Destiny 2: 980 Master Nightfall – Savathun’s Song (No Izanagi/Divinity)


Hey guys, so this gameplay is a run of Savathun’s Song on Master difficulty for the Nightfall. Just wanted to test the waters to see if this kind of content is important at all, see if this gets any viewership and/or is valuable to people for running Nightfalls. If not, then I’ll just stop, but if it does well, I’m sure I can keep it rolling. There will be some speed-ups in the video, but there were no wipes in this run. The big thing here is that I’m probably going to be doing these runs without the help of Izanagi’s Burden and for starters, Divinity. The reason is because a lot of newer players probably don’t have Burden and/or don’t want to shell out money just for that gun. I think Youtubers and streamers have normalized its use at this point, with Divinity to a slight degree as well, although that is a little more obtainable. And I just wanted to show that you can run these Master Nightfalls without their use and have a psuedo-guide going up at the same time.

I’m always going to have the team comp try to be 1 of each class too. These runs are going to be pretty safely played, not really going for score or speed, just completions at a pretty casual pace. That being said, we do use some artifact mods, namely Oppressive Darkness for the damage debuff. Our Hunter is using the newly revamped bottom tree Nightstalker, I am using Ward of Dawn and we have a Well of Radiance Warlock, again, playing it pretty darn safe. I am unironically using Leviathan’s Breath for Unstoppable, along with Recluse for Anti-Barrier and our Hunter is running Eriana’s Vow for solar shields and anti-barrier. I was actually shocked at how well Eriana’s Vow ended up working out in the Master Nightfall. It can basically two shot barrier shields, although I’d highly recommend 2 people on anti-barrier just in case, it can destroy solar shields with ease and it puts out pretty respectable damage on its own.

If you are struggling, consider Eriana’s Vow. If you’re watching this at a time where you can no longer get Eriana’s Vow, then you’re just going to have to use a solar weapon and potentially have multiple people on anti-barrier, although I imagine the weapons that you use anti-barrier on will change, so just plan accordingly. Biggest piece of advice for this and basically every strike is going to be kill adds first, then deal with champions. Champions take your entire team’s focus and add can shred you, so just kill them first. My team’s loadouts can be found in the description if you’re wondering what we’re using. Biggest tip for champions, specifically barrier, is to make sure you have anti-barrier shots ready immediately as a champion is going to shield to limit the health regen. That’s pretty much it, enjoy the gameplay, and if you have any opinions for what should or should not be included in these videos, let me know. Otherwise, I’m pretty much gonna let the views do the talking here in terms of the fate of this “series”.

Enjoy. (The rest of the speaking in the gameplay are just team call outs.).

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