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Destiny 2: Exotics to Hunt/Things to Do Before Beyond Light


When Beyond Light shows up, several destinations will be getting thrown into the Destiny Content Vault, aka removed from the game for an unknown amount of time, including Titan, Io, Mercury, Mars and Leviathan. As a result, some exotics, catalysts, armor and triumphs will be unattainable. Now yes, Bungie did say that these items would be put back into the game through different means. The problem is that we don’t know WHEN they are going to do this, nor do we know HOW they are going to do this.

As a result, I would strongly advise you get items right now while you can as opposed to waiting and potentially risking going without these items for extended periods of time. They could show up instantly, they could take 9 months like Eriana’s Vow. Many of you have been asking: what things should I do and what things should I go get before these destinations go away? This video is primarily to show what to do and what to get, not really how to get them because I’ve made a lot of guides and MOST of them are still pretty accurate.

I’m gonna sort this via a pretty loose priority list, so more urgent things are gonna be first, mostly PvE priority. Please don’t take the ordering as absolute, like I think X gun is better than Y because it’s 1 space higher or anything. Gonna look at exotics and catalysts first. Whisper of the Worm is in The Whisper mission on Io, along with its catalyst. Definitely recommend this one highly because Whisper is still definitely one of the better guns in the game for boss DPS. The catalyst comes from heroic, but you might as well do the secret event while you’re in there, guide is in the description. Anarchy is from Scourge of the Past, which you can currently farm an unlimited amount of times. It is currently assumed that the only raids that will be available at Beyond Light launch are Garden of Salvation, Last Wish and the new one, which is why I encourage you to farm for Anarchy, it is one of the best weapons in the game.

I don’t know if Zero Hour, aka the Outbreak Perfected mission, will be going away because it’s in the Tower/Farm area, but I’m just gonna add this to the list anyway. However, if you haven’t started any part of it at all, there is something on Titan that you need to go get in order to access the mission to get the gun in the first place. Legend of Acrius’ quest chain will require Leviathan encounter completions and its catalyst comes from Prestige Leviathan. Izanagi’s Burden feels like it’s been changed a whole lot of times at this point, but you do need Watcher Lenses from Leviathan in order to get rolling, so put Izanagi’s on the list.

The catalyst comes from completing a Heroic Menagerie with a Masterworked Chalice. Bad Juju comes from the Tribute Hall in the Leviathan, where you need 18 tributes in order to unlock the mission and 45 tributes to unlock the catalyst. The Huckleberry catalyst used to come from Mercury heroic adventures, pretty sure it’s just heroic adventures where ever the Flashpoint is on any given week, so this you shouldn’t have to worry about. Ace of Spades requires a Cayde stash to be picked up on Io and the final part puts you on Titan. Ruinous Effigy, a new release, has stuff that you need to do on Io right at the start, so do that. Tarrabah comes from Crown of Sorrows, which is part of Leviathan, which is going away. You can farm for it an unlimited amount of times until Beyond Light, your chances of getting it increase every time you don’t get it, up to a cap of 50% after like 20 runs or so.

Sleeper Simulant is from Mars, starting the quest is Mars, the first step is Mars, you’ll also need to open Sleeper nodes on Mars, so yeah, Sleeper is Mars. The Sleeper catalyst drops from Prestige Spire of Stars. And then on top of that, the catalyst requires you to get kills with Ikelos weapons. Exotic hand cannon Thorn has a step that requires bounties on various to be removed destinations, but you can get those steps done multiple ways so no worries on that unless you really hate PvP or other activities. However, the final step requires you to do a special version of Savathun’s Song, which is a Titan strike. Last Word requires the completion of a mission on Titan and will also require Heroic Witch Ritual public event completions later on, although you can do that public event on the Moon. Truth requires a completion of Menagerie for A Scrap of Paper, which will start the quest. Lumina has a step that let’s you do Escalation Protocol or other activities, then another step where the Menagerie is an efficient step with everyone using the required item. But, the final step will require you to do a Mars strike where you need to kill all of the crystals with Rose, a gun you get during the quest.

Polaris Lance and its catalyst comes from Mars via the Nascent Dawn quest line, that is a Warmind expansion exotic. Telesto’s Catalyst comes from Prestige Eater of Worlds and completing the catalyst requires you to do all of the Lost Prophecy verses from Brother Vance on Mercury. Worldline Zero and the completion of its catalyst are both done on Mars. Worldline Zero comes from shooting 35 Data Memory fragments on Mars. While you’re at it, get the sparrow too for getting all 45 fragments. The catalyst drops from sword kills, but completing the catalyst requires you to hit the Escalation Protocol Level 7 boss with the sword for 5 weeks in a row. Make sure you get credit for hitting the boss, it’s a little finicky some times with giving you credit. Jotunn and Le Monarque now have quests. Forges are still kind of an unknown, but again, I’ll just encourage you to go get them now just in case. Rat King starts on Titan with the Chances and Choices quest, get that done to receive Rat King’s Crew, the quest line.

Let’s go over the titles now. Rivensbane is all Last Wish, which is staying, so you’re good, same with Cursebreaker, that’s all stuff that is staying. Chronicler, I know there are some lore pick ups in the Ghost Stories book on destinations that are leaving, I’ve linked a couple of great sites in the description to help you find that lore. There are also some books from The Awoken of the Reef that will go away according to braytech.org, along with The Forsaken Prince aka Uldren Sov, The Chronicon and Confessions. Ghost Stories, The Awoken of the Reef and Uldren Sov are needed for Chronicler. Confessions is from Season of Opulence, you get them from the raid and Menagerie, Chronicon is from filling out your chalice. Wayfarer is probably the biggest one, considering it is just all of the destinations.

If you want Wayfarer, I would start now because there’s gonna be a lot of waiting for flashpoints to get heroic adventures done. The biggest thing within Wayfarer are the badges, stuff like the Lost Prophecy weapons, Polaris Lance, Sleeper Sim, old Ikelos weapons, the Secret Victories emblem from Dreaming City via doing the 6 time trials in the Ascendent Challenges. Make sure you’re completing all of the campaigns, doing all lost sectors, all that stuff. Destination triumphs are some of the easiest to do and can give you big boosts to your triumph score. You need 50,000 triumph score to get MMXX anyway, so might as well. Blacksmith is a lot of forge and bounty grinding, plus exotics, but you also need a lot of Scourge of the Past raid challenges. Reckoner, no one really knows what’s going to happen to Gambit other than the merger of both modes. It’s very possible that Reckoner and Dredgen are gonna be doable in new Gambit, but it’s also possible that Reckoner is straight up gone.

If you really want Reckoner, I’d do it now. Shadow, very obviously going to be going away, Menagerie and Crown of Sorrow focused. Harbinger seems like it’ll be staying, same with Enlightened. Seasonal titles are obviously seasonal, you can’t get Season 8, 9 or 10’s title anymore, but you can get Forerunner, which is Season 11s. Remember that Prophecy, the dungeon, is leaving after Season 11, but Bungie has said that it’s coming back as soon as possible, we just don’t have a time frame.

Either way, you need to do stuff in Season 11 anyway. Conqueror seems like it’ll be back every season, but if you already have it, I do not know of a reason to get it again other than completionist reasons as of right now. Flawless just gets reset every season. Then finally, MMXX, you have until Beyond Light to do that. Regarding armor, as of this video, I don’t know how transmog is going to work in Year 4, it is not guaranteed to launch with Beyond Light, Bungie only said year 4. My hope is that you can pull literally anything from your collections and use it to transmog any armor you currently have in your inventory or vault. My fear is that you’ll only be able to get the “ornament” of an armor piece that you currently have in your inventory when Beyond Light hits.

Until we know more information, I’d say that if you wanted to hoard armor pieces in your vault just in case you need to have the armor on hand when Transmog hits, do that, and then hopefully we get more news soon. Other miscellaneous things include: Fallen, Hive and Taken mods. Fallen mods are from the secret chests in Scourge of the Past. Hive mods are from Crown of Sorrow and the Menagerie. Taken mods are from Last Wish, so you can still get those later. With raid armor sticking around for another year, these mods will still be effective. You should also be visiting the gunsmith every day to make sure you’re scooping as many mods as possible, especially ones from previous seasons and make sure to get all of the season 11 mods from the Prismatic Recaster too.

Next, we have the various Year 2 seasonal campaigns, not all of this is going away, but again, why chance it. Black Armory has the Obsidian Accelerator quest chain ending in Niobe Labs, which is still one of the best combat scenarios that Bungie has ever put out, highly suggest running that one time. Season of the Drifter has the Xur missions, giving out bits of lore and cutscenes, 1 is available per week, then of course you have all of the Chalice of Opulence things. Finally, some cosmetics. Sagira Shell will come from doing all of the Lost Prophecy weapons on Mercury, which you need for Telesto and Wayfarer. The Scourge of the Past sparrow is from the secret chest in the sparrow section, random drop. The Whisper of the Worm ship comes from doing the secret event in The Whisper. The Zero Hour ship comes from doing the vault room puzzle in each of the 3 variants on heroic mode. Of course, all of the Prophecy cosmetics, the ghost shell and emblem will be out for a little bit after Season 11 is over.

Feel free to leave your own items and things to do if I missed any which I’m sure I did, but this seems like a pretty good list. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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