DESTINY 2 Coldheart Skin guide ps4 walkthrough


Hey guys welcome to the channel today, i just got done feeding destiny to finally, what an amazing game guys. So let me start off by saying this. This is a very special video. We’Re gon na be a locking, an exotic skin for an exotic weapon. So, stick around out the way at the end, to see what kind of weapon what kind of skin you already saw, the weapon. So what kind of skin do we actually get for that weapon? I don’t believe that anybody has this video up yet or anybody that has the video or the skin yet, but I really got lucky with an exotic Engram or the bright Engram to where it dropped, and I got it so. Please check that out at the end, but right now I’m just going through Tess’s things and I see spicy ramen, not spicy ramen.

As you all know, it is a very good comfort food for college students and that just brought back old memories. So if you like, please comment in the section below and tell me what kind of love in your college days and what flavor or did you 8th March on or the top ramen now at this point, I’m just beating the game. So I’m still trying to look around for all this stuff. I can do now. Here’S the one pointers for people that actually want to level up fast after they hit level twenties is that do plenty of strikes, do plenty of crucible fights. So when you hit level 20, you have all the tokens that you actually want to when you go in and turn them in. You end up getting 210 or 222 years from the Masters and cryptarch or the weapon mastery people from over there. As sorry, it’s not a fuck, I still got, but that’s what you need to do – the weapon teleMed trees.

You can turn those in to the weapon smith and you can get a lot of stuff. So now here i go back to test. I’M gon na turn. Them upright ingram and you’ll see it here as soon as i turn in it boom. I get the Sub Zero skin for the cold heart Sub Zero skin guys it makes the gun look like Captain colds gun from DC universe. So if you have any thoughts on about what the gun looks like and how, and if you have any suggestions about what exotic weapons I should do next or if I get it which exotic weapon are you excited to see in this video guys? Please comment rate and subscribe for more destiny. 2 videos.

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