Destiny 2 Definitive Guide to Being a Teleporting Hunter, an Overshield Titan, or the Ultimate Support Warlock for Dabbling Build-makers By: FluidGamer08


Have you ever wanted to be a badass? Do you want to be a Hunter that can use a better Blink using the Mask of Bakris? Have you wanted to heal your allies just by casting your Warlock Rift with the Boots of the Assembler? Make your allies invisible and make them more resistant to damage? Even… Delete bosses with middle-tree Striker with the Cuirass of the Falling Star? So do many, many people. However, many people also sweat at the thought of a solo encounter with a Champion. Others are terrified to battle with locked loadouts or Match Game on. But here is the solution!

*Note: there are many Lost Sectors with Legend and Master varieties, and too many to list here. As such, this is a general guide to Lost Sectors, with ways to get your hard-earned Exotics easily and deal with modifiers.


Legend and Master Lost Sectors are some of the few kinds of activity that have modifiers that have no beneficial modifiers. These have different Burns depending on the Lost Sector and shield types depending on the enemy types, but there are a few general modifiers.

Match Game: This modifier makes it extremely difficult to break elemental shields without the matching element. For example, if I was fighting an Arc-shield Captain, it would be abnormally difficult to break that shield with Solar, Void, or Stasis damage.

Locked Equipment: This is the most straightforward modifier that all Lost Sectors have. You cannot change gear, mods, or Subclass in the Sector.

Burn: the Burn is based on the planet the Sector is on. Burn affects both the damage you deal and the damage you take. I would both take and deal increased Solar damage on a Solar destination. Incorporate the burn into your loadout With Solar burn you should run Xenophage and Solar Resistance on your armor.


Many “Meta” PVE weapons have a variety of elements. This can, thankfully, be incorporated into your build. However, for many Lost Sectors, you might have to run two Primary weapons, so make sure to use the best of the best.

Solar: Eriana’s Vow, Xenophage, Eyes of Tomorrow, The Lament, Trustee, Code Duello, Sleeper Simulant, Jotunn, Ticuu’s Divination, One Thousand Voices

Arc: Anarchy, IKELOS SMG, Salvager’s Salvo, Wolftone Draw, Plug One, Divinity, Trinity Ghoul

Void: Deathbringer, Telesto, Le Monarque, Black Talon

Note that some of these come from Raids and the Exotic Kiosk. If you have the resources or friends for these guns, or if you actually have these guns, by all means use them, but there are alternatives for many.


I believe there is a lockout with Legend and Master Lost Sectors. If you run the LS too many times on any character, even if you don’t get a single Exotic drop, you’re automatically locked out of any Exotics until the next reset. This sucks because it can keep Guardians from getting their Exotics unless they do it extremely fast, and this can make people wait sometimes a week in order for the armor piece of the day can go back.

I can sometimes get my Exotics my first run, even on Legend, because I do them fast and do them only a couple times each character. If you’re going for the Omnioculus, don’t do the Lost Sector on ANY other characters unless you get the Exotic within maybe the first several runs.

Every “Darkness Encroaching” warning counts against you. If you’re running weapons based on shields, overall damage, Champions, and Burn, you can usually get your runs under five minutes. I strongly recommend Xenophage for just about everything, and it should be paired with MG scavengers and ammo finders if possible. Go for the Wolftone Draw with Archer’s Tempo for Overloads, Eriana’s Vow or even Hard Light for Barriers, and for Unstoppables, Traveler’s Chosen or Rat King with Catalyst. Traveler’s Chosen also complements Stasis really well, because you can use it to recharge your abilities to stun Overloads with the Thermoclastic seasonal mod. Even better, it can work as a substitute Hard Light with the Catalyst, since using your Grenade ability can switch the gun’s damage type to your subclass element.

If you have a Plug One with Reservoir Burst or the Null Composure Ritual weapon, Reservoir can help with add clear, since adds can kick your ass when paired with even a single champion or boss. These two also have Unstoppable this season and are different elements, which can complement taking down shields. Many Lost Sectors, including K1 Communion, only have one elemental shield throughout the whole Sector, so if you have a high-damaging weapon such as Xeno or Anarchy, you may not even need to modify your loadout based on Shields.

Finally, for Lost Sectors with lots of shields, like K1 Logistics with the Solar-shielded Shanks, the Shield-Break Charge and High-Energy Fire CWL mods as well as Xenophage are your friends. ALWAYS have Protective Light on. Stay behind cover as much as possible. Have as long-range weapons as possible.

P.S. DON’T use Arbalest for Unstoppables! Unstop doesn’t proc for it, and I’ve had to leave Sectors several times for forgetting that!!

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