Destiny 2 detailed guide from a fellow Destiny hoarder By: Isai579


Hello fellow hoarders collectors of unique items in Destiny. If you are like me, you’ve probably had issues with vault space. Through my vault cleanup to prepare for Beyond Light (and the information from the recent TWAB), I’ve identified many items that can be dismantled safely, and others that will be lost forever if you erase them. Many of them are obvious, but some might have some details that you need to consider.

I’ve structured this list / guide by dividing items according to their location in the players inventory, and then classifying them as Keep (lock them, put them in the vault and throw away the key), Recoverable (obtaining a new copy will be possible in the future), and Dismantle (obtaining a copy is so trivial you might as well delete unless you use it constantly).

Please consider I’m writing these as advice and you should still consider whether you want to delete or keep anything. This list is based on my investigations (mostly my own vault), and thus may not be fully accurate and (definitely) not complete, but I’ll update the post with anything I missed as I become aware of it.


Armor is probably one of the easiest items to determine whether to shard or keep. Thanks to the mod system, the most likely reason you’ll want to keep a piece of armor is if you like how it looks AND want to use it / are not willing to pay the unknown change appearance of armor cost (changing armor appearance will use collections armor, but we don’t know the cost yet).


Armor sets with random rolls from a source that is being retired:

Armor sets from previous (and current) seasons:

  • Undying

  • Dawn

  • Worthy

  • Arrivals

Armor from previous events:

  • Iron Banner (Armor 2.0 versions)

  • Revelry

  • Festival of the Lost (mask of each year is a different version)

  • Solstice of Heroes 2019 (Armor 2.0 version)

  • Solstice of Heroes 2020


Armor sets with random rolls from sources that stay in game:

  • Dreaming City

  • Tangled Shore

  • Moon

  • Last Wish

  • Garden of Salvation

  • Trials of Osiris


Armor available from collections (Armor 1.0 versions):

  • Y1 Planets:

  • EAZ

  • Titan

  • Nessus

  • Io

  • Mercury

  • Mars

  • Y1 Raids:

  • Leviathan

  • Eater of Worlds

  • Spire of Stars

  • Events:

  • Trials of the Nine

  • Iron Banner

  • Solstice of Heroes 2018

  • Solstice of Heroes 2019


Some armor from Y1 (such as the Escalation Protocol sets) were given updated versions to use mods. If you have one of these and want to use it in the future, you can’t dismantle them, as pulling from collections will give you a Y1 version.


If you are keeping a weapon, it is probably in the hope something old becomes meta in a future patch, or you like how it plays. Either way, it comes down to the perks.


Y1 weapons with an element different from the one in collections.

  • Alright, let me tell you a story of the dark times. Back in Y1, we had a different weapons system. Part of it meant that elemental weapons could roll in any element. With the changes of Y2, some became kinetic, and others had their element for recovery locked. However, any copy of a weapon that remained elemental still have the element they were rolled in. This makes them very rare, as they are unavailable forever (and some are actually still fun). So please, check your Y1 weapons carefully before dismantling.

Random rolls from sources being retired:

  • Menagerie

  • Reckoning / Gambit Prime

  • Scourge of the Past

  • Crown of Sorrow

  • Black Armory

Weapons from previous (and current) seasons:

  • Undying

  • Dawn

  • Worthy

  • Arrivals


  • Iron Banner weapons (with random roll)

  • Redrix Broadsword – This can have random rolls once the quest has been completed, so verify you roll is recoverable from collections before dismantling.


Random rolls from sources that stay in game:

  • Dreaming City

  • Tangled Shore

  • Moon

  • Last Wish

  • Garden of Salvation

  • Trials of Osiris


Weapons available from Collections:

Consumables / Others

These are the true mark of a hoarder. Items that have basically no use (or will lose it soon), but still take a space in our inventories, our vaults, and our hearts. As these are very diverse, I’ll also mention which items are not available anymore, or will not be soon. Bungie revealed that many items from inventory will be deprecated. This means they will be removed from inventory. I honestly recommend you keep a copy, just in case Bungie gets something wrong and doesn’t erase it. Also, consider many items cannot be stored in the vault, so you might need to make some difficult choices if you want to keep too many of these.

Keep (no longer obtainable)

  • Planetary Tokens – No longer rewarded from activities. Might disappear from inventory in Y4.

  • Rare (blue) Planetary Materials – Have (or had) a chance to drop when harvesting a material. Haven’t seen one drop since Y1. Might disappear from inventory in Y4.

  • Dusklight Crystal (EDZ)

  • Alkane Spores (Titan)

  • Quantized Datalattice (Nessus)

  • Phaseglass Spire (Io)

  • Simulation Bloom (Mercury)

  • Harmonic Seraphite (Mars)

  • Armor 1.0 Mods (for weapons too) – Consumables to unlock Armor 2.0 version.

  • Cayde Maps – I’m pretty sure these were auto erased for most to use the same system for Calus maps. If you happen to have one, treasure it. No longer available (might be removed in Y4).

  • The Iron Burden – Old Iron Banner consumable. Granted Light Level reduction inside IB. Grants IB Tokens on dismantle.

  • The Wolf’s Favor – Old Iron Banner consumable. Granted Light Level increase inside IB. Grants IB Tokens on dismantle.

  • Toothbrush – Part of quest line for Festival of the Lost 2019.

  • Used Toothbrush – Toothbrush item if quest line was completed.

  • Trials of the Nine Tokens – Awarded from Trials of the Nine

  • Fizzled Fireteam Medallion – Old Eververse Consumable. Granted extra xp to fireteam for 30 minutes. Dismantle for Bright Dust.

  • Fizzled Eververse Bounties – Old currency for Eververse bounties.

  • Non-Collections Silver Dawning Lanterns Transmat Effect – Y1 Dawning

  • Ok, so story time again. Back in the dark times, transmat effects could dismantle into bright dust. However, because Y1 Dawning boxes could drop this effect (and Bungie hates giving stuff the easy way), this version dismantled into shards / glimmer instead. This specific effect can’t be recovered from Collections, as recovering the effect will start a new stack of the Collections version.

Keep (need availability confirmation)

  • Trascendent Blessing Mods (Armor 1.0) – Maybe can still drop from Queen bounties (haven’t verified)

  • Planetary Scout Reports – Bought from Cayde. He’s gone, and so is their source. Consume to highlight chests in location for 30 minutes. Not marked as depreciated, but a similar item (Treasure Maps) is. There are 6 types:

  • EAZ

  • Titan

  • Io

  • Nessus

  • Mercury

  • Mars

  • Messages from Aunor – These come from the Allegiance quest by siding with “the Vanguard”. Unlock lore (and points) when dismantled. If you want both the triumph score and the item, you’ll need to side with “the Vanguard” with 2 characters. Might be depreciated, as Surveillance Transcripts (consumable from same quest) is being depreciated.

Keep (still available, won’t be in Y4)

  • Planetary Materials – Buy from Spider or harvest one.

  • Alkane Dust (Titan)

  • Phaseglass Needle (Io)

  • Simulation Seed (Mercury)

  • Seraphite (Mars)

  • Fossilized Hermaion Blossom – Item to unlock lost prophecies weapons. Won’t drop once all weapons are completed. It is NOT listed to be depreciated.

  • Ascendant Lens – Use currently unknown. Open 45 Encrypted Caches in Haunted Forest (will move to no longer available section next week).

Keep (no info on future)

  • Boon of the Vanguard / Crucible – Buy from Zavala / Shaxx. Grants gift to all players at the end of activity.

  • Gift of Vanguard / Crucible Tokens – Drops at end of activity if a player consumes a boon during the activity (strikes / crucible)

  • Weapon Telemetry – Drop on precision kill when enabled by consumable or ghost.

  • Pure Matterglass Lens – Enables weapon telemetry drops.

  • Rainmaker – Buffs glimmer drops.

  • Finest Matterweave – Buffs next Enhancement Core drop chances.

  • Mod Components – Buy mods from Banshee.

  • Ghost Fragments – Tangled Shore drop. Their only current use (spider’s Wanted bounties) are being retired. *Moments of Triumph Shirt – Enabled code for buying the shirt. I have no idea why it’s in inventory (2018 version).


  • Crucible / Vanguard tokens – You know these.

  • Iron Banner Tokens – From IB games and bounties.

  • Planetary Materials from locations that are not being removed:

  • Dusklight Shard (EDZ)

  • Microphasic Datalice (Nessus)

  • Etheric Spiral (Tangled Shore)

  • Baryon Bough (Dreaming City)

  • Helium Filaments (Moon)

  • Gunsmith Materials – Exchange with Banshee for more weapons, which you’ll dismantle for more materials, which you’ll exchange for more weapons, which you’ll dismantle…

  • Dark Fragment – Buy stuff in the Dreaming City.

  • Ethereal Key – Use one to open a final chest in Last Wish raid.

  • Glittering Key – Used to open Wish 2 chest in Last Wish raid. Drops from the final chests in Last Wish.

  • Tincture of Queensfoil – Needed for Dreaming City Ascendant stuff, which will be available in Y4.

  • Charge of Light (all Tiers) – Needed for Blind Well, which will be available in Y4.

  • Phantasmal Fragment – Drops from Nightmare Hunts. Use at Lectern on the Moon for buying stuff.

  • Phantasmal Core – Combine Phantasmal Fragments. Use at Lecter on the Moon.

  • Raid Banners – There will be riots if these are removed.

  • Upgrade Modules – Used to infuse weapons.

  • Enhancement Mats – Still used for masterworks.

  • Enhancement Cores

  • Enhancement Prisms

  • Ascendant Shard

Dismantle (no longer obtainable, erased from game in Y4)

  • Cayde’s Odds and Trinkets – They came from Y1 Cayde Caches, so they can’t be obtained. There are 9 of these:

  • Hunter of the Heart

  • Schmoradric Cube

  • Spinfoil Hat

  • Lucky Rabbit’s Paw

  • Roryx Test

  • Legendarie, by Eververse

  • Perfectly Normal Coin

  • Ascendant Artichoke

  • House of Exile Banner

  • Letter Fragment – Dropped from Y1 Cayde Caches.

  • Faded Cards – Used to be Three of Coins.

Dismantle / Spend All (still available, erased from game in Y4)

  • Faction Tokens – Rewarded during faction rallies.

  • Black Armory Schematic – Drops from dismantling Black Armory weapons. Exchange for Forge Polymers.

  • Braytech Schematics – Drops from Rasputin Nodes. Exchange with Ana for loot.

  • Loot-A-Palooza Key – Low low low chance of dropping from Leviathan raid. Enables small activity with loot in the Tower.

  • Dance Party Key – Drops from Loot-A-Palooza chest. Enables small activity with loot in the Tower.

  • Spicy Ramen Coupon – Interact with ramen shop in tower to obtain.

  • Modulus Report – Reward from Black Armory Bounties. Use to buy Weapon Frames (blue).

  • Lost Memory Fragments – There are 5 of these, from the Polaris Lance quest. Dismantling unlocks nothing.

  • Gambit Prime Synths – Obtain from Prime and Drifter bounties. Consume for bonus in Gambit Prime, or create Gambit Prime Motes.

  • Gambit Prime Motes – Synthesized for Reckoning. Can only hold one at a time.

  • Note from Cayde – 4 versions of these, with different texts. Started to drop in Y2 (might require Forsaken). Dismantling unlocks nothing.

  • Override Frequency – Used to open Rasputin Nodes in Mars. Made from 4 Stems. Can only carry one at a time.

  • Mercury Forge Materials – Used to complete lost prophecies for Y1 weapons. No longer drop after acquiring all weapons.

  • Paradox Amplifier

  • Radiolarian Culture

  • Advanced Paradox Amplifier

  • Concentrated Radiolarian Culture

  • Five of Swords – Buy from Xur. Used to enable modifiers for Legacy Nightfall. It’s removal means Legacy Nightfalls will be removed as well.

  • Obsidian Accelerator – Exchange for Obsidian Radiance with Ada-1.

  • Resonate Stem – Drop from Mars. Use to create Override Frequencies.

  • Rasputin Armory Code – Drop from Mars. Use to access the Valkyrie during Escalation Protocol.

  • Runefinder – Buffs runes drop rate. Available from Arcite.

  • Wealth of the Emperor – Used to buff imperials drop rate. Available from Arcite (only if you Chalice isn’t fully upgraded).

  • Surveillance Transcript – Part of the Allegiance quest (when siding with Aunor). Dismantling grants lore unlock and Triumph points.

Note: For those items marked as keep, try to exchange as much as possible before Y4, as some (such as some planetary materials and tokens) will have their value substantially dropped.

If you’ve read all the way down here, thank you. I hope this is helpful when cleaning you vault for more useless junk valuable collector items in Beyond Light.

If you have any comments (I got something wrong, incomplete, etc), please let me know and I’ll update the post. And yes, I know I’m missing the Eververse consumables, but I ain’t buying those. Not worth it.

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