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Destiny 2 A permafrost warlock build guide that can shred anything with power to spare By: rxninja


Maybe you’re playing Beyond Light and having moral quandaries about the ethics of using darkness. Maybe you’re using Stasis thinking, “Wow, there’s a ton of potential here and I don’t know what to do with it.” Maybe you’re just overwhelmed by how many mods you can use now and you don’t know what’s good anymore!

I’m here to help. I’m here to convince you to embrace Stasis.

This is a brief warlock guide on how to take maximum advantage of Stasis to obliterate everything that stands in your way. Nightfalls? Solo legendary lost sectors? Just blowing off steam in some playlist strikes? Nothing can stop you when everything is frozen and shattered.

This guide is for warlocks, but there are parts of this build that can be used with any subclass.

The Basics – Glossary

  • Slow : There are Stasis abilities that can slow enemies down, gradually chilling them. For warlocks, this is our Duskfield Grenade, which is unlocked from Born in Darkness, part two, a quest you really should do immediately.

  • Frozen : When an enemy is completely chilled, they become frozen. Non-boss enemies are immobilized, while bosses can be frozen and they can still move.

  • Shatter : When you damage a frozen enemy enough, it shatters, dealing massive damage to it and nearby enemies. Crystals can also be shattered.

  • Charged With Light (CWL) : There are several mods in this build that make you become Charged With Light. CWL mods are previous seasonal mods and can now all be used in the combat mod slot.

  • Aspects : Aspects are BIG changes to the Stasis subclass. The first is unlocked from Born in Darkness, part one. The second will likely come from a step of that quest that isn’t yet available.

  • Fragments : Fragments are SMALL changes to the Stasis subclass. After Born in Darkness step two, you can talk to the Exo Stranger and choose 2 weekly strike, gambit, or crucible variants. Completing these gives you a memory fragment and you can turn those in at the Exo Stranger to acquire new fragments. There are six and our build uses two of them.

The Build (Long Version)

Without further ado, here’s the build, including an explanation of why it’s in the build.

  • Nezarec’s Sin (recommended) : Nezarec’s Sin is still great. Void kills recharge super, grenades, melee, and class ability. You don’t even need to use void abilities to take advantage of it, because we’re going to use…

  • A Void energy weapon (mandatory if using Nezarec’s) : I like Zealot’s Reward from Garden of Salvation, which will become clear in a moment, but Coriolis Force and Gnawing Hunger are both fantastic. This is purely here to feed your Nezarec’s Sin.

  • Weapon – Salvation’s Grip : Freezes targets and creates Stasis crystals that you can shatter, which will be important later. This weapon also completely locks down most targets, which is just silly.

  • Taking Charge (mandatory) : This is your easiest way to make sure you have Charged With Light stacks. Definitely take it. Element agnostic and usable in all combat slots. I use it on my legs.

  • Charge Harvester (recommended) : This gives you Charged With Light even when you aren’t picking up orbs of power. It will come in handy, because lots of enemies won’t be dying to your weapons or super because of how Stasis works.

  • High Energy Fire (mandatory) : 20% damage boost when CWL is still the #1 thing you can do for your damage. Element agnostic and usable in all combat slots. I use it on my gloves.

  • Heavy Handed (mandatory) : This is where things start taking off. When your charged melee – the staff blast, for warlocks – connects, you consume a stack of CWL and regain 50% of your melee energy. By itself this is godly, but the secondary effect is that fusion rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and sidearms just generate ammo when you get kills while surrounded. That Zealot’s Reward / Coriolis Effect you’re carrying to feed Nezarec’s? If you get up close, you can use it like a primary. Heavy Handed is incredible with Stasis. Requires arc energy and usable in combat slots. I use it on my class item.

  • Radiant Light (optional) : This one is here for two reasons; +20 strength and activating the secondary effect of Heavy Handed. The main effect is meh. If you don’t use it, use Powerful Friends or Quick Charge, the former giving you +20 mobility (and sharing your always-charged-with-lights madness with your team) and the latter making those fusion rifles even more beastly. Requires arc energy, usable in all combat slots, and I use it on my chest.

  • Absolution (recommended) : Absolution is now a general leg mod instead of a class mod and it’s element-agnostic. Reduces grenade, melee, and class ability cooldowns when you pick up orbs of power. Thanks to Taking Charge you can always pick up orbs, even if your super is full.

  • Innervation / Recuperation / Invigoration (optional) : I know every console player is using Traction in their second leg slot, but if you aren’t you could run any of these mods. Recuperation is solar and keeps you alive, innervation is solar and gives you grenades on orb pickup, and invigoration is arc and gives you grenades on orb pickup.

  • Surge Eater + Thermal Overload (optional) : Thermal Overload makes Stasis (and Solar, but who cares) grenades into overload grenades, disrupting champions. Surge Eater instantly refills your grenade when you or a fireteam member disrupts a champion. Yes, this means your grenades overload champions and recharge themselves. It’s silly. I love it. Niche, but extremely powerful. These are both artifact mods and fit in the general class item slots.

  • Dynamo (optional) : I have the aim of an idiot baby monkey with rocks for hands, so those helmet slots are precious for targeting mods for me. If you don’t need targeting mods, consider Dynamo, a void helmet mod that boosts grenade, melee, and class ability recharge when you use your class ability near enemies. Considering the second aspect is the “class ability freezes nearby enemies” one they showed in Beyond Light trailers, THIS IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE PRETTY STRONG. The build is strong without it, but still.

  • Impact Induction / Momentum Transfer (optional) : I don’t use these because I reserve both arm slots for champion mods, but you could throw them in if you don’t feel the need to do that. II is solar and gives grenade energy when you deal damage with your melee. MT is arc and does the opposite, giving melee energy when you deal damage with your grenade. Both are 3 energy.

  • Grenade – Duskfield Grenade (mandatory) : We’re going to use some chilling fragment shenanigans, plus the AOE freeze (after a couple seconds of chill) is amazing. You need this grenade for this build. If you don’t have it yet, the build is significantly weaker.

  • Aspect – Iceflare Bolts (mandatory) : Everyone is going to use this because there are only two aspects and this is the only one we have, but having this means that shattering a target SPREADS FREEZING to other nearby targets. That duskfield grenade that just froze three targets? All three of them are going to spread to other targets.

  • Fragment – Whisper of Shards (mandatory): Shattering crystals (not targets) increases your grenade recharge speed. When you combine this with Nezarec’s Sin, you virtually always have grenades. If your teammates aren’t generating crystals, storebought with Salvation’s Grip is fine. Oh, this fragment also gives you +10 resilience, which is a total bonus.

  • Fragment – Whisper of Durance (mandatory): Increases the duration of chill, which is great, but also increases the duration of chilling abilities. Those Duskfield Grenades that are already amazing? Yeah, they last longer now. Oh, and this fragment gives you +10 strength, too, because WHY NOT.

The Build (Short Version & Example)

What follows is a bare minimum build, built exactly like I run it. A lot of this can be shuffled around any way you want, so this is the “I don’t want to make decisions” version. There’s also a ton of room for vanilla, non-build-centric mods like champion mods, stat mods, resist mods, and so on. This is just everything you need to get rolling.

Italicized entries are optional.

  • Nezarec’s Sin (void, 3 energy)

    • Charge Harvester

    • +4 if using Dynamo

  • Gloves (any, 4 energy)

  • Chest (arc, 3 energy)

  • Boots (any, 6 energy)

  • Class Item (arc, 7)

    • Heavy Handed

    • +2 for Thermal Overload

    • +1 for Surge Eater

  • Any masterworked kinetic weapon

  • Any masterworked void energy weapon

  • Salvation’s Grip

  • Duskfield Grenades

  • Aspect – Iceflare Bolts

  • Fragment – Whisper of Shards

  • Fragment – Whisper of Durance

How to Use the Build

There isn’t anything special about play, honestly. Here are my general rules, which should apply not just to this build but to most Stasis builds:

  1. If there are groups of 3 or more enemies, toss a grenade. 3 is the sweet spot for nuking EVERYTHING in the nearby vicinity with Iceflare Bolts.

  2. Your melee is incredible. Try you best to have CWL up when you use it.

  3. If there’s a frozen target, shatter it immediately.

  4. Use your super liberally. There’s no point in saving it, really. Focus on freezing as many things as possible and let your teammates do the shattering.

  5. Use Salvation’s Grip on bosses and in the rare cases when all of your abilities are on cooldown and you need to freeze something. For maximum synergy, freeze with SG and shatter with your void weapon.


Go forth, my icy children! Go forth and wreak havoc! Let the Darkness guide your way and may your enemies tremble at the power of your frozen will.


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