Destiny 2: Beyond Light | How to Get HAWKMOON Exotic Hand Cannon!


All right, what’s up guys, so the hawkmoon quest is now available in destiny. 2. As of today december, the 8th and uh. What you want to do to start off is as low as you load into orbit. It will give you a little prompt on the left-hand side to go, see the spider and what you want to do is just load into the spider at the tangled shore. Talk to him he’ll give you some dialogue and then you’ll go ahead and pick up the quest from him as an exotic quest and we’ll get you started is called as the crow flies. So what you want to do here is you’re going to have to find feathers around the different areas in the destiny world.

The very first one is going to be right outside spiders lair. They do try to give you some little hints on the bottom. With the text, but they are kind of obscure, so i went ahead and just found them all and you can just follow where they are on the video. So the first one is like i said as soon as you step out of spider’s lair. It’S right there to the left on top of that and then the next one you’re going to want to go to the sludge area in the edz you load in there and go ahead and just follow my path. So that’s the last sector right as soon as you spawn in you go straight ahead. You’Ll find it there and it’s a little off to the left. I got confused looking for it and uh, but if it’s you follow you’ll see on top of this little broken down structure here, you’ll see the next feather, then click that and i’ll go ahead and update for you and the next one you’re going to want to Go to the cosmodrome and load into the steps area, which is where shahan is as soon as you load in there it’s right on top of the building you’re just going to want to jump up.

If you can get up that way, that’s fine! I couldn’t because i’m a scrub, but if you jump up right here where all these dudes are standing um, you can collect it. I kind of move around, so you can see where it’s actually at but yeah there. It is you, go ahead and pick it up and then it’ll update automatically and you’ll go on uh to the next, so the fourth feather is going to be on the dreaming city um and it’s kind of in the area where you load into the raid. The last wish raid or where you head to the um we head to the blind. Well, so you load into the uh devilian mists and you’re going to go ahead and follow the path i take here on screen. You’Ll just go straight ahead. I kind of sped it up, so it didn’t take too long, but yes just go straight ahead and head towards that entrance there, and it’s going to be right before you actually go in to the left. On top of this little thing here, you want to go ahead and pick that one up and, of course, you’ll get an updated, um quest step again, you have to find the final feather and this final feather is going to be located at the moon and it’s Going to be in the area where you kind of meet crow for the first time in the beginning of season of the hunt, so we load into the sanctuary. You just want to head left to follow the path here and you can actually skip all these enemies.

I kind of shot a few, but you can really just run past them and it’s going to be in the shrine of oryx area, as you can see, continue to traverse through this it’ll be off to the opposite side of where you enter so go around. That little shrine, thingy and uh it’s going to be right in this area. Here, you’ll see a shining go ahead and pick that one up and then you’ll get an up, updated quest step to go ahead and speak to the crow in the tangled shore, and this is going to happen a lot you’re going to have to speak to him. Several times so get used to going back to his lair to the spider’s lair and speaking of crow and he’s going to give you some dialogue and some text each time. I didn’t include any of that just to save any spoilers, but these are part of the quest step, so i did include the include them, so you can get the full idea of what to do here so he’s going to go ahead and update it there and You’Re going to have to complete a mission uh in the edz, and this is going to happen a couple times as well and i’ll show you where it’s at it’s kind of in the same area as the lost sector. Where you found the feather. But i did skip the mission and just went to the end so avoid any spoilers and you’ll end up having to pick up that hawkmoon effigy sitting there by the hawk, and these missions are really cool real jumpy.

So you know make sure you got your your best jumping gear on and um you’ll go ahead and head back to the crow again and he’ll update your quest step for you again with some more with some more dialogue and you’re gon na have to collect or Produce 50 orbs of power, so the best bet is going to go to the blind well and there’s a ton of people there. When i went you just follow the path there and it’ll take you here and we got in uh i jumped in. They were already in progress and finished the 50 orbs before the end of this. Even the run, even so went ahead and got the orbs 50. It updates it for you and you will continue uh the quest and you will have to return to crow once again and he’ll go ahead and update the quest for you again. He has some more dialogue, some more text, so what you’re going to want to do? Next is head over to the edz and you’re going to want to load into the trost land area and there’s the next quest step there. You just follow the path here, you’re just going to go straight across over this area and then jump up to the next.

Like third floor and scan this hawk and it’ll continue with the quest again. It is a quest or a mission. I don’t want to spoil it so i went ahead and just skipped past um and got to the end and you’ll kind of follow through where the lake of shadows, uh strike, ends and you’ll end up in that air that boss fight area, so you’ll kill uh. The boss there and you’ll collect the last feather or another feather, i should say, and uh there’ll be some enemies after you collect it. It’S fine, you don’t have to kill them. You can end up leaving um, but i just stick around to kill them. So the next step it will update and you’ll end up going to visit the crow. Once again, like i said, lots of dialogue, lots of text he’s going to give you and it will update and he’s going to want to have you kill, um guardians or champions defeat, guardians or champion.

So the best bet is going to be to do the champions and if you go to the perdition lost sector in uh europa – and you follow the path here, i kind of take you right to it. Um, you get three percent per champion killed and this is a pretty short lost sector and you have four champions in there. So you know: do the math it’ll, take you five or seven or eight runs, and you should be able to get it done um if you’re doing it with teammates make sure they get shots on the captain’s um before or make sure everyone gets shots on the Captains before it gets killed, otherwise they won’t get uh the progress for it so um we ran this with the buddy.

We did it yeah, like i said about seven times: um got the final kill here and then uh went ahead and progressed to the next step and i believe the guardian kills only count as like half a percent, so it takes quite a few more guardians than It does for the champion, so you’ll update and you’ll end up having to run another mission, and it’s in that same exact area and, like i said, i won’t spoil those but i’ll head to the end here and you’ll go ahead and see um. It’S kind of the same thing here: uh same mechanics, you’ll, learn in the other mission um just with the boss fight at the end and halfway through this mission, you’ll be able to actually pick up the hawkmoon and use it, but that won’t be the end of The mission you’ll still have to kill a boss at the end, but you can go ahead and test it out

. I didn’t do any reviews or anything of the other gun i just kind of used it at the end here, but i’ll. Let you all make your own judgments and um yeah. I hope you all enjoy thanks for checking out this video um go ahead and leave a like go ahead and subscribe. You can share it whatever you’d, like any kind of reaction, helps – and i do appreciate you all for checking it out – see you out there [ Music, ], bye, bye,

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