Destiny 2 Boycott breaking out of stasis in PvP By: weaselturkey


To start, I loathe button mashing and quick time events in games. And as a hunter, being frozen is both of these things. Were it a simple double tap to break out it would be fine, but having to smash that like button at 60 hz basically just to die faster because of the immense break damage got old very fast.

So, I started embracing the darkness every time I was frozen by a guardian using stasis (usually a warlock melee) until I either died or miraculously thawed and moved on my merry way in about 5 seconds (approximately a year in crucible time).

I started doing this basically as a silent protest for myself because I am mad petty and it felt better to embrace cold death rather than wear my precious gamer hands out hitting B a few thousand times a game.

What I began to realize is that I genuinely began surviving more by just waiting it out rather than trying to break it and counter in time. Subjectively I went from dying 90% of the time trying to break it to about 75% when waiting it out. I would say this is primarily due to my teammates taking out the freezer before they could shatter me, because if you had taken basically any damage prior to breaking out, the action will kill you. (At least it will wearing blue leveling gear with imperfect stat rolls on your way to 1260). A few times people even seem to be distracted by something and forget you are there frozen (I’m not sure how, they put a damn tracker on you when you are frozen for Crow’s sake). The only time I feel like it benefits me to break out is when I freeze an opponent at the same time they freeze me and there are no other guardians in the vicinity.

Anyway this is by no means a guide, just some reassurance for the exhausted guardians out there who want to give up the struggle against the bad balancing and let freeze run it’s course. In my experience, I am no worse off.

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