Destiny 2 beyond light Review By: BT-Yeet2003


So here we are after all this time and over a year of waiting we get the newest expansion in destiny 2. Beyond light. light vs dark and the very thin line between the promise of a whole new destiny 2 but did it reach that promise.

Well no but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad let me set the stage. Beyond light had trailer after trailer Which showed us the promise of a brand new destiny 2. Europa the frozen wasteland the darkness has arrived the pyramids are in the system. Well it all started with the live event that i stayed up till 3 in the morning  to watch the traveler exploded in a burst of light stopping the darkness from taking everything we will get back to what it had taken later.

We have arrived at the expansion so I didn’t get it instantly due to mainly waiting to get a playstation 5 to play it again anyway  2 weeks later me and my brother decided to go half’s on it so your probably wondering how that works don’t question it it just works especially on the playstation 5. Anyways I’m getting sidetracked again so we start seeing dark activity on Europa and of varkis and elikni who was the warden at the prison of elders and caused the prison break which makes him just as responseable as uldren sov for cayde 6’s death so naturally my first instinct is to get more revenge for my vanguard as I am a hunter so we tracked him down to his location to find he has betrayed his people because he refuses to use the darkness and stays loyal to the traveler (even though it betrayed his kind). We find him on the brink of death by… Erimis the leader of the Elikni so naturally we save him and work with him to stop Erimis and stop their useage of stasis a dark power given by the pyramids.

So the story’s kinda set it’s at this point I should mention that I played this with my brother to the end witch made it a more enjoyable experience like it does with anything. So we have missed out on the most cool characters in destiny 2 The drifter my favourite, Eris morn who seems more interesting than she was in shadow keep so that’s a step up and the mysterious Elizabeth aka The Exo stranger so just a side point the cinematic of these 3 kicking Elikni ass is absolutely the best story part of this dlc the drifter dule wilding trust Eris morn and her orb and the stranger using an assault rifle and stasis oooooo mystery. That’s about it from Drifter and Eris they are not really in it for the rest of the dlc which is a massive shame the chip in at the camp they stay at on Europa but other than that nothing more Drifter Bungo he’s probably the best character in your game right now.

So I’ll put it simply stranger gives you a darkness shard that you can use to temporarily use stasis you have got to power it up 3 times to actually be able to use it oh keep this in mind your ghost throughout the dlc consistently tells you that no matter what happens he will stick with you always eventhough your using its antithesis just remember that. So here’s the problem mission design needs to be changed in destiny for to long throughout shadow keep and now beyond light the mission designs are really dry and dated just doing really tedious tasks just to get to the fight just doesn’t work anymore these consistent blockers in the way of the fun stuff oh kill fallen in this area with this weapon oh do a lost sector go and blow up a darkness shard in this really obscure place that you need to look up a guide for oh and go and look for some dead exos they could be anywhere give me waves of enemy’s coming at me over that shit any day.

So that’s that enough on Misson design anyway the story consists of the stranger wanting you to walk the thin line of darkness and light and killing Erimis because with stasis she can kill the traveler apparently (I highly doubt that). So appart from the tedious mission designs and objectives there are some good missions the opening mission is really good there is a strike type mission where you go to this core and theirs the final mission which has a really good final boss fight anyways the story has some really good beats one of my favourite parts is well the cinematic bit but another really good part is how the traveler betrayed the fallen basically abandoned them and ran away so erimis stepped up to lead them apparently she was a good leader who cared for he people and just wanted to save her kind it’s told in a really impressive way almost no exactly like a tragedy the darkness corrupted her and her people so her motive is there something that not all games can do.

The last boss fight in beyond light is very impressive it’s a 2 stage fight vs erimis and it was quite a fair fight for once I’ll get back to that statement but your initially fighting her like normal with solar,arc and void but halfway through the fight you get frozen in place and remember that statement before where I said the ghost would stand by you no matter what well guess what he does your being frozen in place about to die my guardian utters the word ‘Ghost’ in a painful way you know because they are dieing and we need our ghost to activate stasis and he replys with ‘Sorry I can’t do it’ now in this life or death moment he abandoned me eventhough throughout the entire DlC he keeps saying he will stand by us over and over again but when the moment finally comes he abandoned us its infuriating. He then gets frozen and falls to the ground which leaves my guardian to do it themselves oh throughout all of this Erimis is doing a whole bad guy monologue thing and then our guardian realises that we have darkness inside of us all along its kinda cool then we unleash the full power of stasis on Erimis in the second boss fight it’s also in a very cool arena with a very cool look of the pyramid erimis dies reaching out to the pyramid as the power she took kills her freezing here in place she is there all the time as well so you can visit her frozen corpse. You collect your rewards from a sad Varkis and a hopeful stranger congratulating you on taking darkness and using it so that’s where the story comes to a close for the most part there are a few odd quests left kill Erimis top commander where Zevala outlaws stasis (not suppriseing) and you can get different darkness abilities where you talk more with the Exo stranger and ana bray they are sisters btw. Overall I was satisfied with what the story told but was left wanting more of the darkness and drifter sorry I really like that character and I wish there was less varkis more stranger it’s unfortunate.

So onto what they have taken from destiny so the idea was to take away The leviathan, Io, Mercury, Mars, and titan now everything that was in these planets are ment to be gone but there crucible and gambit maps are still here for some reason but whatever now the only thing I’m really sad about going was Mars because it actually had things to do on it and had some really good strikes if you enjoy playing strikes in this game like I do Bungo has taken a lot away from you 7 strikes and replaced it with 2 including one from Europa and one on the cosmodrome oh I haven’t mentioned that because there is nothing there. Now listen I’m not mad that there’s content gone if anything I support getting rid of things like leviathan and everything but Mars but the main problem is they just haven’t replaced them planets with enough content I’m sure that will change eventually but right now it hasn’t so overall its just made the game feel more empty so it’s really unfortunate. But that’s not all they took away a personal favourite of mine is gone black armory which I deeply enjoyed doing every now and then and Gambits Reckoning which I also found to be very fun

Just a little side note that I want to add Europa as a planet is 2nd best to tangled shore maybe even surpasses it with so much to actually do on it and the weather system is so impressive and fascinating there is so much potential for strikes and other activities I hope they add more there is some really well executed creative vision been realised.

So with beyond light a familiar face returns in the season of the hunt Uldren sov who now goes by the name of the crow has finally returned after the cliff hanger of him being revived at the end of forsaken and becoming a guardian now even though everytime I see his face I want to kill him again but this isn’t the same guy we killed uldren he doesn’t remember his past and is not the same guy anymore his ghost has been held captive by spider and has had a bomb put in it until we do work for him and he is let go also osiris has lost his ghost RIP the only good thing about curse of osiris. We must stop this hive god who is im not sure what they are doing tbh but it’s one of the best season activities yet not that there’s much to contend with from a white tree to bunkers. You get an item called a cryptolith lure which you charge up by doing strikes which are always fun gambit which is suppriseingly more fun now due to there being just one round instead of 3 or crucible i wouldn’t do that though it’s in a very broken place with stasis breaking it atm I hope this changes. You hence the name hunt things by using the lure and not needing to go out your way to do something really boring to charge up the lure is a huge step in the right direction so props for that. The season pass is once again in it and to any of this it will cost you 1000 silver around £8 extra on top of beyond light this was weird to me due to shadow keep giving us the season pass for free when we got that so it can come of as greedy but the season pass is a good route to go if your going to wait for beyond light to go down in price it also has some really cool cosmetics in it so I’d say it’s worth its money.

Another side note Exotics this season are evidently lacking with 3 new weapons as of now one of them being in the season pass Duality an exotic shotgun (very well designed). Salvations grip a stasis grande launcher the only stasis weapon in the game may I add. The Lament an exotic sword/Chainsaw also very cool on the design aspect and is unique. All classes have 2 Exotics each one of them being stasis orientated. It’s just suppriseing due to how many weapons where in forsaken and shadow keep. Also just going to say the exotic archive is a huge middle finger to anyone who worked for something like Thorn or Lumina or my favourite Ace of spades I mean come on.

So this brings us to the end of my review and my final thoughts the idea of destiny 2 beyond light is very impressive and is storywise executed very well but mission design dosent cut it anymore there needs to be more effort put in. If beyond light is a new start to destiny it’s a hopeful but empty start. I would also like to add that the majority of beyond light was made during 2020 lockdown and the team at bungie should be proud of what they have accomplished I’m looking forward to the future of destiny 2 and what the witch queen and lightfall will bring.

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