Hello everyone, in today’s guide, we’re going to be finding those hidden Ascendant Chests that require a Tincture of Queensfoil in order to obtain. Note that this set of chests is for when the curse on the Dreaming City is at its weakest and that new chests may be appearing when the Dreaming City changes week to week. What’s the point of the chests? Well, they will get you The Hidden Riches triumph for you completionists out there, not sure if it is linked to the title you get for the Dreaming City meta-triumph though, but it is unknown if they’ll do anything else in the future.

If you don’t care about the triumph, then as of the making of this video, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point to them, but check the description for updates. We’ll start at the drop point for the Dreaming City. Turn around and you’re going to head into the Lost Sector. Clear out a bunch of the enemies first so they don’t annoy you, then head to the 2nd rock with a tree on it, it’ll be smaller than the first. Facing the tree, the first platform will be on your right. Scale up for your first chest. These chests give soft-cap level items, along with some materials. Chest 2 is at the entrance to the Blind Well.

Go towards the Blind Well and at the start of the red carpet, you should see the first platform. This one has a good amount of platforming required. Chest 3 is in the Spine of Keres. The Spine is where you go to turn in your Oracle offering. If you need help getting there, the “kill a target” patrol that usually spawns next to the landing zone can guide you.

Anyway, you’re gonna be walking for a while here, but when you finally get to the outside bridge after a long bit of walking, look over the left side cliff edge. Platforms will spawn and you can follow them for the chest. Chest 4 is in the Garden of Esila. Go south when in The Strand to get to the Garden. Once you’re in the Garden, you’re gonna want to get onto the main floating bridge in the area and in the middle of the bridge will be the platforms. Chest 5 is right next to Petra. Just stand right next to her, facing towards where the public events spawns and get to platforming. Chest 6 is in Aphelion’s Rest, which is the Lost Sector under Petra. No platforming required for this one, you just need to go all the way to the end of the Lost Sector and before you drop down, hug the right wall and the chest will pop up. Chest 7 is in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Rheasilvia. Note that this is a 560 power Lost Sector. Anyway, when you reach the big open room with the boss and tons of adds, stick to the right and go into the doorway where there will be a balcony.

This is only a two platform chest, just don’t get sniped by the Hobgoblins. Chest 8 is in Rheasilvia. Out on the right side of the zone, you should see a tall pillar with a statue on it. You need to get there via the smaller pillars, so get to platforming. When you get to where the statue is, face the Harbinger’s Seclude temple and start jumping. Chest 9 is in an area called The Confluence. The Confluence is essentially a connector linking the 3 non-specified zones, the Spine, Garden and Seclude, together. The fastest portal to the Confluence is in the Spine. Head back to the Spine of Keres and instead of going into the temple, hook a left when you first enter the area where the enemies spawn. Immediately go right heading down a path that takes you into a cave. Enter the portal and go to the main hub, just keep running.

The first platform will be to the left of the giant gateway with the white ring. Chest 10 is in the Harbingers Seclude. From the chest you just got, look for the path with the giant statue, this is the portal to the Seclude. Once you’re in, run forward until you find some Taken, if you went outside, that’s the wrong way. When you see the Taken, go to the left and ride the elevator up. When you’re at the top, head towards the giant statue in this room. Once you get to the statue, turn around on walk forward a little bit, the platform will be on your left.

Don’t get baited here, when you’re at the fourth platform, go LEFT, not right. Those are all of the Ascendant Chest locations for when the curse on the city is at its weakest. I will make a new video for the next set of chests when they become available. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time. .

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