Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide to The Dreaming City (Blind Well, Ascendant Challenge, Secrets)


The Dreaming City is a place completely void of any sort of guidance at all, with a bunch of activities to do within it. So, what the hell is actually going on in there and what do I do? That is what I hope to cover in this first video discussing the Dreaming City. I’m gonna apologize ahead of time because this is for the first week of the Dreaming City and there’s a chance that some of these things may be slightly different since the Dreaming City is supposed to change from week to week on a 3 week cycle.\par While in my leveling video, I said there didn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason to powerful rewards, we’ve now learned that Dreaming City rewards will give a greater boost compared to most other powerful rewards. Once you hit 520, your rewards from stuff like 3 strikes, 5 crucible matches, etc. will not be as powerful, but Dreaming City items will offer a greater boost. Petra is your main vendor and she has daily and weekly bounties. The daily bounties mainly consist of easy to do things: complete public events, collect planetary materials, kill enemies, stuff like that.

There is a weekly powerful reward bounty that requires 8 dailies to be completed and Petra also gives a powerful drop when you complete 3 weekly bounties. The other 3 weekly bounties that we know of are essentially: do an ascendant challenge, do a lot of Blind Well and give the Oracle an offering. The oracle offering is a reward from doing the Blind Well weekly bounty. All bounties cost glimmer except the Gateway Between Worlds, aka, do Blind Well bounty, which costs 40 Dark Fragments. Those are found by doing secret chests, doing Blind Well, patrols, a couple of other things. The first major thing to cover is the Blind Well, which is Forsaken’s major public event area, and here’s how it works. There are 4 tiers of difficulty, scaling up by 20 starting from 520. The higher the tier, the harder the place is. What you need to do is travel from well to well defeating enemies while holding the zone.

Touch of the Sky is a buff that you get from being in a safe zone, which will protect you from damage in the outer area, it only lasts 5 seconds though. During the encounter, you will have Servants of the Plague that will spawn, but they’ll be immune at the start. You need to kill Anathemas, which will drop Harmony Orbs when they are killed. The Harmony buff allows you to take the shield off of the Servants so that you team can damage them. The Servant will drop multiple Harmony Orbs when killed. Not only does Harmony protect you outside of the current well area, it will give you extremely fast super charge.

You’ll go from well to well until you get to the final boss, where the Servant of the Plague mechanic works the same way. Higher tier means more enemies and bosses to kill. At the moment, rewards appear to be more attached to bounties than the actual event, with a clear of the well giving you a chest that can give more Charges of Light to activate the Blind Well, Dark Fragments, Glimmer, materials and some blues which are soft-capped items. The “do a lot of blind well” bounty is percentage based.

A tier 1 well will give you 10%, a tier 2 20% and so on. Again, this bounty gets you the oracle offering, which you turn in at what I’m calling the Oracle Temple in the Spine of Keres, northwest of the Divalian Mists. The following is the route to get there. There is also a daily bounty that requires 15 Servant kills, which will take you a couple of well runs at the least to complete. After turning in an offering to the oracle, you’ll also be granted a purification bounty, which requires you to do a high level activity or high difficulty challenge. It’ll award you with the Transcendent Blessing mod, which is a mod that boosts your damage similar to the Riven’s Curse mod found in Reverie gear, minus the negative effect. To turn in the offering, you’re going to go to one of the main building in the Mists area, follow the video on screen to get to the location.

Moving onto the Ascendent Challenge. The first challenge we saw was located in the Lost Sector next to Petra Venj, and I’m sure more challenges will appear in other locations. For example, this video is coming out on the start of week 2, and week 2’s challenge is in a different location. In order to get into the challenge, you need to chug a Tincture of Queensfoil, which enables you to see hidden things in the Dreaming City for 30 minutes. Areas with challenges active will display some text says that seam between realities grows weaker. Anyway, for week 1’s challenge, you will enter the lost sector and about halfway through, you’ll eventually see a giant portal. Jump into it to begin the challenge. In THIS challenge, you need to kill 4 blights in the area and then kill the small crystals in the middle of the room. You’ll have shadow thrall chasing you and giant hive Knights with axes chasing you the entire time.

That is the challenge, kill the blights and then the crystals, just make sure to keep moving around the area because after you kill the blights, the portal to the ascendant plane disappears and you’ll need to redo the whole thing to go back in. and you’ll be rewarded at the end with some Reverie Armor and fragments. There are also some Taken looking crystals in the area, among other areas, but their use is unknown right now. The current theory is that you need a fully purified armor set in order to do anything with them. This week’s challenge, week 2, is located in the Garden of Esila, which is south of The Strand.

When you’re in the main area, go off to the left and you should see a portal on the left side cliff edge behind a rock formation. This challenge is where you need to run and drop 3 arc charges in the center of the arena and then kill 3 of the giant knights. These charges are placed on the outskirts of the map, you need to run a lot. You do not need to kill the Taken blights, but they will slow you down if you run into them.

When you have a charge and go to the middle, 4 Taken Phalanx will spawn around where you need to drop the ball. If killing 3 knights sounds like a pain, don’t worry, because after you drop the 3 charges into the middle, a boundless light node will spawn, giving you non-stop supers to kill the knights. This is soloable, but with enemies at 550 power, you may want to bring some friends because everything in this place hurts really bad, at least as of the making of this video it does.

Since this was not in a Lost Sector this time, I suspect that this thing will have multiple random locations in the coming weeks, so again, pop a Queensfoil and look for the message in the lower left. That Tincture of Queensfoil will also open up the entirety of the Dreaming City to secret things… mainly a lot of platforming, although nothing major appears to have been found yet. If you’re wearing Reverie armor, it’ll show with a Taken like effect when you drink one. It is a somewhat rare, but not too rare of a drop from Blind Well, Lost Sectors, heroic public events and chests.

Basically, do stuff in the area and you should get some. Next, we have the arc charge riddle chests. There is 1 chest per area that requires 3 arc charges to open. The rewards from this chest aren’t anything crazy though, just some dark fragments, but if you know the arc charge locations, they’re somewhat quick to do. I’ll show you guys the locations of all the arc charges really quickly here, gonna do them picture in picture to have this go a little faster.

These are the routes to take from the chest itself. Ascendant Chests are next. There are 10 of these scattered throughout the area and require a Queensfoil drink to see. Inside of the chests are dark fragments and getting all 10 is a triumph. I’ll have another video showing off the locations of these chests because there’s 10 and I wanna get through this video. Next, we have the cats. Scattered around the Dreaming City are little cat statues. If you give them a gift, literally, a small gift, they will give you an item. A small gift is a weekly item drop from events in the Dreaming City. There are 8 of these dudes and I will show the locations of all of them in a separate video much like the 10 ascendant chests as I don’t want this video to be 30 minutes long. Next up, random small Taken blights have a chance of spawning in the area. You’re gonna shoot it a lot until a boss pops out and then you’re gonna kill that boss and get some triumph points.

That’s all that appears to be going on with this guy for now. The worms are next. There is a chest in the Garden of Esila that is blocked from being opened until you kill 10 worms that are scattered throughout the area. There are about 20 potential spawn locations for the worms, give or take, and every time you visit the area, the worms may spawn in different locations.

Instead of attempting to make a video of every single potential location, I’ve included a map that reddit user Exofiler has created, which also shows off a lot of other locations of other things on the map. Next up, heroic public events. There is 1 public event that is unique to the Dreaming City, where you need to keep the core defended. Place arc orbs into the core to recharge it. To trigger the heroic, after a wave of adds finishes spawning from a lane, a Taken Blight will appear in that same lane. Shoot it, it doesn’t have a lot of health. Do this for all 3 lanes and you’ll trigger the heroic, it’s not very hard. Ether Harvest is also here, where you need to kill all of the white ether orbs as they float towards a central node.

You need to shoot every single one otherwise you won’t get the heroic. Next, we have the Saboteur event. This is an event that is theorized to spawn once every about 45 minutes and isn’t displayed on the map. In Rheasilvia, in the area before the Harbinger’s Seclude, every so often, a Saboteur will spawn. Kill the boss and an arc charge will spawn. You need to de-exhaust yourself by getting the ball to a safe zone, which is represented by a bunch of blue glowing… stuff. Note that you can throw the ball, but if the ball hits anything other than a player, it’ll disappear and you’ll need to get another. Once you are cleansed, you need to bring the ball to a crystal in the middle of the map which requires a ton of platforming.

Once the ball is placed in the crystal node, an Ogre will spawn back at the Saboteur spawn. Kill the Ogre to win. To remove its shields, you need to kill Taken Knights and Wizards, take the arc charges to the cleansing area and throw them at the Ogre. You can throw non-cleansed charges, but they don’t deal a lot of damage. In week 2, the Saboteurs are spawning in a different location, or maybe they always could’ve spawned here, point is, they can spawn here too. Finally, you may be getting a bounty called Corsair Down. These are SOS beacons that have a certain location listed on them where you’ll fight a mini boss and then turn in the item they drop to the Queen’s Guard back in the Divalian Mists. In the description is a map of their locations. Note that some of the locations that may be listed are not shown on the map in game. For example, the worms are location in the Garden of Esila, but the Garden is not listed on the map. One more thing actually, definitely didn’t write this in after making the video, if you’re ever looking for Queensfoil or Tier 2 Charges, you can go deep into the Harbinger’s Seclude temple, fall down an elevator shaft and find these 2 Ahamkara skulls to trade with.

A Queensfoil is 50 planet mats and a Tier 2 charge is 25. I think that’s a good amount of information about the Dreaming City for now. I imagine things are gonna get a little more crazy as we approach the 3rd week and raid time and I’ll do my best to cover as much as I can. I also plan on doing location guides for collectables and all of that stuff when I get the time. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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