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What is up guys, rekt cactus here and today we are going to be discussing how to farm prime engrams efficiently in order to help increase your power level, past 500, and so let’s get started now, first things: first, what the heck are prime engrams well you’re going To encounter your very first one, once you reach level 50, the moment you do so a bunch of notifications are going to come up you’re, going to be prompted to go back to the tower and talk to a lot of people. This is where you’re going to get your weekly quest steps too, for example for Zavala, you have to do a strike wearing all vanguard gear, but at the same time, when you talk to the cryptarch during this event, he’s going to give you your first prime Engram.

This is a literal Engram like you’ll, have to take it back to the Crypt dark to decrypt it, unlike everything else, which is just decrypting automatically, but importantly, it’s actually a piece of powerful gear. So when you do decrypt it, if you’re 500 it’ll likely be something around 505, if you’re 525, your prime engrams are gon na be dropping around five-30, so they really do help you ascend beyond 500. However, after getting this first prime Engram, you wait about a day until the next daily reset and then you’re going to start to see a buff called prime attunement. When you have this buff, you are then capable to get more prime engrams, essentially more powerful gear. This buff says that prime engrams are capable of dropping from crucible matches and from defeating challenging enemies. Now I have never ever seen them job from crucible matches.

Perhaps you can get lucky, but challenging enemies are really the most efficient way to get prime engrams and they are completely random. You could technically play all day and not really get one, and the weirdest part is that sometimes you will get more than one the longer. Your character sticks around, it seems the more daily resets, the more of a chance. You have to get multiple prime attunement buffs. So once you get a prime Engram, always check your character and see if you still have that buff. That means you’re capable of getting even another one, so those are what prime engrams are now, let’s talk about how to farm them again. The part of the buff were utilizing here is the defeating challenging enemies because to get your prime minimums fast, I would recommend just doing escalation protocol, because there is an absolutely insane cluster of challenging, yellow bar enemies within escalation protocol seriously. One wave of escalation protocol will throw as many yellow bar enemies at you as pretty much an entire strike.

On top of that, there’s many bosses, there’s actual bosses, there’s high-value targets that can spawn. There is just again a massive cluster of concentrated challenging enemies for you to kill. Now how effective is this method? Well, in one run of escalation protocol from wave 1 to completing wave 7? As you can see, I got my prime Engram. Oh and I got a teammate, I got a prime and gum so already two of us got prime man gums. That’S pretty good! My other teammate got a prime Engram when I was in the menu and a fourth person got a prime Engram. 4 people got prime engrams in one run like they are dropping pretty efficiently, and this isn’t just me trying this one so than posting this video.

I was doing this several days ago and every day since you know often before I get off or at the end of the night, I just do around half an hour of just farming escalation protocol and prime engrams. I’Ve always dropped within that time period. So it is a very efficient way to get those things done and they often do linger around at the end of the night. Before you want to get off, you still have your prime attunement buff and you’re like oh, my goodness am I gon na have to grind like ten strikes to get this no just farm escalation protocol. It is much much easier to farm with a teammate.

Of course, you can run through. You know several waves of escalation, but this is so Lobel, even if you’re just doing the first wave over and over again once you get the sword for defeating the shadow rift, there’s gon na be so many powerful enemies that do spawn, especially when the boss is Up as well a ton of yellow bar enemies spawn there too, so that is still an option to do this solo. But again I would recommend doing this with a squad. Now a couple of quick facts about prime engrams number one they’re physical drops. They will look like legendary engrams until you pick them up so check your postmaster, because often they will, you know, fall off a cliff or when you go to orbit you can check and see if they’re there.

Another thing is that when they do drop they’re hard locked to your light level when you’ve got it, so they won’t scale with your light level, so decrypt them right away before doing other things that award powerful loot, guys, that’s it for the video hope you enjoyed And found this informative, if you did, please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content similar to this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button and if you guys want to get In touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at rick cactus. That’S link the description down below, as is my twitch channel, which you can also follow. I can hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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