Destiny 2 Farming for Legendary Shards (and Europa Weapons!) By: ParagonOfHonor


Hi my fellow Guardians

Ever since Season of the Lost came out and we have been able to focus Trials Engrams, I’ve personally become extremely poor in the legendary shards department. So I went on a quest to find the fastest way to farm more in the fastest way possible. Most of the results that came up from Google were either patched, or things I already knew that didn’t work as well as this method. Generally this process works, but requires a bit of patience and a few other things. Hopefully this guide can help out more than just me, as at least a few other friends of mine in discord have reported a similar problem.

As of the writing of this guide, (September 27th, 2021) I can personally attest this process works and have been doing it for months now. Still haven’t found an outlaw/dragonfly arctic haze though…

How does it work?

The chest that the HVTs (High Value Targets) drop will always contain a piece of “Europa” Gear. Which is any of the weapons or piece of crystocrene armor. Specifically chests from Enforcer Brigs or [Fallen] stasis wielders. Disciple of Kiridis, Technocrat’s Assistant, or Warrior’s Enforcer, big fallen units that are Ultras (Yellow health bar with the boss icon.) and can use stasis against you.

Typically you can only loot these chests once, right?


#1) Zone Hopping

  • If you’ve ever done menagerie, this cheese works in the exact same way. Once an HVT drops their loot box, you can loot it, and hop on your sparrow (ideally Always on Time for the speeeeeeed) and race to the next nearest loading zone (Cadmus Ridge or Asterion Abyss) and then race back to the chest. Doing this allows you to loot the chest a 2nd or if you’re fast enough, even a 3rd time. Typically I can only pull off 3 “loots” from a single chest if the HVT happens to be right near the “ramp” zone between Eventide and Cadmus.

#2) Instance Hopping

  • This concept is going to sound a little vague to anyone that isn’t super familiar with RPGs or the concept of how servers and instances work in a game like Destiny.

  • TLDR after you loot the chest and it despawns (typically I can almost always get 2 loots out of an HVT chest), you can fast travel back to a teleport point (99% of the time that point is Eventide Ruins). Doing so will transfer you to a “new instance”, where there are different players running around, the chests and planetary materials will all be shuffled around in different locations, and there is a solid chance that the HVT hasn’t been killed yet. So keep an ear out for Brig noises, they are very noisy, or keep an eye out for a “larger than your average Eliksni” running around.

How does Instance Hopping really work? Feel free to read the next paragraph if you’re morbidly curious, otherwise just skip to the next part with bolded text.

  • Due to the way Destiny works, per server (each player loads into a server when they log in to the game), there are several different patrol zones running in tandem at the same time. This is why you don’t see like 100+ guardians all in the same patrol zone. There are many to handle the load of so many people going to the same place at 1 time. Each of these different, parallel patrol zones is commonly known as an Instance. So by fast traveling to the Landing Zone in eventide ruins (this technique also works in any other patrol landing zone), you can force the game to place you into a different instance, USUALLY one where the HVT is still wandering around, assuming it hasn’t been killed or Despawned because most people don’t know that these HVTs are more valuable than your usual HVT.

SO! Now that I’ve boiled down the key parts of the farm, I will go on to answer some FAQs and curious findings that I have learned through my several months of Grinding.

  • HVTs almost ALWAYS arrive and spawn under the cover of a white-out snow storm. On Europa, a super heavy snow storm (known as a white-out) will occasionally roll into a patrol zone on a timer. It lasts for roughly a minute, has wind that will blow you and your sparrow around if you’re not careful, and is typically the sign that an event is happening in the zone. Either an HVT, or something specific to that patrol zone. So instead of just constantly staring at the text feed on your screen, waiting for “High-Value Target has arrived” you can instead just wait for a snow storm to roll in and THEN wait for a high value target to show up (or the local event, which is usually not worth doing.)

Whew. That was a lot. I might come back and update this guide if I remember anything super important, or anyone leave a crucial comment with something I missed. Hope this helps some people.

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