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Destiny 2: BIG POWER LEVELING TIP! – Get to 600 Power Faster | Forsaken


What is up guys wreck cactus here and today we are going to be discussing a pretty substantial, leveling tip talking about the way in which you do certain activities is going to drastically impact the efficiency at which you increase your power level to eventually reach the max Of 600, and so let’s get started, but just before we do guys if you’re looking for amazing gaming headphones, including the ones I personally use the a 40’s and can’t recommend enough I’ve partnered with astro so check the link in the description down below Clicking. This link. Will automatically apply a code that will let you save some money and help me out definition of a win-win Alright. Now, let’s talk about this power, leveling tip. Essentially it boils down to the fact that not all powerful gear is created. Equal certain powerful gear rewards are going to be dropping at different relative power levels when compared to other ones – and I talked about this a little bit in this morning’s video, where I detailed how to do The ascendant challenge. You know if you don’t know how to do that, check that out.

But essentially there are several different tiers of powerful loot and Here’s what they are so Daily. Powerful loot rewards as well as weekly, powerful loot rewards. So that’s stuff, like you know, The dailies strike mission, the daily crucible match the daily heroic adventure and the weekly gambit matches strikes crucible, as well as the weekly Spider, bounty, flash points and likely clan and I Cora stuff. All of that stuff is going to be giving you a pretty substantial Boost in power around a 5 power level increase based on your overall power level, with their gear rewards until you reach a cap of 520, once you are around 520 with your overall power level. Those rewards will not be dropping as substantial as they once were for an example with this character. Here my warlock, I am 536 and I am just about to turn in this week’s flash point, So I should get 5:37 and exactly that I got a 537 kinetic weapon which unfortunately doesn’t help me. So that is tier number one, the lowest stuff. Then you have tier number two, which is nightfall rewards for this. If you complete the weekly challenge to either do the nightfall or Do the nightfall with a hundred thousand score Either one of those you’re going to get a pretty big increase of our again around five power based on your overall power To about five hundred and forty. Once you reach five hundred and forty, it will taper off

It doesn’t Instantaneously become only one more than 540, It might be two more or three more, but it won’t be as powerful won’t be as big of a jump as before. Moving on from there, We have the third tier with Dreaming city, bounties, petra, weekly bounties. All of this stuff, when it rewards powerful gear, It is a massive jump. Not only does it seem to not pay attention to whatever power level you are

You can be 540, I’m still massively Assent, but it’s also very very big jumps. You can be sitting at around 5:30 and get something you know 539 from Pecha. It’S seriously massive jumps, But that’s actually not the only tier. We have a wild-card tier with prime engrams Prime engrams. Don’T seem to jump you as much as Petra bounties. However, they don’t necessarily seem to care about what power level you are. There’S no, like caps in power level like how the lowest tier stops rewarding great Loot. After 520, prime mangrum’s seem not to care, and they will pretty much always Give you five above your overall power level. So I’m sure some of you guys are thinking. Well, that’s interesting and all, but how do I apply this? How does this help me level up more efficiently? Well, it really depends on the order at which you do these activities and, very importantly, there is no One set order. If someone says do these type of bounties, Then this one, then this one they are wrong because the order in which you should be doing these activities Depends on the quality of your loot. And here’s mean by that, if you’re sitting at a hypothetical 530 light, you may be wondering you know, especially with the weekly reset

What do I do first? Well, that depends on the specific power levels of the different gear pieces you have. So if you are someone who is again five thirty, but you have pretty big variation within your gear pieces. Let’S say you have a five thirty, five kinetic weapon and a five thirty five helmet, but then you have some stuff really trailing behind. You have some five twenty stuff, some five twenty five stuff and that all Evens out to again five thirty. Then you really really really want to be doing the daily tear rewards the first tear reward, So your daily missions, your weekly stuff, all of the stuff, That’s only going to give you one power level above your overall power level. This is used to plug the gaps. So to speak again, If you have a five twenty five chest piece and you really need to get it up Well, if your overall is five thirty and you get a five thirty one chest piece:

Well, that’s a pretty big jump, That’s a six power level jump and you’re likely going to raise to five 31 or 532 overall because of that sort of stuff. Now I should mention here that, if you are in this scenario, but something is lacking really substantially like – let’s say your five thirty and you still have a 512 helmet like really really far behind what you can actually do is Farm the nightfall. All of the blue rewards Dropping in the nightfall are going to be only five power level below what you are and then you can equip those blues and kind Of plug some of those really low gaps. But that’s another tip going back to this tip again: use those dailies and weeklies those low tier rewards to plug any gaps you may have and Then, once you are pretty, even within your power level, let’s say you’re now: five, thirty, five And again you’ve got some 5:37 stuff, but that’s not too far above your overall level, You’ve got maybe a couple of five thirty twos and five thirty 3s, but they’re not too far below. This is exactly when you want to do a petra bounty, a dreaming city, weekly bounty, because that Is going to up you substantially and that’s going to make it so that Anything you get from that bounty, No matter if it’s a weapon or an armor piece is Always going to substantially increase your overall power level, You really do not want to be doing those type of bounties or the nightfall stuff when you have very jagged spikes in your power level of your gear, because if you have a really high weapon and a really High helmet, if you get a Weapon or a helmet,

Well, you’re screwed You’ve just wasted a petra bounty on the flipside. Again, if you’re, relatively even with the power levels of your gear, You actually want to be doing those petrol, bounties first to get a few things really high up there, and then you can start to Even it out and really plug the gaps with your dailies and Weeklies Now as for nightfall stuff and prime engrams, those are intermediate things. Those are things that, if you’ve kind of ran out of dailies, But you still need to increase a few more things before you go for the petra’s use those. And if you have done You know, a couple of petra’s are one or two and you have a couple of pretty high gear pieces. But everything else is pretty crappy. That might also be a great time for a prime Engram farm or a Nightfall completion, and so guys that is it for the video Hope you enjoyed and found this informative. Now, if you did, Please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content similar to this, don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button and if you guys want to get in touch with Me and keep Up to date with the latest channel activity. The best way is to follow me on twitter at Rick cactus, that’s linked in the description down below, as is my twitch channel, in Which you can also follow. I can hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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