Destiny 2 Empty Tank Lost Sector Quick Guide By: Penguigo


Did you miss the exotic boots a few days ago? Good news! Boots are back on the menu. Today’s lost sector is another new one, The Empty Tank on the Tangled Shore.

Info: Burn is Solar. Champions are Barrier (x3) and Overload (x2). There is one shielded enemy, an Arc Captain that spawns when you open the door out of the main room of the club. You do not have to kill this enemy. Today, 5/17, it is the legendary (1310) lost sector.

Here’s a video of a playthrough. Note, this guide is specifically for how to optimize the run as a Hunter. (video taken on PS5.)

Loadout:Kinetic – Kind of whatever you want. I barely used it (had Heritage equipped.)Energy – Igneous Hammer is once again a great pick. You need an overload weapon, and it hits harder than any other primary hand cannon for this lost sector.Heavy – Lament. You can kill any champion (and the final boss) in just a few revved swings, and as an invis Hunter closing the gap is trivial. Note that if you were to run this on another class I would recommend considering Xenophage.Armor – I prefer Omnioculus as a solo + invis Hunter these days. The invis lasts longer than dodging on Trapper spec, with Gambler’s dodge you can chain invis for ridiculously long periods of time, and Heart of the Pack is very nice (long buff that triggers whenever you make anyone in your party invisible, increases your resilience, recovery, mobility, weapon handling, and reload speed significantly!) Don’t forget to equip Lucent Blade and other relevant charged with light perks!

Guide: Stun the Overload bouncer and take him out with revved Lament. In the next room, the only enemy you have to kill is the barrier champion. Invis over to the servitor, Lament him, invis back to the DJ booth, and then invis again to exit the room. Navigate through the cages without engaging enemies, if you invis in the second half of the room you can exit without any of them following you.

Kill the few enemies fighting in the pit to trigger the last encounter. An overload will spawn in the left door with several shanks/exploding shanks and one vandal. Don’t underestimate the sniper vandals, they hit pretty hard (I had sniper resist and arc resist equipped for this reason.) After that add wave is cleared a barrier colossus and several dogs will spawn from the right door. The colossus will hit you with slow missiles, it’s definitely best to invis and just take him out immediately. Afterward, the barrier will dissipate and you can engage both the boss (who is an invisible marauder) and the final champion, a barrier servitor.

*When you kill the final boss, all of the doors will open. More adds will spawn, and any adds you skipped from the cage room will be able to enter the pit. I recommend killing the barrier champion first.* Try to stay invis any time you’re not swinging your sword, as the add density will kill before too long. The final boss also hits pretty hard with a shrapnel cannon.

With this strat you should be able to run this lost sector in 2:30 or so without much difficulty. It isn’t the fastest lost sector, but it’s far from the slowest for Hunters. And it’s probably the easiest in terms of execution.

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