Destiny 2: Crown of Sorrow – Limited Blessings, Total Victory, & With Both Hands Guides


The final Crown of Sorrow challenge has been released and I finally kept up with recording them to make a video, so today we’re gonna go over how to do them so that you can make your way to a Shadow title, if you want it. Note that we’re gonna be discussing how my team completed these challenges. They could be done in other ways or using other strategies, this is just how my team did it. I’m also not 100% sure on the rules of every single challenge, but again, these are the methods that worked for my team regardless of the official rules. FIRST, before we even begin, can we get the raid challenges unlinked from clan rank? I really don’t understand the purpose, if you just wanna time gate them, that’s fine, but having them linked to clan level 4 is just… no, no thank you. The first challenge is Limited Blessings. I’ll be honest, still not 100% sure on the ruling here, but I think it might be that you can’t have more than 6 people blessed per brazier lighting OR you can only have a certain amount of blessed players at a time.

Either way, the strategy we used was instead of having 3 people blessed and 3 people NOT blessed, we just had 2 people blessed and 4 people not blessed. That’s it. Example: player 1 and 2 get blessed. Others do not get blessed. Players 1 and 2 give blessing to players 3 and 4. Then players 3 and 4 give the blessing back OR to players 5 and 6. We rotated to our entire team because we were bored and wanted to give everyone something to do. Not kidding. The only difficulty here is just managing where your blessed and non-blessed players are. Here’s the challenge in action, really straightforward. The second challenge is the Total Victory challenge, where I believe the rule is that you must remove the shield from the deception 5 times in a damage phase. If this is NOT the rule, this is what my team did to beat the challenge.

It really helps to do this in one cycle. So, in order for this to happen, you need to limit the spread of the blessing, because if too many people get it, you won’t have enough blessings for later on. To get this challenge going, whoever gets the Witch’s Blessing first will NOT pass it on to the other side of the wall. You will simply pass it to your teammate on the same side. For example: players 1 and 2 are left, 3 and 4 are middle, 5 and 6 are right. Players 1 and 2 start with the blessing. Normally, after you kill your ogre, you would pass the buff from player 1 to player 2 AND either player 3 or 4. In this case, player 1 would pass it to player 2 and neither 3 nor 4 would grab the buff. Player 2 now has to run back and forth killing blessed adds, including the ogres, in order to make sure everything dies so that the next vessel will spawn. Once the next vessel spawns, EVERYONE piles onto it so that way you get 5 people with the blessing and 1 person without. Although, and I just thought of this, I guess you could have people who have a blessing just die with it, res them, and then refresh their blessing.

Hm… well. Our way is more fun. You should try to come up with an order to avoid confusion, but if you are blessed and NOT punching right away to remove the shield, you should run far away from the boss, as being too close will steal the buff from you, which means you can’t break the shield, which means you fail the challenge. You can’t deal any damage to the boss while you’re blessed anyway, so might as well keep your distance. Here’s the challenge in action.

The final challenge is With Both Hands. This challenge limits how many times you can shoot Gahlran’s hands during a damage phase. My team one phased Gahlran for this challenge. We learned that you as an individual can only shoot the hands once in the entire fight per damage phase, you can’t shoot two sets of hands. For example: on the first hands up phase, I shot both hands down by myself so that my team could start damage. The second hands up phase, someone else shot both hands, and so on. This strategy is more for teams who are unable to 1 cycle the boss and need another phase. You have 3 hands up per damage phase, so this strategy would let you 2 cycle the boss. Players 1, 2, 3 would take the first phases, 4, 5, and 6 would take the second phases. If you CAN one cycle, you can pair people up to shoot one hand each. For example, in the clip you’re watching, Player 1 and 2 player each shoot one hand for the first hands up.

Player 3 and 4 shoot the next set and 5 and 6 shoot the last set. Note that if you kill the boss before everyone is able to shoot hands, that is ok, not everyone NEEDS to shoot hands, you just need to make sure no one person shoots the hands multiple times in the fight. When doing this strategy, a one cycle MUST happen. If you attempt to shoot hands on a second cycle and you’ve already shot a hand down, your team will fail the challenge immediately. Here’s the live example. This is the end of the video after the example, so thanks for watching..

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