Destiny 2: Datto Reviews the Pinnacle Weapons – The Recluse, Oxygen SR3, 21% Delirium


The pinnacle weapons for Season 6 are 21% Delirium, Oxygen SR3 and The Recluse, from Gambit, Vanguard and Crucible respectively. So, how good are they and are they worth getting? We’ll start with 21% Delirium. This is the first 900 RPM machine gun in Destiny 2. The feature perks on the gun are Overflow: where walking over a special or power brick will refill and then double the amount of bullets in your current magazine, and Killing Tally, where the gun gains damage for every kill stacking up to 3 times and only goes away when you reload or switch weapons.

So, the power fantasy here is to run over a brick, get 200 bullets in your gun and unload on everything. Does it fulfill that fantasy? Yeah, it absolutely does. Killing Tally stacked up to 3 is a 25% damage bonus on the weapon, a little tame in terms of how high the stacks go, but oh well. Whether this gun is good or not comes down to 1 simple comparison: this vs. Hammerhead, I’d compare to Avalanche, but you can’t get Avalanche anymore, so it’s this or Hammerhead. Hammerhead can come with randomly rolled perks, but it’s not to say that Delirium’s perks are bad, because they’re not. I tend to have more of a PvE mindset, so to me, Overflow is a novelty that becomes irrelevant with a Rally Barricade. But, in activities where you can’t always be dropping barricades or need to roam, like I dunno, GAMBIT, where this weapon comes from, it can really shred a lot of stuff, including enemy invaders and trust me, machine guns are not going away any time soon despite how annoying I think they are in Gambit.

In a very quick DPS test, Delirium can outperform Hammerhead thanks to the fact that it is literally double the rate of fire, but this does mean you need to hit double the amount of shots that Hammerhead does and Hammerhead feels a bit better at longer distances due to its lower rate of fire, it’s easier to control, not to mention that in PvP situations, it’s all but impossible to contest outside of long sniper range. But when these guns will 2-3 tap a lot of low tier enemies anyway, those fractions of fractions of seconds don’t really matter too much in day to day play. This one is a tough call, it’s a very enjoyable gun, but you do need to play a bunch of Gambit, one full rank reset’s worth. The other two requirements will likely be done by the time you get your full reset done, unless you’re playing in double or triple infamy weekends. If you already have a well rolled Hammerhead or if you don’t take Thunderlord off, I don’t think you need to chase this aggressively, especially with how good both of those machine guns already are and will continue to be.

Oxygen SR3 is the Vanguard pinnacle weapon, completely revolving around the Dragonfly perk. I actually got this one passively just by doing milestones and by doing Thorn; you need 20 Nightfalls or more regular strikes, 1000 precision kills and 500 orbs generated. These are REALLY easy requirements and you’ll get this weapon eventually if you play strikes with any regularity. The perks on the weapon are Dragonfly, shocker, and Meganeura, where each headshot before a killing blow will increase the damage dealt by Dragonfly, stacking up to 3 times. I also dropped a Dragonfly Spec mod into this gun which increases the radius and damage of Dragonfly because what else are you possibly going to use in this. This weapon is… fine. Dragonfly is not as impactful as people thought Firefly was back in Destiny 1, although the Dragonfly Spec mod certainly gives it the boost it needed. It is a situationally good perk, good in certain activities or areas with high enemy density. This makes the gun a situationally good gun: it is good in the same spots, but it has nothing else going for it outside of those situations. Don’t get me wrong, the damage potential on the Dragonfly proc is really high, I’ve seen enemies take over 3x the damage of a headshot from the Dragonfly explosion.

But, if targets are spread out or you’re plinking away at a high health target, it has limited value. Scout rifles have not been the hotness for quite some time either, at least not on PC, so that certainly doesn’t help. This weapon is probably just gonna be sitting in my vault for a while as I have other weapons that I’d rather be using. To me, it’s not compelling enough of a weapon to work into my regular rotation of Outlaw/Rampage, Outlaw/Kill Clip and even Outlaw/Dragonfly Spec weapons, like the curated Nation of Beasts.

Wrapping up a bland series of objectives for pinnacle weapons, we have The Recluse SMG from Crucible, where you more or less just need to hit Fabled in competitive PvP. If you hit it fast enough, you’ll probably need a few more wins, but if you can get to Fabled before you hit the wins requirement, that won’t be a problem for you.

This is definitely the easiest Crucible pinnacle weapon that we’ve ever had the opportunity to get considering the low requirements and the increased amount of Glory points per win in Season 6. I did solo queue competitive on PC in order to get this, going from around 800-2124 in about 6-7 hours including queue times. The Recluse follows a familiar trend in Crucible pinnacle weaponry: it is not an automatic “I win” gun, far from it. The main perk is where kills with any weapon give you Master of Arms, which increases your damage output with Recluse. So, if you get a kill with Recluse, you’ll get the Master of Arms buff, which lasts about 5 seconds. If you get a kill with a different gun, you’ll get a Master of Arms buff without a timer, but it also lasts about 5 seconds. However, as long as you switch to Recluse before that buff runs out, you’ll get the full duration of Master of Arms.

So, you don’t need to switch immediately, but you do need to switch somewhat quickly in order to get the buff. Much like Thorn needs its Soul Devourer buff, this too needs its buff for it to really accel, otherwise it is a standard 900 RPM submachine gun. The goal of this gun is to put yourself in situations where you’ll be able to chain together kills one after another to keep the perk active, since when the perk is active, you deal 25 damage per BODY SHOT in PvP, basically auto-rifle-esque damage. Obviously in PvE, that isn’t really hard to do, which makes this a REALLY good PvE weapon. PvP is another story. When you DO find yourself in those situations, where you can kill one person, get the buff, kill another, refresh buff, kill another, then yeah, you’re going to absolutely shred everyone in your way, with a time to kill of about half a second.

But, much like Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten, this will not automatically make you into a PvP god. You need to play to its strengths and its strengths are very aggressive play. You need the skill to wield the weapon and actually have it be MORE useful than other things you might use. Pairing another weapon with The Recluse is an interesting decision. A shotgun? Well, now you’re using an SMG and a shotgun, so best save that for smaller maps like Endless Vale otherwise you’ll limit yourself to hiding in corners. Sniper rifle? Eh, you might be too far away for any potential Recluse targets. Honestly, another primary weapon SEEMS like the play for this gun, like Ace, Thorn, your choice of pulse rifle, and then Recluse as your special weapon to be used like a shotgun.

If you have Mountaintop, I imagine you’ll probably try that as well if you haven’t already. I wasn’t as impressed with The Recluse as I was hoping to be in PvP after hearing so much good about it, but that’s probably because at the time, I was trying to use it on every map and you just shouldn’t do that. This gun isn’t going to work on every map, so don’t force it. On the maps where SMGs are good, this thing can absolutely shred people, but you really need to play around the perk of the gun in order to make the most out of it. If you’re more of a passive player, then I’m not really sure what this is going to do for you, you really need to be scoring double kills. Again, PvE, pretty darn good, no complaints at all, but if its gonna be a struggle for you to hit 2100 Glory, this is not a gun that I would say you desperately need to have for PvE, especially if you have a selection of PvE guns you like using already.

Anyway, that’s all I got on the pinnacle weapons for Season 6, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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