Destiny 2 Behold, a Power-Leveling Guide(s) to get you ready for DAY 1 Raiding (Graphic)


Hello fellow Guardians,

the last two days I was working on a power-leveling guide for my clan and myself but I decided to share it with the Destiny Community too, since I’m quite active here as well.
Usually leveling isn’t an issue and most people get to their desired power-level anyway.
But looking back at Shadowkeep, made me realize that there are a lot of small things I(you) tend to
forget along the way towards 1230.

Originally I planned this guide to have way less text but it turns out, that’s quiet difficult if you want to
catch “every” aspect of leveling, while using some examples to explain certain scenarios. I hope it doesn’t look too overwhelming.😊

The Guide is split into two parts:

What this Guide doesn’t try to do:

  • It doesn’t show you every source of powerful engrams.
    Most of the powerful engrams you can get are marked by a golden star in the Director but not every source is marked like that.
    For example: Completing the campaign might wield a powerful engram, ranking up in the competitive playlist usually drops powerful gear.
    Beyond Light might wield more or less new powerful sources depending on what they are changing to the current system.
  • It also doesn’t tell you anything about leveling the artifact, since it will not count towards your power-level during the DAY1 contest mode

This Guide was mostly targeted for players that already have some kind of knowledge about the game. Its probably not the right guide for someone that just joined the game with New Light.

Furthermore I wanted to say that I’m not a native English speaker, so if you catch any major grammar or spelling mistakes, that have the potential to get people confused, make sure to point them out so I can keep the guide updated.
And to the absolute gamers among you, make sure to point out any logic mistakes I made regarding power-leveling. I’m just a gamer myself and sometimes you get things confused or completely forget about major systems in this game because you’ve been playing this game for so long, that there are imbued into your veins and you stopped thinking about them altogether.

I hope I could help some of my fellow Guardians out with this guide and I wish you the best of luck
for raiding on DAY1.

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