Destiny 2 A guide for getting Dredgen title


Recently I’ve seen a lot of people trynna grind Malfeasance as it’s getting buffed and just for the Dredgen title so here’s somewhat of a guide from a Gambit weary player. Took me 3 days to finish this so your results may very. Also I would do all of this in regular Prime although how painful it is it’s the best way to garunteed all progress you do counts towards your quests as this was introduced before Prime

Malfeasance Quest Line

To start Malfeasance you need to kill the space meatball first. This is a potential primeval able to spawn in Gambit. From what I’ve seen it has a high spawn chance when your crushing a team in mote score or when you win a round and then are first to spawn primeval. So get a squad for this and sweat on some blueberries. After that talk to Drifter and then kill 25 yellow bar takens. Advice for this is to kill them in Blind well, just make an LFG or head over to the Dreaming City and check if anyone’s doing it. After that is the modified Corrupted strike which you will have to activate in the Dreaming City, DO NOT USE THE ACTUALLY STRIKE the modified versions is marked with the blue crown flag. Definitely recommend getting a 3 man team for this as it’s not a cake walk. Just play it slow and be patient. After that is the fun part that made me want to sell my soul. You need to bank 400 motes and win 10 games. However everytime you DIE WITH MOTES YOU LOSE PROGRESS EQUAL TO X2 OF THE MOTES YOU DIED WITH. So if you bank 18 motes and then die with 9, you are back to 0% progress. So basically play really passively, gather motes in stacks you feel safe with, I was risky and always got 15 but you can try 10 or even 5 it will just take more matches, but losing 15 is also a massive -30 mote loss so close your preference. Also when an enemy invades try hiding instead of confronting unless your confident you can take them off. They probably got a cheese weapon or a super which would demolish you so just be careful. The 10 wins ironically was what took the longest for me, I hate regular Gambit because of its 3 rounds so to get wins I would recommend grabbing 3 others decent at Gambit and try to win. It’s better than a chance at some afk dude. Finally is actually something I found enjoyable: kill 25 guardians as an invader and either get a team wipe or have a friend get 3 team wipes. I recommend just trynna get the team wipe by yourself as you will need to get 25 kills anyways and also a teamwipe for the Army of One triumph. After that your done talk to Drifter and grab you brand spanking new Malfeasance. Hope it helped.

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