Destiny 2 Detailed Guide to 3 Man Taniks By: adam999111000


I ended up writing this for a few people in an lfg group I was in and I thought I may as well post it here because it might be of use to someone. This is centred towards console although everything here can of course be used on pc and doesn’t require the use of QuickDraw glitching slug shotgun swapping although that will cut down a phase if done right

I don’t claim to be an expert on this at all. This is just what worked for my team on console to get this done. There are probably a lot of things that can be done to make this easier and feel free to share them if you know anything that isn’t in here but this is what worked for my team. This isn’t a guide for the encounter itself, I’m gonna assume you know how it goes. Feel free to ask any questions.

Decide who is gonna be Suppressor, Scanner and Operator. Have that person start on the sides that the buff spawns. (Operator at 1&2, Scanner at 3&4, Suppressor at 5&6)

Before we talk loadouts , I’m just saying this is what worked best for my team. There are way more optimal loadouts that can easily push a 2 phase using QuickDraw glitch double slugs. This is more an easy load out option that works everywhere as QuickDraw glitching is a lot harder on controller. I preferred using a sniper to help down taniks crits from a safe spot but slug shotguns work fine if not better. Feel free to try things out yourself.

Loadout wise we ran;

Operator Bubble Titan with Long Shadow, Divinity and Sword

Scanner Luna Well Warlock with Any primary of your choosing, First in Last out and Anarchy

Highly recommend everyone run 100 mobility if possible as this increases the speed you carry the ball. This is most vital for the scanner as they will be soloing the ball and won’t get a switch out.

Suppressor can either run a Top Tree Dawnblade or Stasis Titan with the slide aspect (reason why later) with Supremacy, Any primary, Anarchy. A swap to an ikelos sniper was made after 2nd deposit before damage. These special weapons can be replaced with slugs if you choose to, just found snipers easier for taking down taniks legs.

Start the encounter and just kill all the adds on your side.

Suppressor should be running Special Finisher to create special bricks to fuel the sniper swap later on and it gives teammates ammo. Try and get 3 finishers off before your captain spawns as you will never need your super.

Scanner scans the two and decides who is getting what ball. Scanner gets first choice as he will be soloing a ball and some deposits are easier than others depending on how clear the adds are.

After two of his crits are broken you will all be doing different things.

Scanner should grab his ball whenever the second crit is broken. Make your way as quick as possible to your deposit and dunk the second the Suppressor stuns. A captain will probably be bothering you but you just have to survive it.

Operator is going to stand on the second ball and stare at the Scanner and as soon as the detain happens, break it. Then wait until the nuclear core is about to blow up (about just as it hits 0) and grab the ball and make your way to your deposit but don’t dunk your ball (read why below).

Suppressor is going to wait under the first drone and stick an anarchy and throw a grenade (solar for warlock, dusk field for titan) at taniks body and wait until he starts glowing blue and make your way to the second and third drones. How you do this will depend on your class

Top Tree Dawnblade will Icarus Dash skate to drone 2, then again to drone 3.

Stasis Titan will slide twice to drone 2 then use the behemoth melee to drone 3. The drone at deposit 5&6 can be activated from under the catwalk.

I recommend starting to the left of Taniks (looking at him) for Deposit 1&2 and to the right of Taniks (looking at him) for the other two sides.

Suppressors speed will make and break some runs. If the operator is detained you were too slow. If the operator is detained and his buff gets deactivated, it’s an instant wipe. If his buff doesn’t get deactivated just grab the ball and he can shoot himself out and you can carry on.

No matter whether he gets detained or not, you should grab the operators ball the second you finish stunning taniks. Hold this ball near the deposit until you reach Radiation x9 while your teammates protect you.

Someone’s buff will be deactivated. There are two ways you can go about this.

You can have the person who lost buff jump off the map, get revived and then go and get their buff back. This is much simpler but this strategy will require no one to die of their own accord as you need all three tokens for the three phases you will probably need.

The other strategy (or the Flawless strategy) requires dunking your augment and waiting out the timer and then grabbing it again. If scanner gets deactivated, he can dunk his buff after banking, if Operator gets deactivated, he can dunk after the Suppressor has taken the ball from him. If Suppressor gets deactivated, you can dunk your augment while holding the ball while waiting for the Radiation x9.

If you are doing this strategy, You will need to delay shooting Taniks crits until the player has their augment back.

The dying strategy is a lot easier mechanics wise but it requires you to not die anywhere else and if you do you either wipe or go to strategy 2.

When Taniks goes to the other side you need to only break when the Scanner is at lowest Radiation x2. If you have time wait until 1. He needs about 7 radiation stacks to make it to the dunk point. This is why the Suppressor delays his dunking to x9. You can wait about 8 barrages each from Taniks before you should break him.

Rinse Repeat the dunking phase. The player that loses the buff here can just dunk it and grab it after dps.

Damage is simple. I’d recommend you damage with your back to 5&6 so you can grab the special finishers from Supressor. Pre plant the bubble, go in when he starts, place the well and go to town. You want to aim for about the I-O-N in abomination for the first phase.

Second phase is just a repeat. Try and aim for the S in Taniks.

Third phase is mostly the same except for one thing. If you are using the dying strategy and the same person loses buff three times, he can’t die as he won’t have a token. If the same person loses buff for the third time you will have to plant the buff in the machine and wait out the timer.

Damage is the same. After he goes into final stand, quickly grab more ammo from behind if you need it. If someone is using a slug you can quickly hot swap to a sniper if you want, it’s up to you. Kill taniks and there is the three man.

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