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Destiny 2 casual player’s guide to Scavenger’s Den Master Lost Sector at low gear power (Warlock Guide to getting boots of the Assembler) By: FrequentlyHertz



I wanted the new Assembler boots. Today boots drop from Scavenger’s Den which is the master lost sector at 1340. I spent about two hours finding the right build for this. For context, I am a causal player with basic build knowledge and only a few meta weapons with no god rolls.

This lost sector has NO shields except the arc shield on the boss at the end. However, match game is on, so I would really recommend you bring some arc damage to break his shield. That is a god send. The teleporting overload bastards are here in full force though.


Primary Weapon

I found thorn to be the best way to keep these guys locked down. It is this season’s Le Monarque for overload. The poison will overload them. So just keep two tapping them so that overload rounds stay procced and you should be good.

Secondary Weapon

I used eternal blazon because it’s literally the only arc scout rifle I have. Use whatever you want to bust the barrier servitors, but I recommend something long range. You will be doing a lot of poke damage on all the low level adds. Thorn slaps them up close, but really slouches at range. So a scout rifle is a good choice.

Heavy Weapon

The burn is solar. Having limited weapons, I took the best burst solar heavy I had, Corsair’s Wrath, a solar liner fusion. I know it sounds silly since most people think they suck, but it worked here. I could stun an overload champ and dump all 5 rounds into it before the stun wore off. It killed them every time. I do have high impact reserves on it, so your mileage may vary. Lament might be good here, but getting that close will be really hard.


All the overloads, and some cloaked fallen use solar damage and they will absolutely clap your ass. I found the solar damage resist mod for the chest piece really mitigated this issue. There are several snipers that can be hard to clear, so sniper resist is a good choice too.


Chaos reach is usually my go to, but it’s just useless against champions when playing solo. So I tried going dawnblade with phoenix protocol. I have never tried to use this exotic before, but I have to say I will probably be pulling it out again. The exotic perk reads as follows.

Fusion Grenades have an additional charge and recharge from empowered weapon damage. Fusion Grenade kills grant Rift energy.

This was an easy way to drop a lot of solar damage while keeping the captains stunned. I probably could have used it for add clear too, but I never tried. I cleared the adds around the overload captains, then set up where the champion’s shots were hitting obstacles. Then dropped the empowering well, stunned them, dropped both fusion nades, shot them more with thorn, threw more nades. I would usually get them below half like this. If you can risk leaving a few adds they will help speed up your well cooldown if you kill them while nading. This alternate damage method helped conserve linear fusion ammo for when it was really needed, but you don’t have to run Phoenix Protocol.

Here was the loadout I used and my stats.

General Strategy


  • Keep to cover and focus on one target at a time.

  • Clear as many adds as possible before attempting to kill a champion.

  • I can not stress enough to clear the adds. I basically never died to the champs, but I died a lot to adds when trying to kill champs.

  • Overload champs are annoying, but dumb. Their shots are easily blocked by terrain. They also have a limited space they are allowed to move inside of. Just stay outside of that, with good lines of sight within their move area and they will be easy.

  • Thorn was my best add clear whenever I was in close range.

  • My scout rifle honestly sucked at add clear no matter the range, but it was definitely better than Thorn once I reached medium range.

First Room



  1. Kill the three dregs just inside the entrance. (One is up on the platform right in front of you.)

  2. Kill the sniper vandal in the back left. (Careful he would 2 shot me)

  3. Soft engage the captain to your immediate top right when walking in the room. This should draw out a cloaked melee enemy. Kill him.

  4. With him dead, or not drawn out, you should be clear to stun the captain and dump damage with the linear fusion or phoenix + well + nades.

  5. Clear the upper area where the captain was.

  6. Clear most, but not all the adds. (If you clear all adds except the barrier servitor itself, more adds and an overload captain will spawn.)

  7. Kill the barrier servitor from wherever feels comfortable. (Be warned more adds and an overload champ will spawn at the back right of the room, up on the cliff.)

  8. Clear the remaining and newly spawned adds from a distance.

  9. Take out the solo overload champ.

I got this down to less than 5 minutes, and usually did not die. I could probably shave another minute off with repetition.

Second Room



  1. I would usually go for the small entrance and clear a few dregs up there first.

  2. Double back and go in the big door which will come in under the small entrance. Clear more.

  3. Kill the rest of the small adds (Draw the rest of the owl?)

  1. There are some stairs coming up from the low side which will shield you from pretty much all the overload captain shots. Set up here and kill the one that hangs out to the left side.

  2. Push up to the final short staircase. Stun-lock the last overload and melt him.

You should be at or less than 10 minutes at this point.

Careful when traversing to the final room. There are some trip mines that I shot from what felt like a very safe distance. I still died to them a couple times…

Third Room


  • 1 overload captain

  • 2 barrier servitors (sometimes both spawned right as I came in. Other times one spawned at the start and another later on)

  • There is a rise right as you walk into the room. This is your safe place. This is your home. On the right side is a rock that will shield you from the guys on the cliff above. Hang out here and it will be a breeze.

  • The boss may occasionally walk up to the cliff edge and pepper you with his shotgun. Just bust his shield and he will back off for a while.

  • If you are getting close to the 15 minute mark, don’t panic. You can still finish if your timer goes over 15, but you don’t get to respawn again.


  1. Clear as many adds as you can before the barrier servitors get down and start shielding them.

  2. I preferred to take down the overload champ first.

  3. Then take out the one (or two) barrier champs. These can teleport out of your line of sight. So I generally used the linear fusion to burst them down.

  1. There are a lot of dangerous adds up in the top. Take your time peeking up the left side of the room and retreating when needed.

  1. Once the boss is alone it should be easy to poke him down from a distance. He stays in the top area so he won’t chase you down.

Closing Thoughts

I actually enjoyed the process of learning the encounter, developing strategies, and improving my execution…..after the initial 45 minutes of raging at those overload bastards and how much BS it is that barrier champs will teleport completely out of sight before raising their shield. I got the assembler boots on my third successful clear. Good luck to you all, and have some fun!


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