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Destiny 2 Guide for new/returning players (pre beyond light) By: ya-boi_cheesus


Table of contents:

Where do I even begin / What dlc’s are worth it?

What weapons/armor do I want?

What’s a sunsetting?

What’s the content vault?

Armor 2.0

Beyond light prep

Gambit 101

Exotics to get


Where do I even begin / What dlc’s are worth it?

Where you want to start, and what dlc’s you want to buy depend on whether you want to get loot, or learn the story.

Loot focused perspective:

Get the forsaken annual pass, season of arrivals, and beyond light. Start working on exotic quests from the seasons of the forge, drifter, opulence (included in forsaken annual pass). And make sure to get a gnawing hunger (season of arrivals) and falling guillotine (rank 30 on the season pass).

Story focused perspective:

You can either play the old campaigns in this order:

Red war

Curse of Osiris




Season of arrivals

or you can watch The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep and then watch The Complete Story and Lore of Destiny 2! From Shadowkeep to Season of Arrivals! both by Byf (these links probably don’t work on mobile).

What weapons/armor do I want?

Falling guillotine, gnawing hunger, some good snipers and shotguns, 60+ stat armor with a high recovery (see armor 2.0), and as many exotics as you can get your hands on.

What’s a sunsetting?

Recently bungie was faced with the issue that if they released an op weapon, no one would use anything else until they nerfed that weapon, and once they nerfed the weapon it was no longer good. Sunsetting is a system that tries to rotate op weapons out of the meta without nerfing them. Bungie placed a limit on the power any gun can have (it’s called a power cap), so eventually because end game content rises in power that would mean a weapon would be too low power to be used in that activity. Newer weapons have higher power caps so they can be used in new content. The weapons that got “sunset” can still be used in older low power content.

What’s the content vault?

Destiny 2 is currently becoming too big in storage size so bungie is removing content from the game to make way for new content. The content vault is where removed content goes. Major planets and raids being vaulted are: mercury, mars, io, titan, all leviathan related raids. For a full list of content being vaulted go here here.

Armor 2.0

The way armor works was updated with shadowkeep. You have 6 stats that all range from 0-100 points. You get these from your armor. Depending on the number each stat has that stat will be given a tier from 0-10. Keep in mind that the tier of each stat only change every 10 points so for example 59 points in mobility is the same as 50 points, because they are both in tier 5. Below is a list of the 6 stats and what they affect

Mobility: Walking speed, base jump height, and dodge cooldown on hunter. Mobility DOES NOT AFFECT SPRINT SPEED. You only want mobility if you’re on a hunter.

Resilience: Amount of health you have. Do not that it is insignificant. It also affects barricade cooldown on titan.

Recovery: Health regeneration significantly, and also rift cooldown on warlock.

Discipline: Affects grenade cooldown

Intellect: Affects super cooldown. Do note that after tier 6 it starts to give less and less super cooldown.

Strength: Affect melee ability cooldown

Below your stat points on armor there is a total which is the points for that piece of armor added together. The worst totals are 45ish, and the best is 69 I believe (nice), you want to aim for around a 60 total. Armor 2.0 is complicated, and if this didn’t make sense to you there are also much better guides on youtube for armor 2.0.

Beyond light prep:

If you’re new, or coming back to the game right now there isn’t much you can do in this time frame. However you can hoard bounties and currencies. Make sure to become familiar with the spider on the tangled shore as he is very helpful. Make sure to also get weapons and armor that won’t be sunset (see what’s a sunsetting).

Gambit 101:

When you spawn into a gambit match you will be put into a lobby with a clear wall between you and the enemy team, you must walk up to that wall and emote, or you die instantly. Then you will be teleported to the actual match. You and the other team are on different identical maps. When you kill enemies they drop white triangles called motes. Pick them up by walking up to them, you can hold a maximum of 15 motes. When you die you lose your motes, they do not drop. Walk up to bank in the center of the map, and interact with it to bank your motes. Banking motes can summon blockers on the enemy side which are enemies that stop the enemy from banking motes, they can only bank when they kill those blockers. There are different sizes of blockers 1-4 motes banked is no blocker, 5-9 is small, 10- 14 is medium, 15 is large. When your team gets 25 and then 50 motes in the bank a portal opens to the enemy map, and lets one person through who then gets to kill the enemy team. This is called invasions. Once your team has 75 motes in the bank you summon a boss called a primeval. When you kill this boss you win the round, first team to 2 rounds won wins. Gambit prime is the same thing but there is only one round, primeval has damage phases, it’s first to 100 motes, not 75, and you can drain enemies motes by having 2 or more blockers on their side. Note that these 2 modes are being merged into 1 in beyond light.

Exotics to get:

You want to get all of them, but here are your priorities and how to get them


Arbalest: random drop

Bastion: Exotic cipher

Outbreak Perfected: Quest

Suros regime: random drop

Chaperone: Quest

Huckleberry: random drop

Last word: Quest

Thorn: Quest

Travelers chosen: Quest

Witherhoard: Season pass

Erianas vow: Exotic cipher

Fighting lion: random drop

Anarchy: scourge raid

1k voices: last wish raid

Prospector: random drop

Xenophage: Quest

For any of the ones that say quest, you can search up a guide on youtube.

Armor (all random drop. I only play warlock, so take hunter and titan with a grain of salt):


Celestial nighthawk

Gemini Jester

Gwisin vest

Knucklehead radar

Shards of galanor

Shinobus vow


Wormhusk Crown


Crown of tempests

Geomag stabilizers

Karestien armlets

Lunafaction boots

Ophidian aspects

Phoenix protocall

Transversive steps


Citans rampants

Doom fang pauldron


Hallowfire heart

Heart of inmost light

Lion rampants

MK 44 standasides

One eyed mask


Ursa furiosa


Raids are 6 player non matchmade mechanically challenging activities. Currently the are 7 raids in the game:

Leviathan and it’s prestige

Leviathan eater of world and it’s prestige

Leviathan spire of stars and it’s prestige

Last wish

Scourge of the past

Leviathan crown of sorrow

Garden of salvation

When beyond light comes out 1 new and 1 returning raid will come out. Deep stone crypt and vault of glass. 5 raids will be vaulted (see what’s the content vault), those are:

Leviathan and it’s prestige

Leviathan eater of world and it’s prestige

Leviathan spire of stars and it’s prestige

Scourge of the past

Leviathan crown of sorrow

That’s all, hope it made sense. If you read that in one sitting you need help.


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