Destiny 2 Flawless VOG no cheeses guide for LFGs By: The_zen_viking


Firstly please excuse my mobile formatting ill try to fix it when I have computer access.

When DSC released I worked to get flawless and trio done as quickly as I could and got it within about 10 days of release. I wrote a guide on reddit that helped a lot of people and so now I’ve done the same for VOG. Without further delay, here it is.

The first piece of advice I’ll give everyone is this. Don’t play with bad teammates. No, not bad players who need some experience and help. Bad team players. Arrogant players who won’t compromise, hear other perspectives, try to run the show, try to flex or ego players, or freak out when things go wrong and lose it.

On our successful run we had five and needed one. We had all tried the day before and so kinda knew each other and trusted each other. Another player asked to come in and instantly started asking if we they were good enough to play with her and the worst person should be kicked to make space for her friend. Just boot them. You don’t owe people an explanation or a chance. Everyone was in agreement to kick and we got it that run. Don’t play with bad teammates in general, let alone flawless runs.

My second tip is don’t be afraid to set your standards. Yes it’s not long after VOG release and no it’s not unreasonable to be asking for 15+ clears. The people who are ready for flawless will already have been practicing. If you read this because you want flawless and don’t have at least 10 clears – go. Get raiding and start playing with this method. Get it down pat and be ready to run.

————- Spire.

I highly recommend witherhoard, warmind cells, and anarchy for this part. Use traps to spawn kill enemies. There are set spawn points. Back left behind plate. Front left in front of plate in the dark corridor. Left of mid (looking down from above) plate. Right of mid plate where the landscape dips down, and by the portal behind right plate.

That’s five spots. Easy to capture plates then spawn kill enemies. This should be a really easy encounter. Just have one guy on Cyclops lookout.

————- Confluxes.

Mostly the same as spire. Use traps to kill enemies and know their spawn spots. Two in mid next to clensing plate, two in back mid behind templar (these ads will make their way left and right) and one in back left back right. With two people each side you can cover this easily.

Spawn trap enemies in back left and back right. The enemies in mid can also be spawned trapped if you stand just next to the staircase so templar doesn’t kill you. The ads in back mid will slowly make their way to right and left to easily be cleaned up.

For wyverns, spawn traps and burst damage is good. If you’re worried stasis works well here. Especially stasis turrets. Field control can be better than killing. Always rock overload mods just in case. Save super for champions and wyverns

———— Oracles

Oracles is kinda my favours part now. So easy.

Closest to flag is 1, and closest to templar is 3. L1 l2 l3. R1, r2, r3. + middle is the one… In middle.

L3, R3, R1 and if you’re good, R2 can all be destroyed by standing on right side next to spawn or in the little tower just next to spawn. There is a platform on the front you can use. My advise is have 2 ad clears clearing snipers, mid, and right. Then have one clearing left. Have one person helping clear middle but primarily watching middle close oracles. Then have one person do L1 and L2. Everyone use xenophage.

As you see them spawn say out loud which number in the order they are. Eg: if I see L3 spawn, hear another spawn I can’t see, then R3. I would say “one” when L3 spawns, wait for someone to say “two” then say “three” when R3 spawns. This way they know who is shooting, and if you hear 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 then you know you gotta find out which one isn’t covered. If this happens and you get marked. Go to middle and count down from three.

Keep your head. You’ll be fine.

————– Templar

Templar is very easy with breach and clear, two warlocks with lunar faction boots. Anarchy, double slug. The ole’ taniks 1-2.

Pop remaining super down in front of the relic, so that when relic holder picks up relic, they can run through it and charge their relic super instantly.

Relic holder covers left side, one person with a sniper covers right. (sniper – slug – anarchy) the person with the sniper will be ready to break relic holder out if they get detained. Dps comes second to keeping relic holder alive. Go through the first three oracles, sniper bro getting right side and relic bro getting left then go into dps.

Place lunar well on the left platform by the stairs where flag is and have everyone double tap anarchy and go to town with headshots. Templar should be dead in about 15 seconds. Second well is just in case it goes longer and you need another. Overlap by placing new well at 3 seconds.

If you need a two phase just keep your cool and rinse and repeat. You got this.

————— Gorgon maze

For gorgon an omniculus hunter is great. But if you don’t have one then take the “new path”. After the iconic rock from the D1 version that you can hide behind, go right when the right gorgon isn’t looking and there is a cave against the far right wall. Go through, turn left, and enter the exit cave. I highly recommend getting gorgon CP on a hunter and running around invisible with a map on your phone until you know it by heart. It’ll probably take you 30 minutes solo to study the moving patterns. Get it down pat and time things so that you don’t need to run too often. Practice makes perfect.

We didn’t need to do this because we had a guy who had already spent two hours studying the pattern (there’s a Vex joke in there) and this is the path we took. We didn’t use invis because we had it down pat. But I’d highly recommend learning it yourself and then going through in groups of three. Once the first group makes it through, the second group goes.

————– Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is pretty easy actually. Anarchy trapping stairs works really well. But my biggest tip is a Blinding grenades breach loaded Grenade launcher.

Blind enemies as they spawn in Mars and venus (future/past) and again, try to use warmind cells. Anarchy traps and witherhoard works a treat again.

Using this it’s not difficult to solo on each side, but I advise two on mars, venus and in the glass throne.

Ill assume you all know mechanics already, but always come out of the portal with relic, speed over to the other side, call a player over and drop it at the portal they’re going into. No confusion on where to go. Always use overload mods, smg recommended, and blind champions – if you have Blinding grenades this will also debuff this season with breach and clear. Anarchy kills pretty quick too.

————— Atheon

For Atheon, firstly commit to a three phase. Two wells is recommended. One well for damage in middle island and one immediately after for everyone to stand in and clear supplicants safely. Running starfire protocol as a well lock with fusion grenades is a great dps option anyway so don’t feel you’re not contributing. The well can also hold the relic – don’t use it though as it blocks grenades and some weapons. Don’t leave it on the floor as it can phase through and cause a wipe or if multiple people pick up at the same time it can glitch and not get picked up at all.

I highly, highly recommend the close – far callout. Reason is I’ve heard “back” be referred to as both closest and furthest. So even if you do clarify with your raid team beforehand people will naturally gravitate to autopilot and revert to mistakes. Close and far on autopilot mean the same for everyone and is a safer bet. If you want to argue with me and say numbering them is better and whatnot then I’m not here to argue, go do whatever you want I don’t care – but this is my recommendation for the above reasons.

I also recommend running to the end of the room you’re teleported into, let someone with anarchy double tap the hydra and let relic holder run straight down. It’s completely safe down the end of the room. From here I recommend as many ‘Precision Oracle disrupters’ – when I use four mods I can kill all three oracles with a scout rifle without reloading. If the callout is “close left, far mid, close mid” just call it “left, far mid, close mid” – there is only one left anyway and it doesn’t matter its exact location. Some people prefer only the first two callouts and that’s okay too.

I don’t recommend thunderfrash for dps, even fusion grenades with sunbreaker may be a high dps option – can hit up to 90k per Grenade with the right build – we had a thundercrash titan on our run because he said that he was super confident and guaranteed he wouldn’t die – you do kinda need to listen to your team. If they say “hey, give me a chance, this is what I’m best at” then do it. If they are consistently letting you down then either talk to them or replace them next run but i think you’ll find you can trust most people with what they’re most comfortable. Still for an LFG team I don’t recommend it.

Good dps builds all revolve around anarchy (so if you don’t have it that’s your first goal to get) geomag warlock is good, fusion grenade starfire protocol well lock is great (i can match or outdo a lot of Tcrash titans) bubble with helm of Saint 14 is great for survival and dps and golden gun hunter is great. I’m currently experimenting with a stasis build to freeze him in place but will update as I get results.

Honestly though, anarchy with a sniper does surprisingly good dps, like more than what I was getting with salvos so don’t sleep on it in a pinch.

Have one person capture the plate, one person defending them, and one person calling out oracles. IF YOU KILL A SUPPLICANT AND CAUSE IT TO EXPLODE, IT WILL NOT DEAL DAMAGE multiple times I’ve done an uncharged melee to finish off a supplicant and it’s harmlessly popped. It’s just an animation. So anarchy trapping or grenading them is really safe.

The Orange-health harpies don’t usually respawn after players had been teleported and same with the airborne harpies that snipe you. So I get the orange bars one-shot as well as leaving one alive in the sky on left and right – that way you can kill them during Oracle callouts and nothing will shoot at you, you can safely stand in the back and call without getting shot at all.

Once callouts are done for round three, head to mid, place a rift Or well and stick Atheon with anarchy, it’ll start proc-ing breach and clear immediately and you can start damage early. Whoever gets the relic in the portal; cleanse between Oracle phases and cleanse just before they kill final Oracle. That’ll give them MORE than enough time to get to mid so that you can cleanse them again. Cleanse in mid and then just stand there looking pretty. If you want to drop relic for dps and grab it again, sure. But like I said for us it fell through and we couldn’t get it back up due to multiple people grabbing so it’s safer to just hold it. If you’re the second well warlock, drop it at two seconds before times vengeance runs out and then place well. Even if something does go wrong it will not wipe the team anyway because it disappears.

90% of Atheon is having clear easily understood callouts for oracles. If you can get that done. You’ve got this in the bag.