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What is up guys, kackis here and today we have the gambit prime guide for beginners number one explain what the heck is going on with the new gambit prime armor system, how to get deez new armor, how it works and ultilize it to its fullest. All of that stuffs and also provided bunch of tips for players struggling in gambit, prime, going on through the new mechanics wats different from gambit, provided a bunch of examples of good weapons. Armors exotic all that stuffs to ultilize within the game to maximize your chances of success and …

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lets get started and the first thing we’re going to cover is the new gambit prime armor set SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY. How to acquire them is DO THE QUEST GIVEN OUT BY THE DRIFTER is gon na require you to initially just go play gambit prime. Do a gambit prime bounty then hop into reckoning, but along the way, u’re gon na be awarded a weak synthesizer. Now deez weak synthesizer, in fact synthesizer in general, is going to be how u get deez armor pieces because during ur time in gambit, prime u’re gon na be awarded SYNTHZZ ure gon na get em everytime.

U finish a gambit prime map and sometimes u’re gon na get em during for doing certain activities, for example, killing a can give? U a represent pacifically, BUT also ure gon na get em for doing gambit. Prime bounties ur rewards are mainly going to be DE SYNTHZZ and theres 4 of em for each of the 4 different classes, reaper collector sentry and lastly, invader. Now, what? U do with the synthesizer? Once? U get it again just for following the steps of the drifter quest. Is u turn em into motes? If? U want to? U can also keep em around.

They have some other uses. We’Ll talk bout it later with the use of synthesizer. U turn lets say a sentry synth into a weak, sentry mote at first and then when? U do the reckoning activity? U can offer up this mote and thats? Basically, if u complete the activity, which is just kill enemies until 100 %, it summons a boss, KILL THE BOSS – GOD DAMN IT. Thennnnnn ur, weak sentry, mote that, u offered up at the beggining, is going to turn into a weak, sentry armor piece. Now why do i say weak because it will be an honest to goodness sentry new gambit armor piece, its not gon na be highlight STILLLLLLL? Why is it weak? Well, as u can see, it only offers 1 to sentry.

Why do i keep calling it SEKNAL (? Finally, god damn it ) anyway. This is how entire gambit prime armor system works. Ur armor is gon na provide a miracle bonus of 1 /, 2 or 3 towards ur certain sets so SEKNAL ( awesome, ), reaper, accelerate and then these miracle bonuses. When, u add em up they’re going to provide the perks? U can see here for sentry? If u have sentry 3? U get the first perk on roll strike. So how can u do that is put on 3 pieces of the weak gear that provides 1 bonus? Orrrrr? U can put on 1 piece of rare gear, the 2 and then a 1 or a single 3. The thing is RIGHT: NOW: u can only turn ur synths into weak motes with ur weak synthesizer and then offer those up and do reckoning tier one reckoning.

Tier 2 and tier 3 are coming down. The line when reckoning tier 2 arrives, u’ll be able to get gambit prime armor with a bonus greater than 1. In fact, if u do a big gambit prime weekly bounty, u’re gon na get a piece of powerful gambit? Prime armor, and also it’s gon na upgrade your synthesizer from green to blue. Then? U could turn ur synth into blue motes and they just sat in ur inventory until tier 2 is going to arrive, at which point? U can wager them and beat the tier 2 event and again get that powerful armor. So this is the first tip. It’S only really worth requiring 3 piece of 1 gear, because, if u put all 5 on, u wont, be able to reach 6 unless? U ultilize ur synth BECAUSE another tip within a tip. Actually, u can use ur synth? U can …

Er … just dismantle them or consume em to gain a 3 bonus to that certain of class. So if u dismantle? If, u use a sentry, synth ure gon na get a 3 to sentry, which mean if u have three pieces of 1 gear? And then u consume that sentry piece. Ure gon na get the 6 bonus and then ure gon na get 2 perks for sentry. 1531231123151. 541321: 51. 151, 511, 1521, 512531, 151, 23151, 15123, 16, 135, 1, 1531, 31853148514, 364145, 41.

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