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Destiny 2: Debris of Dreams Anchor/Enigmatic/Trivial Mystery Locations


A new week of secrets to uncover, this week we’re taking a look at the Debris of Dreams. I was able to gather 12 Anchors, 3 Enigmatic and 9 Trivial Chests. I’m guessing that I probably missed something, if I did, drop it in the comments and help us out. Now, this week we got a new ability, True Sight, which reveals hidden platforms and chests for 25 seconds, which allows us access to some areas that would’ve been inaccessible. However, there are a couple of places that I’m going to get to that.

.. probably shouldn’t be accessed in the way that I’m going to get them, but that don’t involve glitching or busting through walls, it’s mainly just…

using Thundercrash to get to places.

Also, in this video, I’m going to assume you have some upgrades, specifically True Sight, upgraded True Sight and the ability to see more anchors than normal. You’ll probably need to do multiple runs since I think you need to do one run to progress the quest time. Either way, get buffed up and head in. The first thing I wanna talk about is this big island floating off to the right.

I got over here by Thundercrashing on top of it, and there’s 2 anchors and 2 Trivials here. Gonna go out on a limb here and say this is not the intended way. I’m sure something will come to light as soon as I post this.

But Titans, Thundercrash, Warlocks, Dawnblade Icarus Dash, Hunters..

. have fun. The locations of said things are pretty obvious once you get up there, but I’ll just let this play just in case. The first thing I’m gonna recommend you do is just activate the first beacon, ideally just do both and then go back to the beginning so that you have everything unlocked. The rest of the guide will assume you have both activated.

The next anchor is on the first big island you’ll approach. Before jumping onto the main island itself, you’re gonna want to drop down to a ledge under it. I’m gonna apologize ahead of time because some of my clips are pre-more Anchors upgrade. There’s another Anchor just floating here which you’ll need True Sight for, that node is inside the cave.

As you head into the cave, you’ll find your first Enigmatic Mystery.

In this suppression room is a True Sight activator. You’re able to jump and mantle onto this ledge right here and then go up the platforms. I dunno if this is intended as there’s a Safe Passage activator here too, but you can very easily make the jump to the ledge. After you grab this, reactivate the True Sight, go back outside the way you came in and grab the Anchor. Keep going down the path for a Trivial Mystery.

Go back up the path and head to the top of the island. The next anchor is also on the main island you go to, called The Encampment, off to the right side, pretty easy to spot. The next anchor is off to the left side towards the first beacon. It is around a corner right as you jump to the island, don’t go up the hill. Turn around and drop down onto a ledge on the main island, go in the cave, look right and there’s another anchor.

Then, go back the way you came, go up the hill, and activate the beacon. The next Trivial Mystery is behind a barrier door after the beacon. Go out the only other door you can via Barrier Breach, hook a right and grab the chest in the other building. The next anchor is in the same direction, instead this time, you’re going to Invoke True Sight and then jump onto the platforms that spawn in front of you. Next, head to the True Sight activator that you saw coming up this hill going to the first beacon.

You should see an Anchor if you have the next upgrade, then keep going to the island.

On this island is an Enigmatic and a Trivial. You can get to the Enigmatic by going to the Trivial Mystery chest and then doing some sword swipes to the other platforms, me, I just Thundercrashed my way up. Again, this is probably not intended as there’s a Safe Passage node here, but oh well. Next, progress to and activate the 2nd beacon by going into this other cave system near the front of the island, then backtrack after it’s active.

Ok, so, starting from that cave on the island, we’re going to walk into this room with the True Sight and if you have the anchor upgrade, you’ll see one floating here, grab it. This shield stops us from going forward, we’ll go around the other way. First, grab the true sight again and progress towards the 2nd beacon, but make a left instead, grabbing everything on the way down, anchor and trivial.

Go back the way you came, grab the true sight and go towards the 2nd beacon. Now, you’re going to drop down onto the ledge in front of you, go behind it and you’ll find another anchor.

You might need to refresh your true sight for this, so go back and then come back and go up the tunnel here like you’re going to the end of the realm. Hook a right and if you still have true sight, which hopefully you do, grab the chest next to the shield thing. Immediately turn around for a barrier door that you can go through for another Trivial Mystery. Start heading for the teleport, but before you do, we have one more thing to go get down on this island with the building. Take the path in between them to get to another barrier door, head on in and grab the chest.

Then, go all the way back up to the teleporter by going on top of the building and jumping up onto a platform, then just run it back. Take the teleporter now and go along the cliff’s edge by running on this railing. You’re gonna drop down below and grab the anchor, activate the true sight and grab that last enigmatic.

That’s everything I got for you right now, sorry about the delay, just got the keys to our new house so it’s been busy around here. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.


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