Destiny 2 Dust Rock Blues God Roll Farming Guide


by DismalAlternative

Dust Rock Blues is a legendary shotgun ? very popular in?PvP?right now (Primarily due to its very high range stat)

Excluding slug shotguns, it has the largest 1hk (One-hit kill) range of any shotgun, and thus the intention in farming for good perks is to extend this 1hk range as much as possible.

The base range value of Dust Rock Blues is 68, however with an effective combination of perks you will see that it significantly increases.

Therefore, a?decent?roll (Maximising the potential range of the shotgun) is usually considered to contain:

? Full Choke (Doesn?t add any concrete stats, simply tightens projectile spread ? Extends 1hk range by approx 1/2 meter)

? Accurized Rounds (+9 to range stat)

? Range Masterwork (+9 to range stat)

With the above perks, the shotgun can?reliably?1hk at 9m, with a range stat of 86.

To increase the effectiveness of this weapon, an?ideal?roll would contain the above, as well as (This may vary on personal preference, however, this is the general community consensus on the best perks to have):

? Slideshot (Sliding reloads equipped weapon, whilst granting increased stability and most importantly?RANGE)

? Snapshot sights (Faster ADS (Aim-down sights) speed, also good to have on a shotgun for the aim assistance whilst ADSing)

6 barrels?? Rifled Barrel, Smoothbore, Smallbore, Barrel Shroud, Corkscrew Rifling,?Full Choke?(Only 1 possible chance)

7 magazine types?? Assault mag, Appended mag, Tactical mag, Extended mag, Steady rounds,?Accurized rounds, Light mag (2 possible chances)

4 possible masterworks?? Handling,?Range, Stability, Reload Speed

5 Trait #1 options???Slideshot, Threat detector, Field prep, Moving target, Pulse monitor

5 Trait #2 options?? Rampage, Grave Robber,?Snapshot sights, Full auto trigger system, Auto-Loading Holster

The chance of receiving a?decent?roll from a random Dust Rock Blues drop is?0.952%?(i.e you should get one of these approximately every?105?drops)

The chance of receiving an?ideal?roll from a random Dust Rock Blues drop is?0.038%?(i.e you should get one of these approximately every?2,632?drops)


The chance of getting a ?decent? roll on this shotgun is relatively difficult, however an ?ideal? one with even more specific perks is extremely rare, so if you?re struggling to find one, don?t worry guardian! People who have these rolls are either?very?lucky, or simply have put in a LOT of time and effort. I?ll probably get one of these before my next forsaken exotic though?

Merry Christmas everyone, hope this helped!

  1. Head to Firebase Hades in the EDZ
  2. Make your way to the closest lost sector to the landing zone, Pathfinder?s Crash
  3. Run through all enemies (kill them if you want), melt the boss in whatever way you like ? rapid fire shotguns work best (Ikelos if available is probably best)
  4. Head back out the way you came, and as soon as the Firebase Hades location appears at the bottom-ish left of the screen, you can run back into the lost sector and the boss will have reset
  5. The Dust Rock Blues drops come from legendary engrams from the boss, not from the chest. You can open the chest if you want, however this isn?t where you?ll be getting all the dust rock drops.
  6. Repeat as many times as you like

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