Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Exotic Ace of Spades (Cayde Cache Locations)


Ace of Spades has returned, to probably no one’s surprise. HOW DO YOU GET IT? It is quite simple, much like most exotic quests. All this video is will be me going over the already very self-explanatory quest steps. The first step is to beat the campaign. Gotta beat the campaign before you can start the quest. Once you beat the campaign, you need get 5 invasion kills with a hand cannon in Gambit. Now, the wording on this is not the clearest. You need to kill 5 people who invade your side. It is not “kill 5 people as an invader with a hand cannon,” it is “kill 5 invaders with a hand cannon.” This step can be a bit of a pain in the butt depending on your skill level. Highly suggest a team for this where you can coordinate who gets to kill.

The next step is to get 250 kills with a hand cannon in strikes. This should not take you very long to do, maybe 4 or 5 strikes. The next step is to get 25 precision hand cannon kills in the Crucible. Again, it’s a PvP related thing, this step is completely dependent on your skill level. Took me I think 5 games to complete this part. The next step is one where a video actually makes sense. This is where you need to find 4 of Cayde’s caches that are scattered all over the place. The first one is in the EDZ. You’re going to head to Firebase Hades and just run through until you get to where the Arms Dealer strike actually takes place, inside the Firebase. Go to where you normally dunk the solar charge and go off to the right side. In the big alcove on what will be your left, if you look at the right side, you should see the first chest. The next is on Nessus. You’re going to drop into the Exodus Black landing zone and go off to the right, down into the cave.

Go past the Vex teleporter until you get to a big room. On the edge of the room will be the chest, jump to the outer ring. Next we’re going to Io. Head to the Wraith Mines area at the northern part of the map. Once inside, get to the room with the giant drill and just go up. The chest will be sitting in a hole in the wall, glowing very bright, tough to miss. Refer to the video if you need help. The final chest is in the Tangled Shore. Head to the Jetsam of Saturn. At the south side of the area is a path that will continue to lead you south into a cave filled with Hive. Keep going until you see the chest in the wall in this more open area, again, very tough to miss. Once you get all 4 of these caches, you’ll do the mission Ace in the Hole.

I won’t share the entirety of the mission in this video as it’s pretty long, but it’s a pretty cool mission and you’ll understand what that means when you do it. After that’s done, head back to Banshee to collect your new Ace of Spades. This thing is pretty darn good. 13 shots in the magazine is as good as it gets, the Firefly effect is not too shabby, but the main perk is where reloading after a kill gets you a bunch of bonus damage shots. However, this effect is much stronger than Kill Clip because 1) it lasts for 6 shots and 2) the effect lasts until you fire those 6 shots. So unlike Kill Clip, the bonus doesn’t go away in a few seconds, it stays until those shots are gone AND you can swap weapons and come back to Ace of Spades and the bonus will come back, which is pretty neat. Makes it pretty beefy in PvP too. But yeah, that’s how to get Ace of Spades. Enjoy, I’ll see you next time.

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