The Shattered Throne contains 9 Taken Eggs that you need to destroy. Unfortunately the Shattered Throne is only around once every 3 weeks, which is why this video is on its own for now. I also have a 4th lore collectable in this video as we missed one in the original guide. Starting from the top, egg number 1 can be found by going to the entrance of the fire breathing dragon temple and then making a left turn, looking behind you. The egg will be sitting on the cliff side. I believe you can also get this one as you walk into the area from the ramps. Egg number 2 is in the Binary Shrine, which is the U snake, W snake, loopy boy, whatever you call it. Look at the shrine’s icon on the wall, then turn about 90 degrees to your right and look straight up, it’ll be sitting on a ledge by the upper ring. Egg 3 is after you first enter the Descent after the first encounter. You’re going to make your first big drop and then face the stairs that lead you up. On the cliffside wall on the left will be the egg. If you’re farther back, the light it emits will be pretty faint, but you can get closer to see it.

Egg 4 is after the thrallway gauntlet event when you come outside to the big open area. Look at the exploding blight wall off to the right side of it. You’ll see a faint glow of the egg. I’m also going to put the 4th lore bones thing here since we missed it in the other guide. You need to be ascendant in order to grab this one. You’re going to climb the rock ledges up until you pass a statue embedded into the wall.

Once you pass it, turn around and jump on its head. You’ll then take the platforms all the way up until you reach the other side, jump on the ledge and collect your lore. Back to the eggs, egg 5 is in the same area. Before you go into the doorway where all the Taken Phalanx spawn, face the doorway, look off to the right side and in the corner will be in the egg, pretty simple. Egg 6 is after the ogre encounter literally right next to Sjur’s statue. You can’t miss it. Egg 7 is just past the statue before you drop down. Before going down the ramps, look to your right along the edge of the area and you’ll see an egg, I already got this one, but it’ll be in that corner. Egg 8 is after you take the first lift up. As soon as you land, back up and look straight up.

In the ceiling will be the egg. Finally, the last egg is before the final boss after the taken explosion wall. Hop on the platform after the end of the gauntlet and instead of going up the stairs, keep looking forward and go towards the edge of the platform to see the egg hiding. That’s all 9 in the Shattered Throne.

Thanks for watching, happy hunting. .

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