Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide By: 7echArtist


THE GUIDE IS BASICALLY DONE. u/ClaryKitty will be formatting this into an easy to understand, proper post soon enough but all the info will basically stay the same. Just gonna make it nicer.





  • Must complete Beyond Light Campaign
  • Minimum recommended power level: 1230
  • Final Boss power level: 1250
  • Champions in Raid: Overload
  • Shields in raid: Arc, Void

Hidden chests:

1: Via: u/Rippinggrapid – Found in Desolation encounter.


Chest 2: See descent section. The part underneath with the huge fan things, the platforms along the left side have a chest


Start out by killing enemies and the dark council guard. Proceed to the next objective and get on the pikes. Stay in a group along the course to various heat bubbles. You will have a debuff called Frostbite in the storm(you die after 9 seconds, 10 stacks) and a buff called sheltered from the storm in the bubbles. Continue going through to each bubble and clearing ads. Along the way there will be dark council guards. There are transmat platforms along the route that will teleport you backwards to the start. The last bubble will have a brig on it. Keep going till you find another door that you can go through that will take you to an area called Restricted then proceed to the next encounter.


  1. Pick up scanner and operator
  2. Scanner looks through floor for glowing panels, there are 2 left and 2 right (probably needs to transfer between sides using terminal)
  3. Operator goes downstairs and shoots all 4 in short order
  4. Operator buff transferred up and scanner down
  5. Downstairs can see fuses above the terminal; whichever is glowing is the only one that won’t wipe

Rinse and repeat for every tube

Tube doors close after a while; repeat steps 1-3 to get another one

The fuses correspond to the tube above them

If someone with a buff dies, a vandal will spawn with a new one

After fuses, if you don’t get all six tubes in one phase, you’ll have to get the scanner person upstairs again. Whoever upstairs has the operator buff has to shoot the door panel to let them out before the incineration begins

ATRAKS – 1 – Fallen Exo

  1. Split into 2 teams of three: 3 in the Crypt and 3 in Space
  2. One team waits for a Hacker Vandal with the Operator buff, grabs it, and all 3 head up to Space
  3. Space team then also kills a Scanner Hacker Vandal, and both teams kill their Sentinel Servitors
  4. Scanner calls out which Atraks-1 Replicant is glowing, as it must be DPSed, and sends the buff down via a Terminal. You can continue to shoot the Replicant after it dies until it’s aura vanishes completely. This allows for extra damage.
  5. When killed, there will be a purple glow that can be picked up that gives the “Atraks-1 Replication” debuff (40 seconds). The Operator can shoot the glow above the players with the buff to trade who has it and refresh the timer.
  6. Once 2 Replicants have been killed in each section (4 total) and their buffs gathered, debuffed players meet at one airlock in Space, which the Operator opens, and stand in it to be shot by the Operator which causes the debuff to drop and get sucked out. Each airlock can only be used once. There are 8 airlocks on space station; 4 on walkway and 4 on floor
  7. Sentinel Servitors will spawn again, and restart this loop. Supposedly rinse and repeat until you’ve dealt enough damage to reach the next phase.

The final phase is simply a rapid-fire version of the whole encounter, with Replicants in one section quickly channeling the wipe. Just quickly DPS each that glows as they do until the encounter is finished.


Go outside and navigate your way through the jumping puzzle. Eventually you will reach a set of ads and a yellow bar. Kill them and continue left and continue through the jumping puzzle. Eventually you will get to a hanger with 2 brigs, ads and a yellow bar captain in back. Kill them then proceed through the doors at the back and continue through the station to the next encounter. There is a chest in this encounter. The part underneath with the huge fan things, the platforms along the left side have a chest


Tankis crashes the space station. Objective is to deposit the cores whiles stunning Tankis to open up a floor door in the middle of the room then escape the station:

  1. Find and take buffs from Operator, Suppressor and Hacker Vandals
  2. Operator shoots keypads next to Core ‘vendors’ on left or right of the room, while Scanner determines which 2 pods in the center are glowing
  3. 2 players grab the Nuclear Cores before their 10 second countdown runs out. Holding them gives ‘Radiation’ which kills the player at 10 stacks – these can be juggled by walking up to a player carrying one and interacting with them
  4. Suppressor stands under each Security Drone and shoots Taniks, once he’s been shot from all 3, Nuclear Core holders deposit one core into each of the glowing central pods. A progress bar below the pods tracks overall encounter progress.
  5. Once the cores have been deposited, a random augment get deactivated, and it needs to be passed to someone else
  6. Repeat this 6 times, then quickly drop down the center of the room as the hatch opens
  7. Sprint as quickly as you can to the end of this hall, as Taniks chases you, and will kill you if caught, or wipe if you take too long to reach the end


Defeat Taniks: the Abomination in the crash site of the Morningstar Spacestation. After the crash, make your way to the loot chest then out to the boss arena.

  1. Spread out and pick up Operator, Suppressor, and Scanner from the Vandals that spawn around the arena.
  2. Scanner checks all 6 core deposit bins around the arena, 2 in each section. (The Arena is split in 3 sections that we’re calling Orange, Blue, and Spawn)
  3. Once Taniks does the void meteor attack, shoot his thrusters to stun him and cause them to drop Nuclear Cores.
  4. This encounter is similar to the last, so try to only drop 2 cores, and have the Suppressor shoot Taniks from the 3 Security Drones around him(this will be done when Taniks spawns a blue wave that spawns the drones with a white circle beneath them), then have the core holders deposit in the bins that the Scanner spotted previously
  5. Depositing the cores causes a random augment to deactivate similar to last encounter, so switch roles where necessary
  6. Taniks will occasionally detain a Player carrying a core in a purple sphere that the Operator needs to shoot to free them. Try to keep everyone away from the Operator as they cannot free themselves, and the detain sphere can suck other players in.
  7. DPS phase begins once all 4 cores are deposited. Taniks will create a large arc dome around him. You can only DPS him from within this, DO NOT STAND IN THE INNER RING BENEATH HIM, so have heals ready as you do. He occasionally will toss players out of the dome, so be careful when going back in, as he has spinning debris that will one shot you along the outer edge of it. If he knocks you out, jump back toward him.
  8. Rinse and repeat until ~15% hp.
  9. Taniks will start teleporting around the arena, doing his meteor attack. This is a pure DPS check, as he will wipe the raid if not enough damage is dealt to kill him.
  10. Continue damaging him as he teleports until he goes to his final stand which he will be on fire. Continue dps till he dies.

END OF RAID REVEALS – in progress


– Eclipse Zones that are created on parts of Europa from the debris from the Morningstar crash. – pending

Secret chests/Exotic Quests/other Secrets



Coming soon


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