few days ago I posted a video of a really fast run of the 1280 Lost Sector “Veles Labyrinth“, since its back again in the rotation today i decided to make a post here to show and help people how to improve runs to earn more exotics.

Video Link of the 2:45 run (Platinum Rewards) HERE.

With this strategy you can easily get 3:00 runs.

This is the Loadout and Notable Mods used.

– MODS: Charge Harvester (Void) – Rage and Wrath of the Warmind (Solar) – Global Reach (Any) – High-Energy Fire (Any).

– WEAPONS: Seventh Seraph Revolver (Unstoppable) – Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.2 (Anti-Barrier) – Anarchy.

– EXOTIC ARMOR: Verity’s Brow.

– SUBCLASS: Shadebinder (Aspects and Fragments).

– Quick explanation of the run: Spam Stasis Grenades to keep freezing every single enemy thanks to the Warlock Aspect, Fragments and Verity’s Brow insane perk.

Use Anarchy to stick Champions, and clear enemies with primaries to spawn Warmind Cells, once u spawn the first one destroy it asap to blow up every red-bar enemy instantly thanks to Rage of the Warmind Mod (With the explosion u might spawn other Cells thanks to Wrath of the Warmind Mod).

As you can see Warmind cells + Stasis is a crazy combo if used correctly.

I’m going to post more videos showing the best and the most efficient strategy for every single Lost Sector, both 1250 and 1280 Light Level difficulties.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions i will answer Asap!

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Sorry for the Bad quality of this Video, i got this run while streaming and i forgot to record 🙁


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