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Hi guys, I’m Divide and this guide is for those who want to prep for the next Season, some of you may or may not know me from YouTube, but I make these guides every Season. I believe I’ve covered everything but if I haven’t or missed anything, please let me know below and I’ll add it, I try my best to make this as accurate as possible. Thanks all, you’re all amazing people as always! -Divide

IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide is made based on experience from all previous seasons and is subject to change, any changes and annoucements from Bungie effecting seasonal prep, I will update where needed. All unconfirmed changes will be stated if it’s not confirmed officially by Bungie.

TL’DR – Basic Prep Guide:

  • Finish seasonal content – Try and get to max level on the season pass and claim all rewards (you can complete the season pass and claim next season if you want too), also finish any seal gliding for this season and finish your 10 armor transmog bounties on each character!

  • Stockpile Materials – Mostly the costly ones like ascendant shards, prisms and cores.

  • Bounties – Hold completed weekly bounties and fill the rest with dailies to fill any leftover slots, also Iron Banner Bounties as these MAY give new Iron Banner Weapons early when handing in but not the pinnacle, it worked last/this season, unsure about next but I’m confident it will work again. #Unconfirmed

Video Guide

If you don’t want to read and want a VIDEO version of this guide, CLICK HERE, all sources, useful information and links will be at the bottom of this post & video’s description section. Video is around 15 minutes this season, down from the previous 18 minutes, the video is Timestamped and any changes to the video guide will be in the description and comments, please ensure you check that first before watching.

Full Guide Breakdown

  1. Finishing Seasonal Content

  2. Stockpile

  3. Bounties

  4. Other Notes & Prep / Updates & Changes

  5. Useful Links & Sources

Finishing Season of the Splicer Content

Notes: Bungie are contiuning to change and make changes to seasonal content so to avoid any unexpected changes or complications, its best to get certain things done as soon as possible. I’d also focus on all content from this year as Season 15 is suppose to be the last Season before the next major expansion of The Witch Queen.

  • Season Pass & Rewards – The season pass will reset for season 15, so to make the most of it by reaching rank 100 to claim all the rewards and cosmetics and season rank 200 for the bonus triumph. You can claim the rewards from your bungie account next Season if you wish to (see reference linked below)

  • Seasonal Artifact – This will reset with a new artifact and new mods, make the most out of your Breach and Clear builds with Anarchy before it gets nerfed!

  • Materials – Vanguard tokens are being removed so make sure to hand those in before the Season ends by visiting Zavala at the Tower.

  • Triumphs – Seasonal triumphs MAY reset but most will still be available, the main one to note is the +20 bonus triumph score this season, check if any triumphs state ‘expires at the end of season 14’ and focus on completing them first.

  • Title Seals & Gilding – Flawless, Conquer, Gambit and Crucible triumph seals reset for the new season, It will reset any progress towards Gilding but not for your first original title. Be sure to complete these before they reset.

  • Seasonal Challenges – The new Season 14 Challenges will be reset with Season 15 ones and you could potentially lose out on any rewards for that. You can still complete SOME next season as long as the activity is still in the game for the seasonal vendor upgrades, however you won’t get XP and Bright Dust and may overall cause complications so its probably ideal to complete them all ASAP to avoid losing out on anything from Season 13 & 14.

  • Crucible & Gambit Vendors – Claim all the rewards earned from ranking up with them as you will lose them including the package engrams for levelling them up.


Notes: As always, you are able to continue stockpiling materials to help you become more prepared for new content with strict material requirements. Also note that not everything is listed here and there may be other ways not mentioned of obtaining materials. Here is the list.

  • Glimmer – Obtained from everything. Keep 250,000 max glimmer, then buy the Otherside or Overdrive Exotic Sparrows and store them in the vault. They cost 7,500 Glimmer and 5 Legendary Shards. When dismantling, they return 5,000 Glimmer and 5 Shards so you’re only wasting 2,500 Glimmer. It’s a neat trick but no longer essential. The choice is yours.

  • Legendary Shards – Obtained from dismantling legendary gear, challenges/packages etc

  • Mod Components – The only way to get these now are from Gunsmith bounties and a % rare chance from Year 1 Gear – you can pull out old year 1 gear from your collections and dismantle them for a chance of Mod drops (not recommended).

  • Enhancement Cores – Obtained from Nightfalls, Gunsmith bounties, clan-gram weekly challenge and chances from legendary gear + masterworked gear, crucible/gambit vendor rank-ups.

  • Enhancement Prisms – Best way to farm these are from the Nightfall Ordeals, Exchange from Gunsmith or buy from Spider which I wouldn’t recommend. You can hold 50 in your inventory and another 50 per character’s postmaster, so a total of 200. To do this, max your inventory prisms to 50, then any additional prisms obtained will go to the postmaster.

  • Ascendant Shards – You can keep 10 of these in your inventory and another 10 per character’s postmaster (see Prisms on how to do this), these are obtained mostly from high difficulty Nightfall Ordeals or bought by Gunsmith.

  • Upgrade Modules – Used for infusing gear, obtained from Gunsmith, hold up to 25. These may not be as important as they use to be as power levelling is changing so you may not use them as much. But max these out anyway to be safe.

  • Planetary Materials – The ones you’ll want to keep are the EDZ, Nessus, Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, The Moon, Cosmodrome and Europa. You can buy materials from Spider or collect them at their destinations, you can also complete activities like patrols or bounties within their planet as well. Protip: You can use a Ghost Mod to detect resources and chests too if you need to. I’d recommend keeping a few thousand of each.

  • Bright Dust – Obtained by the Weekly Challenges, Tower Challenges, repeatable bounties and the Season Pass. I’d recommend getting as much as you can so you can enjoy those amazing cosmetics from Eververse! 🙂

  • Exotic Ciphers – You can only hold 1 Exotic Cipher, used at Xur or the Exotic Archive, in which you can get these from Xur’s weekly quest on a weekend.

  • Spoils of Conquest – Obtained from playing Raids and used in Raids or for Raid Exotics at the Exotic Archive. Not essential, but something you can save and perhaps you may be able to use it in the Vault of Glass upcoming raid?

  • Raid Banners – Hold up to 100 banners in your inventory, buy these from Hawthorn at the Tower (the clan vendor).

  • Umbral Engrams – Keep some in your inventory. These could be used to focus Season 15 specific loot next Season early on for some god rolls.

Bounty Prep (Unchanged – Season 14)

Notes: Bounties continiously keep changing every Season but for the method of this Season so far I’m making this guide based on that. If anything changes I’ll let you know if you haven’t told me already. A spreadsheet for all the XP values (outdated) from Season of Arrives is linked at the bottom of this post.

IMPORTANT CHANGES (Updated/Edited on: ??/??/2021)

Season 13-14 Bounty Prep Guide (subject to change, see above for any changes)

Notes: Trials of Osiris & The War Table bounties may not carry over to Season 15. See below to maximise your XP gains based on methods working from previous seasons. I’d recommend using the Pre-Season Checklist (linked in sources) as it’s a good tool to track your prepping progress, it will show you all the bounties XP values, how much XP you have stored, what bounties are currently available at the time and has other tracking benefits alongside that.

So to maximize your XP next season, you want to pick up the following bounties;

  • 8 Daily Vanguard Bounties (48,000 XP)

  • 8 Daily Crucible (48,000 XP)

  • 8 Daily Gambit (48,000 XP)

  • 8 Daily Gunsmith (48,000 XP)

  • 2 Moon Weeklies (24,000 XP)

  • 2 Nightmare Weeklies (24,000 XP)

  • 2 Cosmodrome Weekly (24,000 XP)

  • 2 Europa Weekly (24,000 XP)

  • 4 Clan XP Weekly Bounties (48,000 XP)

  • Any Iron Banner Bounties (TBD XP) – For XP and new Loot (you won’t get pinnacle gear)

So far you should be holding 12 Weekly Bounties (144,000 Base XP) and 32 Daily Bounties (192,000 Base XP) totaling to 44 Bounties (336,000 Base XP x [multiply by] 3 characters making the new total Base XP Value = 1,008,000 XP not including 12% Ghost XP and Fireteam bonus XP) This alone is 10 season pass levels… Still not finished. As you can hold 189 bounties MAX, we’ve used 132 slots of those 189.

At each weekly reset until the end of the season (RNG) pick up any new weekly bounties but ensure you have a total of 8 Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit & Gunsmith bounties, this is to ensure you complete all 4 tower challenges which is additional XP. Replace any daily bounties with Weekly ones if you need to and fill in any leftover slots with Dailies.

Weekly > Daily > Repeatables

  • Weekly Bounties give 12,000 XP

  • Daily Bounties give 6,000 XP

  • Repeatable Bounties give 4,000 XP

Do not pick up Spider or Dreaming City bounties, these are and have been outdated since Season 7 of the Year 2 Forsaken Expansion. Overall, roughly, you should be holding around 1.5 to 2 Million XP by the end of the season. Hand them all in next season ONLY when you have the Seasonal Artifact for Season 15 unlocked, are in a fireteam with 2 others, and have the maximum XP boost available to you for your Ghost Shell.

Other Notes & Prep / Updates & Changes

Any changes/updates made will show [Edited] next to what has been edited. If you feel I’ve missed anything, would like to add anything or think I am giving incorrect information, please let me know in the comments and I’ll address the issues and make changes where appropriate. This guide is aimed to give a basic understanding of Seasonal Prep and to help maximise your preperation for Season 15. Hope this helps and thanks for your time reading.

  • Clear Vault Space – Try to clear up some vault space to make room for new weapons and gear next season as Sunsetting has now been removed for future gear!

  • Max Power – Get to 1320 Max Power this Season so you can get straight into Pinnacle activities next Season!

Other Notes:

Useful Links & Sources

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