Destiny 2: FASTEST WAY TO LEVEL UP (Levels 1- 20 Easiest Way)


You know, what’s going on all my friends, its your boy, EMEX back with another video and in today’s video, I’m actually gon na, be showing you guys how you can get from level one to 20, the fastest way possible in destiny 2 and get you to that End game activities and all the endgame loot as quick as you possibly can now real quick before we get into the video. I do want to ask that if you enjoy the video at any time, please be sure to drop a like, because it does help the channel out a lot and helps us grow and helps us progress forward in this whole YouTube thing so yeah, if you enjoyed The video any time be sure to drop a like. I appreciate it now without further ado: let’s go ahead and get into this, how to level up in destiny.

2 levels 1 through 20. That’S probably why you clicked on this. Video is probably where you search for this video you’re, probably interested in how to do that, and hopefully I’m gon na be able to help you out with that today now in destiny, pretty much everything worth doing. Besides the campaign and public events and stuff happens after you hit level 20 strikes, nightfall high-level, crucial Bowl such as trials Osiris iron banner, the raid all that fun stuff that you play destiny for you don’t get till after you level 20. So it’s level 20 fast, is probably something that you’re gon na want to do, starting off the first little method. I’Ll tell you guys is obviously just run through the campaign. That’S gon na be probably your your at least troublesome way of getting to level 20. By the time you reach the end of the campaign. You should be level 20. The campaign might be a little difficult for you at that point, because you’ll be sort of under leveled as you continue and you may have to go and farm some certain things to level up but bottom line.

If you get through the campaign, you’re gon na hit level 20 now, that’s actually gon na take a little longer than these other methods. I’M about to tell you so for those of you who don’t want to worry about running through the campaign and hit level 21. A level 20 before you finish the campaign. This is what you got ta do my one biggest piece of advice, for you would definitely to be run heroic public events. You’Ve heard it all before you’ve heard that this is the best strategy for exotics and stuff, and this is again the best strategy for leveling up. I want to say I gained like five levels within the course of less than an hour, doing heroic public events and got some good loot to get my light level up as well, which definitely helps definitely welcome, makes campaign easier and yeah by running public events. You’Re gon na get good loot, you’re gon na get bunch of tokens and you’re gon na level up considerably faster than you would by just running through the campaign. So it’d definitely recommend public events and make sure they’re heroic.

So you have chances at better loot. Now, as you run, public events, you’re gon na be getting tokens along. The way now do not spend those because you’re gon na want to save them. For after you hit level 20 you’re gon na want to go and turn them all in on whatever planet you decide to farm public events on and you’ll get a bunch of loot bunch of legendary loot, and it’s gon na be awesome. You’Re gon na be friggin. Just swimming and legendary engrams, it’s gon na be great, and I forgot to mention that you actually cannot turn the engrams. In till you hit level 20. You can. I get the gear till you go over 20, so just more incentive to hit level 20 as soon as frickin possible. Now, public events will give you a considerable amount of XP and for you, d1 players. You’Re gon na probably know already that. There’S no bounties in the game, so you can’t use those every day to farm XP which is kind of unfortunate, but hey, there’s other stuff. You could do now. The next thing that I would do is do adventures here. In there they offer a good amount of XP.

I was getting about 1500 to 2500, depending on the adventure and for those you don’t know, the adventures are the orange little markers little dagger on your mini-map, so go ahead, go up to those they’re. Basically, like patrol missions, but a little bit more context, so a little bit of story to them, they’re pretty fun. Actually, so I recommend doing them and you get a good amount of XP. Like I said, 1500 2500 XP is, but I was seeing and you get some loot at the end. There now lost sectors do not offer that much XP, but they are gon na help. You boost your light level, a little bit which will make the campaign and public events easier. So if you come across a lost sector – and you got the time you don’t need anywhere to be, I would definitely recommend hitting up a lost sector and getting that loot. Real quick because it’s going to boost your light level up and you’ll get a little bit of XP.

I think I was getting about like 150 to 250 – is what I would say. I was getting consistently from lost sectors, so definitely not a feasible way to level up. But if you pass one might as well do it it’s the make a little extra XP here and there so now you’re at level 15 and you’re, probably sick, of doing public events at this point you’re sick of the adventures – there’s none left to do. You have tokens stacked at the Union now, if you don’t want to farm public events till the end of the road, I recommend going into the crucible mix it up a little, but you get a good amount xp for completing crucible match so 1500 XP, and that’s Pretty good, I mean, within a few crucible matches, you’ll be able to be level 20, pretty quick if you’re a little 15 and you’re, probably gon na, have good amount of fun in the crucible anyway. So it’s a good way to mix it up and I do recommend you hit up the crucible for a couple matches here and there also to save up so those crucible tokens.

So that way, when you hit level 20, you could just turn them all into shacks and freakin just have a heyday with this crucible gear. Now, let’s do a little recap here before I move on to the last tip. I have for you guys so starting off the level one you complete the homecoming mission, you get the EDC unlock, you get your powers back, then you start running through all the public events. You start farming them get yourself up. Total 15 save all those tokens. Do some adventures along the way, then you head to the crucible if you want something all four master to save some crucible tokens, get some extra XP here and there and now you’re at level 20. Now? What do you do from here now level? 20.

You actually unlock the strikes. You unlock all sorts of stuff that you start doing to get your light level up, but chances are. If you do these farming methods you having to leave the campaign, you should maybe be. I don’t know halfway through at least so you’re gon na want to complete the campaign just run through it and after you beat the campaign. You’Re gon na be able to play the raid you’re gon na be able to do all sorts of stuff and pretty much the entire world of destiny. 2 is now open to you. You are a level 20 you’ve completed the campaign and you just did it in the fastest way possible. So thank you guys so much for checking out this video. If you enjoyed like, I said earlier, be sure to drop a like. It really helps the channel I’ll share this video with your friends if they’re having trouble leveling up and yeah guys, if you’re new to the channel be sure to go ahead and check out my past videos and leave a subscribe if you enjoy, it really means a Lot to me, if you subscribe, and this channel has been getting some good views, we’re kind of starting to pick it back up again, I’m starting to upload again Monday Wednesday.

Friday is my upload schedule, go ahead and take a look at my other videos. I got some Charles of the 9 tips which are gon na be useful, for those of you have not ran it yet, and you’re gon na be new. It’S going to show you how to prepare for that, as well as if you want to how to extend your ps4 storage considerably by 8 terabytes go ahead and check that out as well. Both those videos are going to be on the screen right now. Thank you. Guys so much for watching catch you guys in the next video drop a like subscribe later guys, see you on Wednesday

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