Destiny 2 Gambit addict’s guide to Gambit


Hey, the Drifter has been forcing encouraging me politely for quite a long time to bank those motes, brotha! By that I mean, I am among the 0.005% of Destiny players who enjoy Gambit.

Whether you play Gambit for fun or for quests/bounties, Gambit always works the same way, and strategically, winning is pretty easy. You just gotta know the right strats, and you can win every time.

Gambit is a bit broken, so I find it best to play off of that. I use Attunement of Sky a lot as the movement is invaluable for invading or collecting/depositing motes fast, and I like to use high add clear exotic armor pieces. I don’t play Gambit much on my Hunter or Titan, but on my Warlock I like to use Contraverse Hold, Necrotic Grip, or Sunbracers. As for exotic weapon, although its fun to use exotic primaries/specials, there are tons of good energy and kinetic weapons that can do the job as well as their exotic counterparts (though I admit, not as easily.) Because of this, I like to use an exotic heavy, as these greatly outperform legendary heavy weapons when it comes to both Primeval damage and invading. Xenophage imo is the best choice – great for invading and damage.

As for motes, it’s important to remember that Gambit is a team game mode. It doesn’t matter if someone “steals” your motes, as long as they are banked, it doesn’t make a difference. Make sure to deposit all motes before invading. Often, even a number of motes as small as two make a difference. If you’re going to invade, be sure to have a highly destructive weapon at your disposal. It’s a 1v4, so it’s always good to bring a Super or some heavy ammo.

Invasions and blockers are what affect the game the most. It’s good to always go deposit right away if an enemy invades or if you can get your team an invasion, otherwise it’s good to wait for a teammate to get an equally high number of motes so you can try to steal a bunch from the other team. If you manage to deposit 45 motes at once, those blockers and the invasion will almost always guarantee your team the win.

You should never hide from an invader when you have less than ten motes, instead hunt them down. Never sit by the portal waiting to invade, help your team bank motes. And if you suck at invading and die instantly every time, for the love of god, don’t invade without some really fucking big guns like Eyes of Tomorrow.

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