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Vanguard Allegiance Quest Field maintenance, The survival guide, (, Drifter Tapes locations, ) Destiny. 2. As my new partner a couple things about me, you should know I’ve been pitting a lot of very bad people against some good ones, could end up being trouble for the city and has already been some collateral damage and of my heart. I regret anyone who takes a dirt nap on account of me, but I didn’t survive by being indecisive through every age and era. Drift has done what he had to the Warlord’s and the iron Lords taught me that the light is no gift.

It brought hell to earth and when we beg to die, it said hell. No, they say the Dark Age was untold suffering. I could tell you a lot yeah. Maybe next time go find the other tapes. I’Ve made you tapes if you’re gon na hang with me. You need to know about the shadows of your. They follow the edicts of a very bad man named dredgen yor, and what are his shadows after everything, the light can’t provide. I thought they could help me find an answer to the battles of light versus light. That reads during the Dark Age longer, the more I saw their blind is all those who follow the traveler one ounce of charge. But now I was done with him and that title liking dredges I did it to piss them off, draw the shadows out where I can see them.

Work like a charm. How about all you, little guardian, just so forth, rides so eager to please that make you angry good, and this is how to drift part. Three, never trust your ghost he’s a tool, a connection to the light, not a friend, not in any way that counts care. What your guardian Dogma says, I don’t care what your little buddy has told you. We don’t know what ghosts they sound friendly right, but I met some ghosts in the Dark Age. We kill you for a blue in Grand make a stronger connection to the traveler. Whatever the hell, that means you’re an idiot, if you think those ghosts aren’t still around take mine, for example, and it creeps me out cut the tape goes and don’t give me that. Look, you know what we stand.

Dark Age was different times. We had no city warlords and iron Lords toured the whole world trying to prove who was better. What was worth fighting for? I was busy trying not to starve, never go hungry till you keeled over. We did that a lot in the Dark Age. Our ghosts would bring us back still hungry, really pissed me off there’s one time I found a village to hide out in a bunch of huts, really good people. They gave me work and I kept my light a secret. While I perform some minor miracles, then the iron Lords rolled into town, my ghost, stayed out of sight. They were none the wiser they cut a deal with us as if we had a choice. Bade us to let them hide out to some warlord showed up been ambushed. We all got caught in the crossfire. My neighbor’s kid told me something it still bounces around my head to this day right before the light went out in her tiny eyes she whispered.

I can’t feel anything yeah I couldn’t either that’s all. I got cut the tape the man with the Golden Gun still out there he’s a hero, the stuff of legend naturally he’s after my ghost, he wouldn’t be the first, but everyone has a malfeasance hand came by now. I think we’re okay. If mr Malphur ever shows his face. He follows the light like a zealot and he ends all those who would consorted arc because of one man who went rogue is not his Golden Gun. You should be afraid of kid. It’S his idea that one man can decide. He makes the rules and when you cross him he can take everything from you doesn’t sit right with me. Never will mighty kind of the Vanguard to let me sleep in the NX doesn’t get cold down there. Much do I trust them for it. Hell no they’re getting people killed just like the iron Lords, yes people, why do you mean just cuz? We got the light, doesn’t mean we ever stop being there.

Don’T let them tell you otherwise and that mission statement of theirs protecting the city. Yeah manatees done kid. You can’t save them, even if you could wrap a ward of dawn around this whole town, they’d start dying all on their own. Every single one you saved becomes just a memory. I don’t need any more of those you’ll get there. You see the Kabbalah bringing in a fortified mining lander. I believe this means a resource grab. I thought the city had made you all soft, but there’s this hard liner, a warlock named Don or pretty sure she’s trying to kill me. She crashed a handoff between me and the shadows of your and Midtown. My buddies took a hostage. She took out a city block, getting them back. Some people didn’t make it out how’s that for hypocrisy she jumped the shark on that one. I would have talked them down, no one had to get hurt and I hope the Vanguard are happy.

I heard word from hunter dens across the city. This Arnor has been building a crew to look into me in the shadows, bunch of clowns. One of them is this Guardian, a hero of the red war. Just like you want Akkad’s friends, just like you, a gambit, regular except there, a snitch have been all this time. I don’t mind as long as they keep bringing motes we’re square. You watch your back out there partner, your friends might not be what they see. Hey made it to the last part of my little seminar. You caught me without much else to say. I already talked you here off, but I guess there is one thing I want. You to know that you’re the closest thing to a wheel horse I’ve had Oh a thousand years. I can see you making that face. Like you just swallowed some scorn blood. We you horse is an expression. Kid. It’S Dark Age, we’re tight! That’S what you kids say right, so here’s something I never had the chance to tell anyone else on account of they’re dead or trying to kill me, don’t give endo that get you killed take every day, as it is trade, your jump ship for a long-range, holler And see the universe, while you can, I want the best for you kid and you won’t find that in this system, speaking of which the collapse, he wasn’t the last extinction-level event to hit humanity.

All drift has seen another one coming everything I’m building in the nine realms is preparation. There’S a few seats, I’m saving, one of them is for you. If you want so there you have it snitch, not gon na hide what I’ve done, but I’m not braggin either. Just trying to stay alive the best way, I know how you go, tell your heroes, hope they got the dirt. They were looking for just know that there’s too much at stake, he ain’t stopping me. Many have tried Berra well they’re dead. Now it’s not home yet, but it will be

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